February 21, 2019 Special Dispatch No. 7906

Kashmiri Suicide Bomber Adil Ahmed Dar In Video: 'This Jihad Of Ours Is A Series In Ghazwatul Hind [Battle Of India], Which Cannot Be Broken By Cow-Urine Drinkers'

February 21, 2019
Pakistan | Special Dispatch No. 7906

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Pakistani jihadi organization Jaish-e-Muhammad (JeM) shared on social media a video of Adil Ahmed Dar, the suicide bomber who attacked a convoy of India's Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) in Jammu & Kashmir on February 14, 2019, killing more than 50 men.

Masood Azhar, who contested the 1987 Legislative Assembly election in Jammu & Kashmir, whose results are widely believed to have been rigged by the Indian government, is the leader of Jaish-e-Muhammad. Azhar was later arrested but was among three terrorists freed by India in exchange for the passengers of an Indian Airlines plane hijacked from Nepal via India to Afghanistan in 1999.

Adil Ahmed Dar, a local Kashmiri, says he was known as Waqas after joining the mujahideen in Kashmir. He notes that he joined the JeM's fidayeen (i.e., suicide bombers) a year ago. "I expect from my Lord that by the time my message reaches you, I will be enjoying the heavens of the Lord," he says.

"Oh inhabitants of Kashmir. You are the soldiers of the oldest independence movement in the world. This is your courage and willpower that you have not lost hope despite giving hundreds of thousands of bodies over the past seven decades. You did not allow the steam of your sentiment of freedom to be lowered," Dar says.

Speaking in Urdu, he says: "Oh youths of Kashmir, your enemy is not only [the enemy] of your freedom and your life, but also of your iman [faith]. And the war it could not win by the force of military and weapons, it wants to win by raiding your iman. It wants to color you in the color of its civilization to deprive you of the beautiful civilization of Islam. It wants to remove you from Islam by dressing you in Westernism."

"Keep your character unstained so that the houris of Heaven await you," Adil Ahmed Dar exhorts young Kashmiris. Addressing Indians, he says: "Oh impious polytheists of India, listen carefully and grasp it well. We are to deal with you [using] such iron hands that you drinkers of cow urine are incapable of meeting [them]."

"In the past too, we have given you wounds so deep they are impossible to heal," he says, and lists jihadi attacks, including the hijacking of the IC-814 in 1999, the 2001 attack on Indian Parliament, and the 2016 attack on the Indian airbase at Pathankot in Punjab.

"And we want to remove your misconception that due to the martyrdom of some of our commanders, we will become weak or will be eliminated. Oh impious polytheists, know that this jihad of ours is a series in Ghazwatul Hind [the Battle of India], which cannot be broken by cow-urine drinkers," Adil Ahmed Dar says.

"Praise be to Allah, we are becoming stronger and more powerful by the day. And the martyrdom of each of our martyrs becomes the cause for the preparation of hundreds of mujahideen and fidayeen [i.e., suicide bombers] of Islam," he declares. "Keep in mind, the fire of the atrocities you have lit to burn the Muslims of Kashmir and of India, I swear by Allah that the same fire will return to you manifold in the form of the fidayeen," he warns.

He also promises freedom for the Babri Masjid, a 16th century historical mosque in the northern Indian town of Ayodhya that was demolished by an extremist Hindu mob on December 6, 1992. "Yes, due to your atrocities, our lions of India, who are sleeping now, will one day wake up and will tie you in chains and, along with your polytheism, make you surrender before Islam," Dar says.

The suicide bomber, who died in the February attack, says that the mujahideen will not ask the Indian atrocities to end because they strengthen to the jihadis. He also praises Jaish-e-Muhammad for its continuous fighting against India in Jammu & Kashmir. Dar honors terrorists who died fighting against India and urges jihadis active in different regions of Jammu & Kashmir to unite and join JeM.

Source:, accessed February 14, 2019.

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