October 11, 2018 Special Dispatch No. 7707

Jordanian Writer: The Spanish Inquisition Murdered Hundreds Of Thousands Of Muslims, While The Holocaust Involved The Death Of No More Than Several Thousand Jews

October 11, 2018
Jordan | Special Dispatch No. 7707

In an article titled "The Inquisition or the Holocaust," Jordanian journalist Tahsin Al-Tal, who writes for the Jerash city news site, compared the torture of Muslims at the hands of the 15th century Spanish Inquisition to the Jewish Holocaust during World War II. He wrote that there is no tangible evidence that the Jewish Holocaust actually happened, except for a few photos circulated by Jews, and that, even if it did happen, the number of Jewish victims probably did not exceed several thousand. The Jews, he added, harness the Holocaust for the sake of their homeland, and use the phenomenon of anti-Semitism to justify their cruelty against the Palestinians and against Muslims and Christians in general. He also claimed that Jews perpetrated atrocities in the countries where they lived: "killed children and monks and sucked their blood like bats."

Al-Tal then elaborated on the suffering of the Muslims under the Spanish Inquisition, saying that it killed hundreds of thousands of them and describing some of the torture methods it used. He criticized Spain for granting citizenship to the descendants of the Spanish Jews while closing its gates to the descendants of the Muslims who had built it. He also castigated Muslim youths who cheer for Spanish football teams despite Spain's historical crimes against Muslims.

The following are translated excerpts from his article.[1]    


Tahsin Al-Tal (image:

"For those who like the Spanish people and are fans of the Barcelona and Real Madrid [football] clubs, here are some definite facts about the Spanish and what they did to the Muslims 500 years ago. This was during the period known as the Inquisition. Do you even know what the Spanish Inquisition was?

"The Ashkenazi Jews claim that Germany and its leader [Adolf] Hitler perpetrated against them the greatest crime in human [history], and that [Hitler's] forces burned them with chemicals and gas in specially-made ovens, killing about six million of them during World War II. [But] there is no evidence for the claims of the Jews, except for a few photos published in their newspapers, news sites and television channels around the world. We don't really know if the bodies presented as those of Holocaust victims are actually the bodies of Jews or the bodies of victims killed in the bitter battles of World War II. Who can say they are really Jews? And [even] assuming the dead bodies in the photos are Jews, how many [Jews] could there have been at the time? Today, in the third millennium, there are no more than 15 million Jews. If Hitler had [really] killed six million of them, he would have exterminated them completely, leaving only a handful. This handful could not have spawned millions of Jews since World War II.

"Let's say Hitler killed a few thousand Jews, among the millions he killed during World War II. Wars kill millions of people, because weapons of [mass] destruction do not distinguish between women, children and men, or between people bearing arms and [civilians] bearing olive branches. They treat everyone equally. As for the Jews, their chronic problem with Germany stems from their ability to harness the so-called Holocaust in the service of their state in Palestine. To be honest, [the Jews] often have the ability to bargain, behave hypocritically, change their positions in accordance with their interests and slither like snakes in order to get what they want. They have an amazing ability to change and invert facts by means of their various types of media and find the shortest route to achieving their aims...

"The Jews have been [showcasing] the Holocaust in their media and using it to get what they want since the middle of the 20th century. They may continue to exploit the murder and the burning of a few thousand [Jews] until the end of time. Even though Hitler killed millions of people in Europe, the Jews apparently think that their race is the purest and that they are the best people upon the earth, and that Germany and other countries in Europe and America must [therefore] pay the price for Hitler's foolish actions. Moreover, [they believe that] the West must vanquish the Arabs and Muslims and steal their assets in order to put them at the disposal of the Jews and the Zionist movement. The Jews have used Semitism and anti-Semitism to justify their deeds and their barbarity, and to perpetrate depraved massacres not only in Palestine and the Arab countries but in [other] countries where they lived and where they intermingled with Christians and Muslims. They killed children and monks and sucked their blood like bats. They hurled and continue to hurl accusations of anti-Semitism against anyone who stands in their path or [tries to] hold them to account, while treating as cousins all those who support them and stand by their side. [This], even though the Muslims in Spain acted to protect them, and even granted them senior positions in the Islamic state.

"The notorious Spanish Inquisition murdered hundreds of thousands of Arabs in the 15th century... The Spanish mutilated the Muslims' bodies and subjected [Muslims] to the most horrific kinds of torture, for the Inquisition devised special implements of torture that I describe in detail below.

"After Granada, the Muslims' last stronghold in Spain, fell in 1492 – which spelled the collapse of the Arab and Muslim nation in Spain – the tragedy of the Muslims in that country was considered one of the worst in history. The Spanish Inquisition in that period carried out barbaric acts in order to purge Spain of any trace of Islam and the Muslims and to eradicate their heritage that had flourished in the land for nearly 800 years. Thousands of Muslims from Andalusia emigrated to Africa after their kingdom fell, fleeing to save their faith and their liberty from Spanish persecution. The Muslims who remained ]in Spain[ were forced to convert, and the [prevailing] climate of zealotry caused the defenseless [Muslims] to be persecuted, robbed and intimidated. This was a death sentence for the Arab nation and [Muslim] faith in Spain.

"The Inquisition courts perpetrated atrocities against the Muslims, and issued dozens of decisions intended to divest them of their religion, language, customs and culture. Tens of thousands of books of Islam and Islamic jurisprudence were burned, and a decree obligated all the recently converted residents to give up their Arabic books. The Muslims were banned from speaking Arabic and forced to be baptized into Christianity. Their love for the land and fear of death drove them to accept Christianity... [But] some of the Arab residents, who believed that death was a thousand times better than abandoning Islam, fled [the country] or were murdered in torture chambers.

"Terrible implements were created in order to torture the Arabs and Muslims, including implements for crushing bones and pulverizing flesh. They would start by crushing the bones of the legs, then the bones of the chest and arms and finally the head. The body was slowly pulverized, turning it into a mass of crushed bone and bloody minced flesh. There were also man-sized boxes in which the Muslim was placed, his hands and feet bound in chains and shackles to prevent him from moving. The upper part of the box had a hole in it, through which cold water was poured onto [the person's] head until he went mad and died of the excruciating pain.

"Yet another implement of torture was a coffin-shaped box lined with sharp nails. They would place a young man in the coffin and close the lid, and his body would be shredded to ribbons as the nails drove into him and tore into his flesh, killing him slowly. There were also hooks that were driven into the tongue and then pulled out together with the tongue itself, and hooks that were driven into the women's breasts and then pulled violently, so that the breasts were torn to shreds or cut to ribbons by the blades...

"[They would also] burn people in front of the masses, because the king preferred to see the Arabs being burned before his eyes. He even urged the [Inquisition] courts to issue more sentences of [death by] burning and [also] to grill the bodies of women and children. Even those who converted and wore a cross were not spared these punishments. It was as if the Spanish wanted to get rid of the Arabs and Muslims at any price.

"Today the Spanish justice minister has decided to call on the descendants of Spanish Jews to return [to Spain] and receive Spanish citizenship... But the gates are closed to Arabs and Muslims, even though they were the ones who built Spain, which was later completely purged of Islam... even though Muslim history demonstrates that [the Muslims] never harmed any religion of [form of] worship and treated everyone in the manner that pleased Allah...

"Today we see the best of our sons cheering for the Spanish team and for [Spanish sports] clubs, as though the blood of the Arabs and Muslims has dried. [They do this] even though the screams of pain are still echoing as though the horrific scenes happened only a few months ago, not 500 years ago when the Islamic state in Andalusia collapsed after 800 years in which [Muslim] Spain was a beacon of knowledge, power and political [acumen] for the world, thanks to the Arabs and Muslims."


[1], April 29,

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