August 18, 2016 Special Dispatch No. 6580

Jordanian Journalist In Three Antisemitic Articles: The Jews Want To Destroy Other Religions And Peoples And Endanger Europe; Depicting Them In A Positive Light Constitutes Brainwashing

August 18, 2016
Jordan | Special Dispatch No. 6580

In three antisemitic pieces in the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood (MB) publication Al-Sabil, Jordanian journalist Jamal Al-Shawaheen presented a number of accusations. In one article, he argued that Jews, who he says see themselves as the chosen people, are attempting to eliminate members of other faiths and peoples and to convert the entire world; in another, he claimed that the French, who recently hosted the UEFA Euro soccer championship, had only increased their surveillance of Muslims but should be monitoring the Jews and Israelis, who, he said, are behind all the terror attacks in Europe. His third article criticized Ramadan TV shows depicting Jews in a positive light, calling them an attempt to impose an image of "the Israeli enemy state" as a natural element in the region. It should be noted that these are not the first antisemitic pieces Al-Shawaheen has published.[1]

Jamal Al-Shawaheen (, June 18, 2016)

Following are excerpts from his three recent articles:

The Jews Are Trying To Destroy All Religions And Peoples, Using The Most Depraved Methods

In his June 14, 2016 article, Al-Shawaheen wrote: "The Jews believe that there is no room in the world for more than one religion - their own - and that if they can eliminate Islam, they [will do so] and will then turn to ending Christianity. [This campaign of] oppression will then bring them to East Asia, to eliminate Buddhism, Hinduism, and all non-Jewish faiths. Furthermore, if they are able to decisively end the matter in Palestine, then they will spread eastwards, and in all directions, to conquer additional [territory] and destroy peoples. They believe in the ultimate motto that the entire world belongs to the Jews alone, and that others should leave it, either willingly or by force - it doesn't matter where they go, so long as they leave the world.

"With this defective thinking, the Jews would even declare Judaism [the official faith] of any planet where life is discovered... in their belief that they were created as the chosen people, and that all others were created merely to be hewers of wood and drawers of water, and to serve them in every humiliating capacity. The Jews' opinion of themselves is held not only by the religiously observant and the rabbis, but is widespread and inclusive. We cannot call any [Jew] secular or moderate - they all equally permit [the blood] of anyone who is not a Jew.

"Nothing in the Jewish lexicon or in the Torah on which they rely indicates love, peace, eternal rest, or even Paradise or the hereafter. [They focus] only on how the Jewish soul is reincarnated from Jew to Jew. They have believed this since the dawn of Islam and even before, when they urged the Roman prefect to crucify Jesus. Throughout history as it is known, they have used, and still use, the most depraved methods to achieve their ends; this caused their isolation in Europe and their persecution by the Germans. Additionally, American presidents, especially early in the previous century, warned about them and the danger [they pose].

"Only the Palestinian Authority and those like them, who maintain relations [with Israel] and travel in the motorcade of [Israeli Prime Minister] Netanyahu and [Israeli Defense Minister] Lieberman, believe that peace with them is possible, and condemn the heroic actions of the new fedayeen [self-sacrificing martyrs] - the most recent of which was in Tel Aviv, that killed four people.[2] [This was] minimal vengeance for everything the Israelis did and are still doing..."[3]  

Jews Unquestionably Behind All Attacks In Europe

A few days previously, on June 11, 2016, Al-Shawaheen wrote about the possibility of terrorist attacks during the UEFA Euro 2016 soccer championship in France: "European countries currently have security concerns and fear [terrorist] attacks in France, which is hosting the European soccer championship... European efforts are based on increased surveillance, mostly of Arab and Muslim communities, as well as on those who come [there] from [Arab and Muslim] nations for any purpose...

"[However,] the missing line [of investigation] in European countries is the Israeli one. Had they explored this direction, they would have found that the greatest danger to their security comes from there...

"The Jews and their relevant apparatuses are unquestionably behind all the attacks in Europe. France, which is hosting the European championship, should monitor the Israelis and Jews on its soil if it wants to minimize the cycle of anticipated [terrorist] attacks."[4]  

Presenting Jews In A Positive Light On Ramadan TV Shows - Aimed At Preparing The Ground For Imposing Israel On Us As A Natural Element In The Region

On June 26, 2016, Al-Shawaheen wrote in a third article: "After [the broadcast] of the [Ramadan] series[5] Bab Al-Hara, which... added the Jewish element, depicting it as normal, peace-loving, cooperative, and even patriotic, this plague also spread to the Ramadan series of the actor 'Adel Emam, which is airing now. The Jewish element in this show appears in a central and main role, with the exact same purpose as [its appearance] in Bab Al-Hara, but even more so - that is, to spread and promote [the idea] that all Jews have morals and religious obligations, and that it is natural to live side by side with them based on the assumption that they have their religion and others have theirs, without any differences...

"From Bab Al-Hara to 'Adel Emam's [show], there is an attempt to redraw the image of the Jew in people's minds, so as to bring about acceptance of [the Jew] as embodied by the Israeli. This is the gravest matter ever  conveyed by a drama series watched by the masses [and aired] on major networks... All this is appears to be preparation for imposing the Israeli enemy state [on us] as a natural element in the region."[6]




[2] Referring to the June 8, 2016 shooting attack in Sarona Market in Tel Aviv.

[3] Al-Sabil (Jordan), June 14, 2016.

[4] Al-Sabil (Jordan), June 11, 2016.

[5] Ramadan series are produced throughout the Arab world and aired during the month of Ramadan, and are viewed by millions worldwide.

[6] Al-Sabil (Jordan), June 26, 2016.

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