October 24, 2012 Special Dispatch No. 5021

Jordanian Journalist: The Jews Owe Their Homeland To Hitler

October 24, 2012
Jordan | Special Dispatch No. 5021

In an article published on the Arabic-language website Al-Hiwar Al-Mutamaddin, which describes itself as a "left-wing, secular, and democratic" site, As'ad Al-'Azouni, a Jordanian journalist of Palestinian origin, claimed that the Jews have exaggerated the number of Holocaust victims in order to blackmail and frighten the West, and that they made a deal with Hitler in order to establish a state in Palestine. According to Al-'Azouni, modern Jews are in fact not Jews at all, but rather are Khazars who converted centuries ago.

The following are excerpts from the article:[1]

"The Holocaust Is A Card The Jews Are Playing, Which Is Based On Lies, Falsifications, And Empty Words"

"The most reasonable definition for the [event] that is dubbed 'The Holocaust' in false historical [accounts] is 'an intentional insult to Western intelligence,' meant to spark fear in the hearts of Western people and to corner them regarding everything related to antisemitism, on the assumption that the Jews are Semites. [However,] it is [a] well-known [fact] that modern Jews are not Jews, but rather a [Khazar] rabble from the Caspian Sea who were forced to convert by their king due to pressure applied to him by Muslims and Christians...

"Returning to [the issue of] the Jewish falsification of history and their so-called 'Holocaust'... In the first line of the Holocaust 'notebook,' it was written that the Jews shocked the world by claiming that the number of victims was 40 million! The entire world was outraged by the ugly fabrication, [considering] that the number of Jews at the time did not even reach [40 million]...

"In the face of international pressure, the Jews were forced to fine-tune their lie and claim that, after researching their material, they had discovered that the number of victims was only 24 million... Once again the world was outraged, and much was said and written about it in the West. [But finally] it seems that the Jews were ashamed, and took the position that the number of victims was 6 million... There are still Jews who claim that this number is correct, even though historians and intellectuals the world over, including Jewish historians, call to put an end to it and end the lies and deception regarding the so-called Jewish victims of Nazism.

"It is easy for the intelligent to expose the Jewish lies of the 'Holocaust,' since the Second World War, and the Nazi attacks before and during it, were not aimed exclusively at Jews. [The Nazis] also harmed Europeans, Russians, Arabs, Gypsies, and even Africans and Asians living in Europe...

"If so, why focus on the Jews? They are only part of the whole, as opposed to an end in themselves. This is a card the Jews are playing, which is based on lies, falsifications, and empty words and meant to exploit the world's emotions and make it easier to blackmail. To this day, [the Jews] are looting Germany under the pretext of the Holocaust and the Nazis, but it seems that there are signs that the Germans are awakening in an attempt to rid themselves of this burden...

"The Jews have forced Western governments to convict anyone denying the Holocaust. The most prominent victim of this was the French Muslim philosopher Roger Garaudy, who was not persecuted by anyone when he was a Communist."

"Hitler Was [Actually] The First European That [The Jews] Owed Gratitude To For Giving Them Palestine As A National Homeland"

"Historical documents do not rule out that 'Hitler the Nazi' used his Nazism [in collaboration] with the Jews. They pretended that he was hostile to them, when he was [actually] the first European that [the Jews] owed gratitude to for giving them Palestine as a national homeland, even before Arthur Balfour [promised it to them] in 1917. [The Jews] made a deal with Hitler: their youth would immigrate to Palestine, and he would do as he pleased with the old, since the sick, disabled and elderly were not fit to build a country.

"To complete the picture, the Jews built a Holocaust memorial in Europe and one in Jerusalem, calling it Yad Vashem. The strange thing is that Mother Nature in Palestine refused to allow this den of lies to exist in Jerusalem. Fires broke out in the forests, forcing the Israeli authorities to move [Yad Vashem] away from there. Moreover, infiltrators reached the memorial and wrote anti-Zionist slogans on it...

"The world is experiencing an awakening that is casting off the veil of Jewish deception. In addition, Jewish philosophers and historians have begun to free themselves from the deception of their rabbis. Despite this, several Palestinian officials have visited Yad Vashem."


[1], October 2, 2012.

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