April 27, 2012 Special Dispatch No. 4677

Jordanian Islamist Abu Muntaser, Comrade of Al-Zarqawi: The 'Arab Spring' Is a Western and Zionist-American Plan to Change Arab Society

April 27, 2012
Jordan | Special Dispatch No. 4677

Following are excerpts from an interview with Jordanian Islamist Abu Muntaser, who was a comrade of the late Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi. The interview aired on Alaan TV on April 4, 2012. The transcript is based on the original English subtitles.

"We Do Not Fight For Freedom... We Have Jihad in the Name of God"

Interviewer: "What is the most important impact that the Afghani experience had on you?"

Abu Muntaser: "The most important impact was the love for jihad."

Interviewer: "Did you intend to convey this experience when you came back to Jordan, as a fight for freedom, or jihad for religion?"

Abu Muntaser: "We do not fight for freedom. What's the meaning of freedom? If you mean freedom in its modern meaning, we, as Muslims, do not have fight for freedom and fight for… We have Jihad in the name of God and to establish the laws of God on earth and his shari'ah, praise be to Him. If this is what the Jihad is for, then it is a good thing, but other than that there is no fight for freedom, or for…" […]

"The So-Called 'Arab Spring'" Is "A Western and Zionist-American Policy Seeking To Change All the Aspects, Components, and Levels of Arab Society"

"I see an effort to imitate the Arab Spring, or the so-called 'Arab Spring,' because I don't believe in this title. I believe that what will happen in the area is a strategic plan and an intervention by a foreign will in the Arab countries to cause chaos, destruction, and bloodshed to make Arabs kill each other with their own resources to ensure no losses for that foreign side.


"However, the current plan for this region is a radical change in the Arab countries. The current Western and Zionist-American policy is seeking to change all the aspects, components, and levels of Arab society." […]

"I Do Not Support Giving Authority To Islamists... Because Islamists Will Not Change Anything"

Interviewer: "You disagree with these revolutions although these revolutions led Islamists to authoritative positions."

Abu Muntaser: "With some reservation to Islamists reaching authoritative positions, I do not support giving authority to Islamists."

Interviewer: "Why?"

Abu Muntaser: "Because Islamists will not change anything. There are a lot of similarities between the politics of Islamist movements and the project sought after by the West. Therefore, I do not believe… I see that it has been planned for so that Islamists reach authority. It was planned for by foreign sides. It undoubtedly was and it is being executed in clear and precise steps." […]

"For Islamists, It Is Either An Islamic Authority Or No Authority At All; We Do Not Believe In A Civilian Authority"

"Even Salafist movements in Egypt… Even Salafist movements in Egypt are participants in this project. I expected that, as common rules in the Salafist groups, that they will not participate in the elections or in the government. Their task is to call people to believe in God and to show what is right and what is wrong. 'The promotion of virtue and prevention of vice.'

"But their political participation poses a lot of questions and certain Islamist groups' demand for civilian authorities are very far from Islam. For Islamists, it is either an Islamic authority or no authority at all. We do not believe in a civilian authority. Personally, in Jordan, I prefer this current authority instead of a civilian authority, regardless of their projects, titles, parties, and covers." […]

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