April 23, 2017 Special Dispatch No. 6890

Jordanian Columnist In Muslim Brotherhood Daily: A Million Hitlers From All Over The World Will Appear And Eliminate The Jews

April 23, 2017
Jordan | Special Dispatch No. 6890

In the last few months, Jamal Al-Shawaheen, a columnist for the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood newspaper Al-Sabil, published two virulently antisemitic articles. In an article from March 18, 2017 titled "The Jewish Entity [Is] the Problem of the Whole World," he wrote that the conflict in the Arab world will not end as long as Israel exists and that the objective of eliminating it will remain on the Arab agenda "generation after generation." He added that the Jews have nothing in common except their religion and thus do not constitute a genuine nation but only "concentrations of greedy crooks." Moreover, "history indicates that a million Hitlers from all over the world will [appear and] eliminate them... because they are the problem of the whole world and not just of the Arabs."

In an article from December 10, 2016, he denied the factuality of the Holocaust and accused the Jews of operating a "meat-grinder for human flesh" in which they exterminate Palestinians and Arabs using British and American tools. He added that the only way to put a stop to this was to eliminate the Jews themselves.

It should be mentioned that, prior to this, Al-Shawaheen published several other antisemitic articles in Al-Sabil that were translated by MEMRI.[1]  

The following are excerpts from his latest two articles:


Jamal Al-Shawaheen (image:


Eliminating The Jewish Israeli Entity Will Forever Remain On The Arab Agenda

In his March 18, 2017 article Al-Shawaheen wrote: "The conflict in the Arab world will persist and intensify in every way so long as the Israeli entity exists. There is no solution except erasing and uprooting [this entity], otherwise the boundless war will continue, moving from arena to arena, and sooner or later [the war] with the enemy entity will flare up [again]... Whoever thinks that the enemy's power is eternal is surely mistaken, since foreign bodies must be removed from the body, otherwise they destroy it. Foreigners, no matter how powerful, have no hope of survival – that is what history shows us and teaches us.

"The Arab peoples are not in the same situation as the Indians [of America] who were eliminated entirely to make room for other peoples and countries... The times are different and the situation is not as it was in the past, for what force can eliminate the Arabs for good?!

"The elimination of the Jewish Israeli entity will therefore remain on the Arab agenda generation after generation, and even if today [we] are in an unfortunate state of submissiveness, this will not forever be the case. The history of nations teaches [us] many lessons... The Chinese have endured for thousands of years, as have the Russians and all the genuine peoples. It can be said that, of all the peoples in the world, only the Jews lack any [common] features that make them into a people, except for their religion, and throughout history this has never been sufficient to make them into any kind of nation. They have always been, and still are, nothing but concentrations of greedy crooks. Even if wars will not defeat them today, history indicates that a million Hitlers from all over the world will [appear and] eliminate them and get rid of them forever. This will not be long in coming, because they are the problem of the whole world and not just of the Arabs."[2]

"The Jews Founded [Their] Usurping State Thanks To... The Lie Of The Holocaust"

In his December 10, 2016 article Al-Shawaheen wrote: "The Jews founded [their] usurping state thanks to the sympathy Britain and other countries felt for them, [sympathy aroused] by the lie of the Holocaust. [The Jews] continue to take this criminal usurpation as far as possible, yet [their state] enjoys the support of several countries, chief of them the U.S. This great Jewish crime continues... Now that this crime has persisted, and even intensified, for such a long time, is it possible to see those who abet it as criminals too, given that 'one who abets terrorism is a terrorist himself'?

"If the Holocaust, assuming it even happened, exterminated dozens of German Jews, then the only way to describe the elimination of tens of thousands of Palestinians and Arabs is as a grinder of human flesh that initially used British tools and later many American ones, as well as funds exhuding the smell of gas.

"Therefore, we must take heed and prepare. The Palestinian people is facing a new phase on the way to this meat grinder, for Trump will certainly not wish to stop it. Moreover, this [meat] grinder also operates simultaneously in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya, but with one difference: [in those countries] those who directly operate it are not Jews in terms of their faith but rather in terms of their submission to their [Jewish] masters, [whom they serve] as lackeys [even] lowlier than Al-Alqami...[3]

"There is an American movie called The Meat Grinder, whose main premise involves a gang that murders poor people and grinds their flesh [to sell it] as canned dog food. After this meat becomes popular with dog owners, dogs who become used to [eating] it turn feral and attack [people] to eat them. The movie focuses on how, in order to eliminate the problem, [both] the customers [i.e., dog owners] and the dogs are killed.[4] It appears that, in order to get rid of the Jews' [meat] grinder, we have no choice but to adopt the same solution. That is what needs to be done, by any possible means, since the goal is a noble one, and then the world will be rid of terrorism, all of which is blatantly Jewish."[5]



[1] See MEMRI Special Dispatch No.5733, Jordanian Journalist: Hitler Was A Million Times More Merciful Than Israel's Leaders, May 7, 2014; Special Dispatch No. 6580, Jordanian Journalist In Three Antisemitic Articles: The Jews Want To Destroy Other Religions And Peoples And Endanger Europe; Depicting Them In A Positive Light Constitutes Brainwashing, August 18, 2016.

[2] Al-Sabil (Jordan), March 18, 2017.

[3] Ibn Al-Alqami, a Shi'ite minister in the court of the last Abbasid caliph Al-Musta'sim (1213-1258), rebelled against the Caliph and is accused of having a hand in the fall of the 'Abbasid caliphate. His name is often used as a synonym for treason and collaboration with foreign enemies.

[4] Apparently a reference to a 1971 horror comedy The Corpse Grinders, in which a cat food company in financial trouble decides to utilize a cheap source of meat – the local cemetery – and mayhem ensues after the cats develop a taste for human flesh and start attacking people.

[5] Al-Sabil (Jordan), December 10, 2016.

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