February 2, 2019 No.

Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary

The following are some of this week's reports from the MEMRI Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Project, which translates and analyzes content from sources monitored around the clock, among them the most important jihadi websites and blogs. (To view these reports in full, you must be a paying member of the JTTM; for membership information, send an email to [email protected] with "Membership" in the subject line.)

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EXCLUSIVE: Pakistani Cleric Mufti Mumtaz Qadri: 'The Superpowers Have Been Defeated In Afghanistan Through Jihad'

Speaking in the town of Shujaabad in Pakistan's Punjab province, a radical Islamic cleric said: "The superpowers have been defeated in Afghanistan through jihad." His statement followed the U.S. decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.


EXCLUSIVE: Report: Jaish-e-Muhammad Organizes 'Special Meeting' Of Jihadi Clerics In Jhang, Pakistan

A delegation of radical clerics held a "special meeting" with Islamic clerics. The delegation was led by Maulana Mujahid Abbas of the Introductions Department of Al-Rehmat Trust, a charity belonging to JeM and headed by its emir, Maulana Masood Azhar.


EXCLUSIVE: Pakistani Cleric Qamruzzaman: 'Allah Showed Us America Burning Today'; 'The Day Is Not Far When We Will See India Too Breaking Up'

During a weekly Friday sermon a cleric urged Muslims to wage jihad against unbelievers.


EXCLUSIVE: Muslim Cleric In Canada Calls For Jihad To Free Muslim Women From Kurdish Prisons

On January 27, 2019, a Canada-based Egyptian cleric who has expressed support for Al-Qaeda wrote a post on his Telegram channel urging all Muslims to wage jihad to liberate Muslim women from the custody of Kurdish forces in eastern Syria, ruling that to do so is obligatory for every Muslim and a greater priority than any other act of worship.


EXCLUSIVE: French-Speaking Jihadi In Syria: True Jihad Is the Fight Against Unbelievers

A series of religious lectures in French focusing on armed jihad are being released as audio files on a new Telegram and YouTube channel.


EXCLUSIVE: Jihadi Social Media – Account Review (JSM-AR): Jihadi Instagram Bookstore Takes Orders Via WhatsApp, Sells Books By Osama Bin Laden, Ayman Al-Zawahiri, Anwar Al-'Awlaki, Abdullah Azzam, Other Jihadi Leaders, Sells Books In German, Ships To Netherlands And Rest Of World

Platform: Instagram, WhatsApp


EXCLUSIVE: Pro-ISIS Media Outlet Threatens Use Of Weaponized Drones In West

On January 25, 2019, a pro-Islamic State (ISIS) media outlet distributed a poster on Telegram featuring a drone delivering a box labelled "Private Mailbox" in New York City.


EXCLUSIVE: ISIS Operative: Terror Attacks Permissible For Women Seeking Martyrdom

On January 30, 2019, an ISIS media operative shared a message on Telegram in answer to a question about whether it is permissible for women to carry out "lone mujahid," i.e. individual, spontaneous terror attacks.


EXCLUSIVE: Al-Muhajireen Foundation Responds To Criticism From ISIS Supporters

Responding to a backlash regarding some of its recent publications, the pro-Islamic State (ISIS) media outlet Al-Muhajireen Foundation published a statement professing its loyalty to ISIS, and denying any ties to dissident media outlets.


Afghan Taliban Appoint Mullah Baradar As Head Of Political Office In Qatar

Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar Akhund, the deputy chief of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Afghan Taliban organization) whom the Pakistani government recently released from detention, has been appointed as the head of the Taliban's Political Office in Qatar.


Al-Qaeda Central Command Releases Statement In Support Of Recent Attacks In Africa, Vows To Continue Fighting Western Powers And Israel

On January 27, 2019, Al-Qaeda's central command released a statement on Telegram expressing its support for the attacks carried out in recent weeks by Al-Qaeda affiliates in Somalia and Mali under the slogan, "Jerusalem Will Never Be Judaized."


Al-Qaeda In The Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) Releases Part II Of 'Demolition Of Espionage' Video Series, Including Audio Recording Allegedly Between CIA And Recruit In Yemen

On January 25, 2019, Al-Malahem, the media wing of the Yemen-based Al-Qaeda In The Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), released the second part of its"Demolition Of Espionage" series featuring a group of men expressing their regret for spying and addressing various recruitment tactics used by intelligence agencies.


Al-Qaeda Affiliate In Mali Claims Responsibility For Attack On UN Forces, Warns French And UN Forces Of More Attacks To Come

On January 29, 2019, the Al-Qaeda-affiliated organization Group for Support of Islam and Muslims (GSIM) claimed responsibility for the January 25, 2019, attack on a convoy of MINUSMA forces near Douentza in the Mopti region in Mali which resulted in the killing of two peacekeepers from Sri Lanka.


Hay'at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) Opens Registration For New Recruits, Provides Phone Numbers With UK, Austria, And Turkey Country Codes

On January 27, 2019, the eastern sector of Hay'at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) announced the opening of registration for new recruits to join the group by attending a religious study program.


Video From Al-Qaeda-Linked Media Outlet Refutes ISIS Claim Of Responsibility For Successful Suicide Attack Against AQAP

On January 26, 2019, an Al-Qaeda-affiliated media outlet released a three-minute video, the fourth installment in a series titled "God Testified That They Are Liars."


Al-Qaeda Affiliate In Mali Claims Responsibility For Attack On UN Forces, Warns French And UN Forces Of More Attacks To Come

On January 26, 2019, an Al-Qaeda-pledged group in Syria released a six-minute video showing a convoy of light vehicles heading to the frontlines.


ISIS Video Boasts Of Attacks In Kirkuk Province, Group's Resilience

On January 29, 2019, the Islamic State (ISIS) Kirkuk Province released a new video titled "Answering the Threat."


ISIS Claims Uyghur Brothers Carried Out 'Martyrdom' Operations In Syria

About a week after initial reports that a Coptic Christian had been kidnapped in the Sinai, the Islamic State (ISIS), in its weekly magazine Al-Naba', reported on January 24, 2019, that it had captured a Christian Egyptian citizen.


ISIS Confirms Kidnapping Of Christian In Sinai

About a week after initial reports were published of a Copt having being kidnapped in the Sinai, on January 24, 2019 the Islamic State (ISIS), in its weekly magazine Al-Naba', reported that it had captured a Christian Egyptian citizen.


ISIS Claims Responsibility For Attack On Church In The Philippines

On January 28, 2019, the Islamic State (ISIS) East Asia Province claimed responsibility for twin suicide attacks perpetrated against Philippine Christians at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, in Jolo, in the southern Philippine province of Sulu, in the Mindanao region.


Pro-ISIS Al-Muhajireen Foundation Under Fire From ISIS Supporters

A pro-Islamic State (ISIS) media outlet is drawing the ire and condemnation of ISIS supporters.


Pro-ISIS Media Outlet Announces Arrest Of Canadian ISIS Media Operative By Kurdish Forces

On January 27, 2019, a pro-Islamic State (ISIS) media outlet published a poster announcing that Kurdish forces had arrested a Canadian ISIS media operative, presumably near the few villages remaining under ISIS control in the Deir Al-Zour region of eastern Syria.


Australian Convert In Syria Whose Passport Was Cancelled Is Active On Social Media, Says He Has A 'Good Relationship With Different Rebel Factions In Syria,' Claims To Be Doing Humanitarian Work In Aleppo

In 2015, an 18-year-old Australian made an unannounced trip from Bali to Syria for self-identified humanitarian purposes.


Hamas Military Wing Al-Qassam Brigades Publishes Its Bitcoin Address To Accept Donations

On January 31, 2019, Hamas military wing Al-Qassam Brigades published its bitcoin address and announced that the group was accepting donations. The announcement came a day after an Al-Qassam Brigades' spokesman revealed that the group would be using the cryptocurrency to combat Israel's constraints on the group's funding.


Charity Group Providing Aid To Syrians Shares Its Bitcoin Address

On January 22, 2019, a channel on Telegram, which says it provides aid to those in need in Syria, shared its Bitcoin address, to which donations could be sent.


Pro-ISIS Cyber Group Launches New Site On 'Dark Web'

On January 28, 2019, a pro-Islamic State (ISIS) cyber group announced the opening of a new website on the "dark web," accessible through the Tor (The Onion Router) network.


Jihadi Social Media – Account Review (JSM-AR): Taliban Promote Links To Over 50 Of Its WhatsApp Groups

The following information is based on a general overview of a social media account demonstrating terror-related activity / sympathies

Platform: WhatsApp