April 16, 2009 Special Dispatch No. 2308

Jews Portrayed as Blood Drinkers in Antisemitic Drama Aired on Hamas TV

April 16, 2009
Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 2308

Following are excerpts from a drama show presented at the Gaza Islamic University, during a festival commemorating Hamas founder Ahmad Yassin. The show aired on Al-Aqsa TV on April 4, 2009.

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"You Must Drink From the Blood of Muslims… But Mix It With Soda Water"

Jewish father: "We Jews hate the Muslims. We love killing Muslims. We Jews love drinking the blood of Muslims and the blood of Arabs. Are you Arabs? Are you Muslims? I hate you. Yes, I hate you. I hate you in order to please God. In order to please God… In order to please God…"

Shimon, his son: "Dad, I don’t know how God could possibly be pleased with you when you stink so much. You haven’t taken a shower for two years, yet you talk about pleasing God."

Father: "In order to please God… Shimon, my son, I’d like to teach you something. You must hate the Muslims."

Shimon: "Of course I hate them."

Father: "You must drink from the blood of Muslims."

Shimon: "But mix it with soda water."

Father: "I talked to the rabbi, [who told me] you should hate the Muslims, so God will be pleased with you."

Shimon: "Don’t worry, dad."

Father: "Very well, my son. I also want to remind you that you must hate the Muslims."

Shimon: "I do hate the Muslims!"

"Drink From the Blood of Muslims... Wash Our Hands with the Blood of Muslims"

Father: "You must drink from the blood of Muslims."

Shimon: "Okay, but just one cup, because I’m full."

Father: "Very well, my son. God will be pleased with you. Come, my son, I want you to pray. Stand next to me and pray.


"I’m telling you to stand next to me and pray."

Shimon: "I’ll be back in a minute."

Father: "Where are you going, son?"

Shimon: "To perform the ablution."

Father: "What?!"

Shimon: "I’m going to perform the ablution. Didn’t you want to pray?"

Father: "Ablution is for Muslims. We don’t do that."

Shimon: "They perform the ablution with water."

Father: "We should wash our hands with the blood of Muslims."

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