April 3, 2020 Special Dispatch No. 8687

Italian Neo-Nazi Music Festival Active On Facebook And Telegram – With Attendees From Europe And A Number Of U.S. States – Postponed Due To COVID-19

April 3, 2020
Special Dispatch No. 8687

The ninth edition of a neo-Nazi music festival was scheduled to take place in April 2020 in Italy. The festival features National Socialist Black Metal (NSBM) bands,[1] and appears to have attracted fans from across the U.S. and Europe. The festival is more obscure than another well-known annual NSBM festival held in Ukraine, possibly due to its strict ban on phones, photos, and video. On March 1, it was announced that the Italian festival would be postponed due to COVID-19.

The festival maintains a Telegram channel and a Facebook page.

The following report presents the Telegram and Facebook activity of this festival.

Telegram Channel Activity

It was announced on March 1 that the festival was not cancelled but rather postponed until the fall. The announcement added that tickets would still be valid, and that airfare and hotel refunds would likely be easy to obtain.

Last year the festival's Telegram channel posted images of a tee shirt that apparently was from last year's event. The shirt's front features an image of an ultra-Orthodox Jew with a bloodied nose and mouth, with "Israelite: Parasite" written underneath.

The back of the shirt reads:

"Minions of the poisoned race of David, Proselyte or blood born, None of you shall live, Shel Yad [your hand] cut and tied to restrain your limbs/ Shel Rosh [your head] gag dislodges and cracks your teeth/ Your forked tongue forced down into your throat, muffling your shrieks, pleading and pain.

"Yiddish filth strands ripped from your skull, wrapped around your parasitic throat and used to hang you from above.

"Your cries for help will go unheard as your broken and bleeding form is hung from split and separated neck… Bleeding and swinging from the rafters of your semitic rat den abattoir."

Because of the festival's strict ban on taking photos, some from past years' festivals have been posted on One user on uploaded a photo from a previous festival showing an audience member giving the Nazi salute during the performance by a known NSBM band.

In 2016, this band played at the festival. Earlier in 2016, a Canadian festival cancelled its appearance following backlash over the band's neo-Nazi ties.

In 1995, the Southern Poverty Law Center identified this band as a racist neo-Nazi band from Poland.

It should be noted that this band has a Facebook page with nearly 9,500 likes. A recent post shows that the band sells pins and t-shirts featuring a satanic figure in the center of a star of David.

A January 13, 2020 Facebook post lists a site for purchasing these goods.

Facebook Activity

Nearly 3,000 Facebook users have "liked" the festival's page on the platform. The page has innocuous and seemingly unrelated cartoon characters as its avatar and background banner.

On January 10, the page posted a link for ticket purchases.

On January 19, 2020, the administrator posted a reminder that no photos, video, or phones were allowed at the festival.

This post had reactions by 77 users; the profiles of anyone commenting or reacting are visible, and some of these users list their location.

For example, one man notes that he resides in Ukraine.

A woman from Texas liked the post.

A man called who liked the post claims to reside in Connecticut.

The announcement of the festival's cancellation garnered reactions from 73 users.

An Arkansas man was one of those who interacted with this post.

A woman from Tennessee expressed her sadness.

One woman claims to be from Belgium.

One man claimed to live in Italy.

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