July 16, 2014 Special Dispatch No. 5797

Israeli Knesset Member Haneen Zoabi To Palestinians: A Siege Of Israel Instead Of Negotiations; Resistance Instead Of Security Coordination

July 16, 2014
Palestine | Special Dispatch No. 5797

On July 13, 2014, Israeli Knesset Member Haneen Zoabi published a harshly anti-Israel article on the Hamas website, in which she called on Palestinians to continue the resistance, to besiege Israel, and to reject any negotiations with it. It is noteworthy that throughout the article she puts "Israel" in quotation marks.

The following are excerpts from her article:

"The events [in Gaza] have produced no military results. 'Israel' will in no way eliminate Hamas, the motives for the resistance, or the motives for [pursuing] liberation from the occupation. 'Israel' will in no way decide anything with military force, killing, and destruction. Also, Hamas on its own will never prevent 'Israel' from deepening the occupation and continuing the policy of violence and killing.

"The result of this aggression [will ultimately be] that 'Israel' will begin to realize that there are clear limits to force, and that the primitive rockets kill not people, but the strategic concept on which 'Israel' has predicated its security and political situation. The main thrust of this concept is that with the deadly trinity – the siege, the fence, and the security coordination – 'Israel' is reestablishing the situation of 'soft occupation' – and it is precisely this that the Hamas rockets are eliminating.

"Hamas is [also] eliminating Israel's belief that over the past decade it has successfully used these three important achievements – the fence, the siege, and the security coordination – to control the situation and to cement a situation in which there is an occupation without an occupier. The resistance is restoring the Palestinian presence as an occupied [people] to the Israeli [consciousness] – [a presence] that had disappeared from its reality and its consciousness. The resistance is reminding the Israeli that he is an occupier, and of the reality that he wishes to forget, so that he can live in peace and security without being reminded of its existence.

"The cruel aggression of a country that has no policy other than cementing the existing situation with an ongoing series of crimes and violations against our Palestinian people is going to end, and so is the rocket fire. Each side should redraw the rules of the game, which were violated during the aggression – that is, the recent aggression. As part of the prevailing conspiratorial Arab and international silence, and in light of how Palestinian officials have been operating up until now, 'Israel' is likely to conclude that the path [it should take] is one of preparing to [carry out] another round of oppression, killing, and destruction.

"In order for 'Israel' to declare the end of the option to preserve and deepen the occupation, and in order for it to declare the end of the achievements of the criminal trinity – the fence, the siege, and the [security] coordination – by means of which it thought to make costly the occupation that has no presence in Israeli reality, the Palestinians should declare the end of their own deadly trinity – of the [security] coordination, the negotiations, and the schism.

"We must abandon our own deadly trinity – and instead of security coordination, declare popular resistance; instead of negotiating with 'Israel', besiege it; and instead of splitting, unite."

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