February 27, 2007 Special Dispatch No. 1477

Islamist Websites Monitor Project No. 69

February 27, 2007
Iraq | Special Dispatch No. 1477

Abu Hamza Al-Muhajir Calls on the Muslims to Avenge the Honor of Sunni Women

On February 23, Islamist websites posted a 12-minute video [1] by Abu Hamza Al-Muhajir, calling on the Muslims to avenge the honor of Sabrin Al-Janabi, who, according to Sunni sources, was gang raped by Shi'ite members of the Iraqi National Guard. The recording was produced by Al-Furqan, the media company of the Islamic State in Iraq. It is accompanied English subtitles produced by the Jihad Media Brigade, and its English title is "O Sister, We Answer Your Call."

In his address, Al-Muhajir says: "O Muslims, O jihad fighters, today [our] honor has been violated… and all Muslims have been shamed… Today, Tareq Al-Hashemi's and Nouri Al-Maliki's dogs violated the honor of Sunni women… O young men of the Islamic State [in Iraq], our leader the Commander of the Believers [i.e. Abu Omar Al-Baghdadi] says: I am not your Commander and you are not my soldiers until you soak the soil [of Iraq] with the blood of the infidels, destroy their [centers] of power, storm their bases, cut off their supply lines and tear their hearts out of their bodies… Seek martyrdom, because death for the sake of Allah is a goal that we still pursue… O processions of martyrs, turn [the infidels'] power [centers] into [infernos of] fire, their homes into rubble and their blood into [flowing] rivers… Our commander says: 'I urge every jihad fighter to take his weapon out of hiding and not to lay it down until he meets Allah as a martyr, or until Allah grants us victory…"

"As for you, pure sister [Sabrin Al-Janabi]… know that over 300 Iraqi [jihad] supporters expressed their desire to [carry out] martyrdom operations within 10 hours of hearing the report [about your rape], among them 50 foreigners, 20 of them young men who wanted to marry you, if you have no husband."

The video can be viewed at:

The following is an image from the video:

[1] The video shows a still frame with the title "O sister, we answer you call" (see image above), while the speech is heard in the background.

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