February 1, 2007 Special Dispatch No. 1450

Islamist Websites Monitor Project No. 59

February 1, 2007
Special Dispatch No. 1450

Islamist Group in Libya Denies Renouncing Armed Jihad

In a communiqué by the Islamic Fighting Group in Libya, posted February 1, 2007 on Islamist websites, the group denies the Libyan government's assertion that it "is heading towards reconciliation and towards a settlement [with the Libyan government] and... that it has renounced armed jihad." The messages accuses the Libyan government of spreading lies, stressing that the group remains fully committed to armed jihad and will continue this jihad under all circumstances. At the end of the message, the Islamic Fighting Group promises to display only "patience and endurance, might and defense, jihad and battle, perseverance and persistence, hostility and hatred - until God judges justly between us and [the Libyan government]."

Organization called "Islamist Revenge Cells" in the Arabian Peninsula Pledges Allegiance to Osama bin Laden

On January 31, Islamist websites posted an announcement by an organization called Khallayat Al-Intiqam Al-Islamiyya (the Islamist Revenge Cells). In the announcement, which was issued by Shams Media Company and designated as the organization’s first communiqué, the organization pledges allegiance to Osama bin Laden, and promises to join him in fighting the infidels to the death by all available means. The announcement states further that one of the organization’s primary goals is to purge the Arabian Peninsula of all infidels, including the Shi'ites.

MEMRI stresses that the authenticity of this document is unverified.

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