January 2, 2007 Special Dispatch No. 1407

Islamist Websites Monitor Project No. 41

January 2, 2007
Special Dispatch No. 1407

GIMF Announces Imminent Release of New Software

On January 1, 2007 the Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF) announced the imminent release of new computer software called "Mujahideen Secrets." According to the advertisement for the software (see below), it is "the first Islamic computer program for secure exchange [of information] on the Internet," and it provides users with "the five best encryption algorithms, and with symmetrical encryption keys (256 bit), asymmetrical encryption keys (2048 bit) and data compression [tools]."

Commander of the Islamic Army in Iraq on "The Iranian Occupation of Baghdad"

On December 29, 2006 Islamist websites posted a written message by the commander of the Islamic Army in Iraq. The message declares that the most crucial battle being fought today in Baghdad is not the battle against the American occupation, but rather the battle against the "Iranian occupation." The message calls upon the mujahideen to fight this occupation just as steadfastly as they fight the Americans, and on the entire Islamic nation not to abandon Baghdad "like they [abandoned] Jerusalem and… Andalusia." The message urges all Muslims to assist the mujahideen in Iraq by providing them with good advice, by offering them material help, and by publishing only information which assists the cause.

In an audio message posted December 28, 2006 on the Islamic Army's website, the commander of the Islamic Army elaborates on what he terms "the Shi'ite-Iranian slaughter campaign against the Sunnis in Iraq" and on Iran's attempts to control Iraq.

'Eid Al-Adha Address by Ayman Al-Zawahiri

On December 30, 2006, Islamist websites posted a 15-minute audio recording by Ayman Al-Zawahiri titled "Holiday Greetings to the Nation which Upholds Monotheism," produced by Al-Qaeda's production company Al-Sahab.

Al-Zawahiri begins his address, which is subtitled in English, by congratulating the mujahideen throughout the world on their victories and by expressing his support for the Muslim prisoners and their families.

Two major issues in Al-Zawahiri's address are the "treason" of the Palestinian Authority and the battle over the hijab in Tunisia. With respect to the first issue, Al-Zawahiri calls on the Palestinian people not to cooperate in any way with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud 'Abbas (Abu Mazen) or Palestinian Legislative Council member Muhammad Dahlan, warning that the two are "secularist traitors, slaves of the international law, and worshippers of the dollar" who have turned their backs on shari'a by aiming to establish a secular state in one of the places most holy to Islam. As such, he explains, they must not be obeyed.

As for the second issue, Al-Zawahiri praises the Tunisian women who continue to wear their hijab in the face of the "fierce Crusade" that is being waged against it, and states that these women are soldiers in "the battle of Islam against the Zionist Crusade…"

Al-Zawahiri ends his address by declaring that the Islamic nation is sure to be victorious.

'Eid Al-Adha Address by Mullah 'Omar

On December 29, 2006, Islamist websites posted a written address by Taliban leader Mullah 'Omar on the occasion of 'Eid Al-Adha. Mullah 'Omar begins by reminding the mujahideen of the power of self-sacrifice: "'Eid Al-Adha (the Holiday of Sacrifice) is the basis of the doctrine of self-immolation and the concept of sacrifice. When alluding to this day, every Muslim should understand that our creed and our thinking are still alive thanks [only] to sacrifices [of the mujahideen]... A creed supported by sacrifice will never fail."

Next, Mullah 'Omar warns the "invaders" that any attempt to persuade the Afghani tribes to cooperate with the Council created by the occupying forces is bound to fail, since "no [real] Muslim will be part of the scene created by the invaders and their collaborators, and those who do [agree to be part of it] are people who have sold out their conscience and do not represent any tribe."

Finally, Mullah 'Omar calls upon the mujahideen to attack only the enemy, and to avoid carrying out operations that endanger the lives of innocent people. He warns, "Every attack not sanctioned by a fatwa [only] harms the jihad. We must target our enemy only, and focus our attacks [on him]."

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