September 26, 2007 Special Dispatch No. 1714

Islamist Websites Monitor Project No. 137

September 26, 2007
Special Dispatch No. 1714

Al-Qaeda in Iraq Takes Responsibility for Assassination of Abu Risha, Tribal Leader Who Opposed Al-Qaeda

On September 14, 2007, the Islamist website, which is hosted in Malaysia, posted an announcement by the Al-Qaeda-founded Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) taking responsibility for the assassination of 'Abd Al-Sattar Abu Risha, head of the Al-Anbar Salvation Council. The statement declared that the assassination came because of Abu Risha's collaboration with the Americans and with the Al-Maliki government. It also announced the establishment of "special security committees" which will eliminate other senior figures from the Al-Anbar tribes who collaborate with these elements.

The following are excerpts:

"On Thursday, September 13, 2007, Allah allowed your brothers in the [ISI] Ministry of [General] Security to track and kill the imam of heresy and apostasy called 'Abd Al-Sattar Abu Risha, head of the so-called Al-Anbar Salvation Council, in a courageous operation that took over a month to prepare...

"Members of the noble tribes [in the Al-Anbar district] asked the soldiers of the Islamic State [of Iraq] to rescue them from the militias that are collaborating [with the Americans and with the Al-Maliki government], and from the corruption they have spread in the city of Al-Ramadi...

"Other apostate leaders who are collaborating with the American plan should be aware that the swords of the mujahideen are lying in wait for them. We hereby announce the establishment of special security committees that will track and kill top tribal leaders who have sullied the reputation of their noble tribes by being friendly towards the soldiers of the Cross and towards the Shi'ite Al-Maliki government...

"We apologize for not giving [more] details about this courageous operation. [We do this] for security reasons, in order to protect the lives of the blessed tribe members who took part in this successful and blessed operation."

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