May 9, 2007 Special Dispatch No. 1571

Islamist Websites Monitor No. 95

May 9, 2007
Special Dispatch No. 1571

Jihad Organizations in Iraq Establish New Front

On May 2, 2007, three prominent jihad organizations (Al-Jaysh Al-Islami, Jaysh Al-Mujahideen, and Jama'at Ansar Al-Sunna), which are opposed to the Islamic State of Iraq, announced on Islamist websites the establishment of a new umbrella organization called "The Jihad and Reform Front." It is stated that the three groups have agreed to cooperate in matters of policy, general shari'a questions, positions vis-à-vis major developments, military operations, and the issuing of communiqués. The message, addressed to numerous sectors inside and outside Iraq (including Muslim scholars, imams, jihad groups, academics, the media, and the various Iraqi tribes), calls upon them to join the new front and to support it in its effort to end the occupation in Iraq, implement shar'ia, and purge the country of evil.

The following are some the new front's main principles, as presented in the message:

The purpose of jihad is to use sufficient force to repel the attacker without using excessive violence.

All jihad operations must target the occupiers and their helpers, and not innocent people.

Anything that harms and hinders jihad shall be eliminated.

Jihad efforts will focus on the battle against the primary enemy and will not be sidetracked into secondary battles.

The mujahideen are the protectors of Islam and of the Muslims. Consequently, among their first priorities are protecting the Muslims, their property, and their honor.

The Front will distinguish between immutable laws that do not depend on time and place and secondary policies which do depend on time and place.

The front does not recognize the elections in Iraq, nor does it acknowledge any agreement formed by the Iraqi government or the laws that it passes.

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