December 21, 2006 Special Dispatch No. 1403

Islamist Websites Monitor No. 38

December 21, 2006
Special Dispatch No. 1403

Ansar Al-Sunna Announces Finish of Its First Sniper Training Course

On December 18, 2006, Ansar Al-Sunna issued the following announcement, via the Islamist websites: "After painstaking efforts and a two-month intensive training, the first sniper training course, which is associated with Ansar Al-Sunna, ended…on December 13, 2006. Thanks to Allah, on its first day [of operation] the unit was able to shoot three American Crusaders and four apostates…"

New Video from the Caucasus: "Dar Al-Harb of Dagestan"

On December 13, 2006, Islamist websites posted a new hour-long video from the Caucasus, produced by Nuriddin Media, called "Dar Al-Harb of Dagestan."

The video opens with a reading of Koran 9:111: "Allah bought from the believers their lives and their property, and in return they will merit Paradise. They will fight for the sake of Allah, kill, and be killed. He took it upon Himself to faithfully fulfill his promise in the Torah, the Gospel, and the Koran. Is there anyone more faithful than Allah to His promises? Thus rejoice in the deal you have made, this is the great triumph."

The video opens with various scenes of mujahideen: praying; marching in long rows through forests, mountains, and snow; advancing in truck convoys and unloading the trucks; at their surveillance stations; at a briefing; etc. In the background are jihad songs in Arabic. The lyrics to one of these songs are: "Muslim, you must be zealous for your religion… liberate the land of Islam from the sinners. Jihad fighter, show determination, like the determination of heroes. Strike, destroy, leave nothing of the infidels… Paradise wants pure heroes… The Dome of the Rock complains of the oppression of the wicked. Where are you, Muslim, where are the pure of heart? A Hindu kills a Muslim instead of cows, Kashmir blood and honor are free for all to take."

The video shows the Russian military, with its heavy weaponry, tanks, and planes bombing residential areas in Dagestan, and afterwards shows mujahideen firing heavy volleys at unseen targets. Then, to a song of "I am a terrorist, I strike fear in the enemies of the religion," the video shows mujahideen butchering one captive after another.

Later in the video, to the song "Where are those who want martyrdom?" and other songs of praise to martyrs, the video shows attacks on various civilian targets, including one on a bus and another on a group of wedding guests. In addition, two suicide attackers are shown reading out their last wills while driving a car en route to their mission.

Towards the end, the video shows images of the aftermath of the November 26, 2006, Russian raid on the mujahideen safe house near Dagestan - a raid in which Abu Hafs Al-Urduni, the commander of the foreign mujahideen in the Caucasus, was killed.

Because the film includes many disturbing images, MEMRI is providing viewers with an edited version.

To view the edited version of this film, please visit: .

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