October 4, 2006 Special Dispatch No. 1309

Islamist Websites Monitor No. 2 Abu Hamza Al-Muhajir: American Military Bases are an Ideal Environment for Trying Out Biological and Dirty Bombs

October 4, 2006
Special Dispatch No. 1309

On September 28, 2006, Islamist websites posted an audio recording by commander of Al-Qaeda in Iraq Abu Hamza Al-Muhajir, which included a number of messages. Addressing the Muslim 'ulama, Abu Hamza called on them to join the jihad, and to follow the example of the blind Sheikh 'Ali 'Abd Al-Rahman, who is currently imprisoned in the U.S. Abu Hamza also urged the jihad fighters to make a special effort to capture Westerners in order to exchange them for the imprisoned sheikh. Next, he congratulated the tribal chiefs who supported the cause of jihad in Iraq, and invited those who had sided with the Americans to publicly declare their repentance and join the forces of jihad. His final call was to scientists and experts in various technological fields, whom he invited to try out their biological weapons and dirty bombs on American military bases.

The following are excerpts from the recording:

Jihad Fighters in Iraq Must "Make Special Efforts..." to Capture "Some Byzantine [i.e. Christian] Dogs Whom We Can [Use] To Release [Sheikh Abd Al-Rahman]"

"...On the occasion of the blessed month of Ramadan, the month of jihad and martyrdom, I pray to Allah that [this Ramadan] shall be a month of glory, power and victory for all Muslims.

"My first message is to Allah's elect [i.e. to the Muslim 'ulama], whom Allah has set as an example and model for all Muslims in [matters of] religion. Honorable 'ulama,... today we face questions of life and death, of properties and of [women's] honor, which [are so grave that], had the Four Imams [1] come together to pass judgment on them, they would have stood perplexed - and we are obliged to issue fatwas about them.

"Oh, honorable 'ulama,... we are winning. I hope [that our victory] is near, [and will even] occur during the lifetimes of many of you. We shall never abandon you,... for you are a source of illumination and guidance. If one of you strays due to lust or error, we will refrain from criticizing him and preserve his honor... Honorable 'ulama, we are not rebels [attacking the Islamic community]. We are not people of [dubious] innovation, nor do we call for [such innovation]. Rather, we are men who have witnessed the [rapid decline] of religion, [which has] dragged the Islamic nation into the depths of ignorance, and we have therefore built a barrier out of our own bones and skulls to protect your religion and your honor. And now this barrier has risen high and become strong enough to withstand the wave of heresy...

"We have shed much blood in Iraq: [We have lost] more than 4,000 volunteers from outside [the country], and a much greater number from among the supporters [of Islam within Iraq]. [2] Distinguished 'ulama,... [we hope you will join the ranks of jihad]. I cannot refrain from reminding you of the blind religious scholar and jihad fighter 'Umar 'Abd Al-Rahman, who is incarcerated in an American jail and is being subjected to the worst kinds of torture and to physical and psychological harm... To our teacher ['Umar 'Abd Al-Rahman], I say: Do not grieve, for Allah brings relief after hardship... Your loyal children remain as you left them. They haven't changed, and, if anything, have only become more aware of the true nature of the forces of disbelief...

"I call upon every free jihad-fighter in Iraq to make special efforts during this holy month of Ramadan. Perhaps Allah will grant us [the privilege of] capturing some Byzantine [i.e. Christian] dogs, whom we can [use] to release our teacher from the darkness of prison, out of our recognition, loyalty and love [for him]."

We Pardon Those Who Sided With the Americans, Providing That They Declare Their Repentance and Join the Forces of Jihad

"My second message is addressed to those who have made great sacrifices... to the heads of the tribes who supported us openly and secretly, and provided us with money and men. I say to them: may Allah reward you... The day will come when we shall carry you on our shoulders...

"But as for those who sided with the occupier and with his traitorous allies, and became his eyes and ears - they have betrayed their religion, honor and country, believing that they would derive some material benefit or [improve their] social status. They are now huddling together in fear inside their military camps, or are fleeing from the country. [They are] leaving their homes, their property and their families behind, pursued by Allah's curse and by the wrath of the people. To them, I say in this holy month of forgiveness and pardon: we are now declaring a general amnesty, and pardoning them for all the lives [of our men] that they have taken with their own hands or through their treachery. We once again invite them [back into the fold]. Come back! Come back to your religion and your homeland... You will not be harmed in any way, providing that - before you are defeated - you declare your sincere repentance publicly before your tribe and your families, and [providing that] you inform us [of your repentance] so that there will be no mistake. Join forces with your brethren and sons who are waging jihad... The period of pardon will end at the close of this holy month..."

We Have Urgent Need of Experts in Advanced Technologies, Particularly Nuclear Scientists

"My final message is [addressed] to those who have special skills and qualifications amongst the experts in [the fields of] chemistry, physics, management, electronics, communications and all the advanced specialties, particularly nuclear scientists and [experts] on explosives. I say [to them]: we have urgent need of you. The front of jihad will suit your aspirations. The American military bases, with their large areas, are an ideal environment for trying out your non-conventional bombs: the biological [bombs] and the so-called 'dirty' bombs..."

[1] The founders of the four legal schools of Sunni Islam.

[2] Abu Hamza uses the term muhajirun ('immigrants') for fighters who came to Iraq from other countries, and the term ansar ('helpers') for Iraqis involved in the fighting. By this he evokes the two groups within the early Muslim community of the Prophet's time: the fighters who emigrated from Mecca to Medina with Muhammad and the people of Medina who joined Muhammad's camp.

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