November 1, 2006 Special Dispatch No. 1344

Islamist Websites Monitor No. 17

November 1, 2006
Special Dispatch No. 1344

The Islamic Army in Iraq Presents a New Missile

On October 31, 2006, the Islamic Army in Iraq presented its new surface-to-surface missile (see images and video below), the "Abeer," which has a head weighing 20 kg and a range of approximately 20 kilometers. According to the announcement, the missile is named after 'Abeer Al-Janabi, a 14-year-old girl from Mahmudiyya, a small town south of Baghdad, "whose chastity was violated by a Christian soldier."

The written announcement ends with the following message: "When we bring the tidings to our nation about this achievement, we threaten the cross-worshipers and their associates with lightning strikes [in the form of a missile called] 'Abeer, whose tail gives off a scent of death, and its camber contains fire and flames. It will bring destruction to the arrogant, uproot the [enemy], and render the religion of Allah victorious… "

The written message is followed by a seven-minute video ( ), "The Stages in the Production of the 'Abeer Rocket." The video shows several masked men working on, welding, and assembling the rocket parts. Next, it shows the title "Checking the Fuel and the Force of Repulsion," followed by scenes from the test. At the end of the video, the rocket is prepared for launch and then fired.

The following are images from the video:

Islamist Video Shows Bombings in Iraq

On October 26, 2006, Islamist websites posted a six-minute video ( ) titled "The 100 Best Bombings." The video shows a long series of bombings carried out by various jihad organizations that do not belong to the Shura Council of Jihad Fighters in Iraq, including Al-Jaysh Al-Islami, Jaysh Al-Rashidin, Kataib Thawrat Al-'Ishrin, Jama'at Ansar Al-Shuhada, Al-Jabha Al-Islamiyya Lilmuqawama Al-'Iraqiyya (Jami'), Jaysh Al-Taifa Al-Mansura, and 'Asaib Al-'Iraq Al-Jihadiyya.

The footage is accompanied by jihadist songs, one of which says: "We live and die for the sake of Allah, living in honor or dying as martyrs... We defy death... We surrender to none but Allah... One who dies as a martyr does not [really] die but lives forever in Paradise."

The video ends with an excerpt from the only known video of former Al-Qaeda in Iraq commander Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi, made in May 2005, shortly before his death. In the excerpt, he fires an automatic rifle and asks Allah to defeat the U.S. and cause it to leave Iraq "vanquished, humiliated, hurting, and wretched."

Below are images from the video:

The New Website of the Iraqi Sniper

Over the past several months, jihad organizations in Iraq have been posting videos on Islamist websites showing American soldiers being hit by sniper fire in Iraq. [1] One of the most recent videos, posted by the Islamic Army in Iraq, is titled "The Sniper of Baghdad" (see an edited version here, ), and shows the training and operations of the organization's sharpshooter unit in Iraq, which is called the "Juba" unit. [2]

As part of the attempt to heighten the impact of the snipers in Baghdad, the Al-Buraq Media Organization has set up a website in Arabic and English ( ). [3] The site contains a message to all Muslims, ostensibly written by a Juba sniper, and another message by the same sniper addressed to media personnel, imams and preachers. The website also includes a blog ( ) where the administrator posts comments about the snipers, allegedly reflecting the strong impression that the Baghdad snipers have left on the public in general and on U.S. soldiers in Iraq in particular. In addition, the website contains links to recent sniper films produced by jihadi groups, with a brief summary of the content of each. Finally, there are also several images, two of which are clearly meant to sow fear in U.S. soldiers and prompt them to flee Iraq before they are hit by a Juba sniper.

The following is a translation of the sniper's two messages on the website and of various banners appearing on the site.

*The Snipers' Call to Muslims

On the website, the sniper explains the motivation for his actions and exhorts others to participate in the jihad in Iraq.

"Oh, Muslim nation! How can you shut the eye that witnesses your land being defiled by the feet of the Jews and Crusaders - [a land] which only yesterday was conquered by our ancestors who sacrificed their lives for it? How can we eat, drink and sleep when our brothers… are in the infidels' prisons in Abu Ghuraib, Guantanamo, and Afghanistan? What should we tell our Master when he asks us tomorrow [i.e. Judgment Day] what we did when the enemy invaded our land, destroyed our mosques, violated our honor, and insulted our Koran? How will we defend ourselves from the infants… who will act as our adversaries? What should we tell Allah when he asks us about the Law that he requested we apply in His land? How strange it is for a person to read the Koran and not be struck by Allah's words: 'If you do not go to war [He] will punish you harshly and painfully and will replace you with a different nation. Allah is omnipotent [9:39].'

"Oh, youth of Islam! Enter the door of Paradise…I see them daily in the streets of my country when I set out to kill an unbeliever with my beloved rifle."

*Appeal to Visitors to Site and to Media Personnel and Imams

The sniper also urges readers to distribute the films and calls on media personnel and imams to publicize his activities in order to increase their public impact, threatening them with harm if they do not:

"Dear Visitor…

"You can assist the Baghdad Sniper [in the following ways]:

"By calling on Allah to facilitate his shooting and protect him from the eye of the enemy.

"Distribute the film 'The Baghdad Sniper' in the various [Arabic website] forums and non-Arabic websites so the world will know what harm has befallen the occupier in Iraq.

"Distribute the film among your family, neighbors, and brothers… and by doing so you will have part in Allah's reward to the Baghdad Sniper…

"Dear media person…

"It is your responsibility to compose many reports about the Baghdad Sniper in order to assist the Religion of Allah and out of love for Iraq. If you do not, remember Allah's words: 'Hold them there for questioning; [but what has come over you that you cannot help each other?] [37:24]'… and the Prophet's words: 'Strive against the unbelievers with your property, persons and your tongues…'

"Oh, imams and preachers in the eastern and western parts of the land, you are entrusted with the responsibility of making the Muslims' jihad in Iraq, and especially the glorious deeds of the Baghdad sniper, part of your sermons, lectures and lessons and… [with the duty] of praying for them. If not, you will suffer at the hands of God on the Day of Judgment. This is a responsibility, and the wise person will heed it and be saved. You should bear in mind that you stand on the pulpit of the Messenger of Allah [where] the angels listen to what you say and bring it to Allah's attention…"

*The Appeal to American Soldiers

Two of the three posters below appeal directly to American soldiers. The first shows an American soldier pondering the possibly fatal outcome if he decides to enter the sniper zone in Baghdad. The second poster indicates the sniper's effectiveness and poses a rhetorical question to the American soldiers: "What are you officers waiting for?"

[1] The first "Sniper" video appeared in November 2005. For more information on sniper videos, and to view an edited version of one, see:

MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 1330, "Islamist Websites Monitor No. 11," October 20, Islamist Websites Monitor No. 11 ;

MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 1338, "Islamist Websites Monitor No. 15," October 27,

Islamist Websites Monitor No. 15.

[2] According to the movie, the word "juba" means "ghost" in some African vernaculars, and is used by American soldiers to refer to the Iraqi snipers, who emerge from nowhere and then disappear again like ghosts.

[3] The site's homepage also includes a summary of the page in French.

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