November 1, 2006 Special Dispatch No. 1341

Islamist Websites Monitor No. 16

November 1, 2006
Special Dispatch No. 1341

Islamist Website Reports Woman's Offer of Prize for Kidnapping an American Soldier in Order to Kill Him

An Islamist website reported that, on October 26, 2006, an elderly Iraqi woman offered a prize of 75 million dinar - about US $50,000 - to anyone bringing her a live American soldier in order to kill him. The website reported further that the woman, a resident of Al-Ramadi, had made the offer during Friday prayers at one of the city's mosques.

Mujahideen Use Laser Pointers to Disrupt Fighter Jets

Participants in discussion forums on the various Islamist websites have recently been discussing ways to disrupt the functioning of fighter jets and missiles. One participant suggested using laser pointers, especially green ones. He said that for the lasers to be effective, the mujahideen must stand in a circle 500 meters wide and simultaneously aim their lasers at passing aircraft. Another possibility, he said, was to distribute laser pointers to children, with instructions to aim them at enemy aircraft. This, said the participant, will disrupt the aircraft's radio transmission and might interfere with the aircraft missile operation... He added that the children will thus be transformed "from stone-[throwing] kids into laser kids."

Another participant attested to the effectiveness of laser pointers, saying: "I tried it on two commercial jets and forced them to return to the airport…, using only a single laser."

Below are some images that were posted on the forums showing U.S. military use of laser devices.

Secret Women's Prison in Iraq

Recently, Islamist websites posted a picture of what they describe as a secret prison for Muslim women in Iraq, which, they say, "is one of hundreds of prisons for women… [located] in Sunni cities [in Iraq]."

Islamist Video of Attack on U.S. Army Base

On October 14, 2006, Islamist websites posted an eight-minute video titled "First Signs of Victory - The Fall of the Falcon [Army] Base." The video ( ), produced by Al-Jaysh Al-Islami (The Islamic Army), takes responsibility for the October 10, 2006, attack on the U.S. Army base in Baghdad. [1]

The film shows footage of the burning U.S. Army base. An announcer addresses all Muslims, saying: "Two days ago, we were pleased to see the results of the mujahideen's attack on the largest enemy base in Iraq...The mujahideen of Al-Jaysh Al-Islami planned to attack this [base]... which contains [the enemy's] largest ammunition depot." Later, the announcer adds: "Anybody with military experience realizes that two katyusha rockets and three 120mm mortars are incapable of destroying a military base of this size. The inescapable conclusion is that it was [the result of] divine assistance, through which Allah has shown us the meaning of the verse 'It was not you who smote them, it was Allah who smote [them] [Koran 8:17].'... The enemy base was destroyed completely, along with all the weapons and munitions that were in it, which were intended to be used against the Sunnis and Muslims in this city... The damage caused to the base is estimated at hundreds of thousands of dollars... The enemy did not disclose how many were killed and wounded from among the men [stationed] at this base, in which there are some 5,000 infidels... This base, which cost the enemy about $800 million to build... was completely destroyed with weapons that cost the mujahideen no more than $300..."

At the end of the video, the announcer calls upon the mujahideen "to kneel and thank Allah for this great boon.... [This] was a victory for all the loyal mujahideen in all the jihad groups in Iraq. More than that: It was a victory for the mujahideen throughout the world."

Below is an image from the film.

[1] On October 10, 2006, mortars fired by insurgents hit an ammunition depot at Falcon Army Base, a large U.S. military compound in Baghdad. The mortars set off a series of violent explosions and started a large fire, but no injuries were reported.

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