April 14, 2008 Special Dispatch No. 1641

Islamist Websites Monitor No. 114-117

April 14, 2008
Special Dispatch No. 1641

Islamist Websites Monitor No. 114

Jaysh Al-Islam to Hamas's 'Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades: Announce Establishment of an Islamic Emirate in Gaza

On June 20, 2007, Islamist websites posted a 13-minute video message titled "A Message from Jaysh Al-Islam to 'Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades." In it, a veiled speaker congratulates the 'Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades on their recent takeover of the Gaza Strip, saying: "We would like to convey our happiness at [the actions of] our brothers in the Izz Al-Qassam Brigades against the treacherous apostates [i.e. Fatah] who used to control the apparatuses which spied... on Muslim mujahideen in Palestine. And we ask Allah to complete their [task] on the way to implementing Islamic shari'a and imposing the rule of Allah..."

The speaker then asserts that if 'Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam announces "the establishment of an Islamic emirate in the Gaza Strip, Jaysh Al-Islam and its soldiers will be ready to serve the Islamic Emirate's army... as long as [this emirate] rules according to Allah's scripture and the sunna of the Messenger of Allah..."

The speaker goes on to implore the 'Izz Al-Din Al-Qassan Brigades not to pressure Jaysh Al-Islam to release kidnapped BBC correspondent Alan Johnston unless the conditions for his release as set by Jaysh Al-Islam are met. "We captured him [i.e. Johnston] based only on the religious considerations of our respected 'ulama... Our brothers in Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam, are you hurt by the fact that we strive to release Muslim prisoners? Do you know what our brothers experience in British jails? Therefore, we ask you and everyone who wishes to make the banner of Allah supreme to work [with us] hand in hand, to unite under one banner, and to speak in one voice under the flag of 'there is no God but Allah' in an Islamic emirate... It is not worth spilling even one drop of Muslim blood in a fight among us for the sake of this infidel [i.e., Johnston]..."

The speaker then warns that pressuring Jaysh Al-Islam to release Johnston without the demands being met will force the organization to "slaughter this correspondent."

In response to a question by journalists, the veiled speaker states: "Many among our nation think that the Jaysh Al-Islam Organization is under the control of one family or one person. We stress that Jaysh Al-Islam does not stand for one person or family, but rather is the army of Islam and the Muslims in general..."

The video can be viewed via the following link:

Below are images from the video:

Islamist Websites Monitor No. 115

Al-Qaeda Deputy Ayman Al-Zawahiri Calls on Hamas to Enforce the Shari'a in Gaza; Urges Mujahideen to Attack Zionist Interests Throughout the World

On June 25, 2007, Al-Sahab posted an audio message by Ayman Al-Zawahiri titled "40 Years after the Fall of Jerusalem." In his address, Al-Zawahiri says that the 1967 defeat in Jerusalem, and the repeated Arab failures since then, result from the Arabs' rejection of Islam and their reliance on the infidels. He reminds Hamas that the goal of its takeover of Gaza should be to enforce the law of Allah, and urges it to join ranks with the mujahideen around the world in order to repel the attack on Gaza, that is sure to come soon. In addition, he calls on the mujahideen throughout the world to extend military and economic assistance to Hamas, and to attack "Zionist interests" everywhere.

Alan Johnston Video Appeal

On June 25, 2007, Islamist websites posted a video titled "Alan's Appeal," in which the adducted British journalist Alan Johnston, dressed in what appears to be an explosive belt, implores Hamas and the British government not to attempt his release by force, as this will prompt his captors to kill him.

The video can be viewed at:

Below are images from the video:

Al-Qaeda in Egypt Urges Mujahideen to Attack "Zionist-Crusader" Interests in Egypt

On June 24, 2007, Islamist websites posted a communiqué by Al-Qaeda in Egypt, signed by Muhammad Khalil Al-Hakaymah. In the communiqué, Al-Hakaymah congratulates Hamas on its recent takeover of Gaza, which "liberated Palestine from the claws of the collaborators." He calls upon the mujahideen in Egypt to assist Hamas by attacking all "Zionist-Crusader" forces, by uprooting any "military or civilian Zionist presence in Egypt," and by attacking "Zionist-Crusader" interests in the country.

Commander of Al-Qaeda in Yemen: Jihad in Yemen Will Continue Until the Last Crusader is Expelled From the Arabian Peninsula

On June 20, 2007, Islamist websites posted a 21-minute audio recording by Abu Hurairah Al-San'ani, a commander of Al-Qaeda in Yemen, [1] in which he denies reports that his organization is holding talks with the Yemeni government.

Al-San'ani first states that it was the top commander of Al-Qaeda in Yemen, Nasser Al-Wahaishi (nicknamed Abu Basir), who ordered him to deny these claims. Next, he says that those who collaborate with the Crusaders in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Saudi Peninsula repeatedly try to persuade the mujahideen to negotiate with their enemies "in order to rescue the Crusaders from the dead end into which they have gotten themselves... and in order to extinguish the flame of jihad... but Allah has protected our brothers from this pitfall which leads to hell." The jihad fighters, he adds, have been advised to turn over a new leaf by stopping their jihad and turning themselves in, but they will not. Rather, jihad will continue until the last of the infidels is expelled from the Arabian Peninsula - especially since victory is near, and the president of Yemen "is now breathing his last [breath] after his battle [against the mujahideen] in Sa'dah and [due to] his government's corruption."

Finally, Abu Hurairah calls on the jihad fighters to join ranks, and not to be tempted to cooperate with the Yemeni government, because "today, both East and West are terrified of the jihad fighters, so there is no need for concessions... [Jihad] is the command of the hour [and will continue to be] until the day of judgment."

Islamist Websites Monitor No. 116

Jaysh Al-Islam Threatens an All-Out War Against Hamas if It Continues to Press for the Release of Alan Johnston

On June 27, 2007, Islamist websites posted a communiqué issued in the name of Jaysh Al-Islam, the Palestinian organization which kidnapped BBC's Alan Johnston, in the wake of the recent kidnapping of two of its own members by Hamas, which is exerting pressure upon Jaysh Al-Islam to release Johnston. In the communiqué, Jaysh Al-Islam reiterated that if its demands are not met, "[Johnston] will remain in captivity for 1,000 years, or will be slaughtered like a lamb." It warned Hamas that if the latter continues in its aggression, Jaysh Al-Islam would respond in kind by declaring an all-out war on Hamas.

The following are excerpts from the communiqué:

"'Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades had the audacity to kidnap two Jaysh Al-Islam Jihad fighters, as they were returning from morning prayers at the mosque. The two are Field Commander Abu 'Ubeidah Dughmush and Jihad fighter Abu Al-Majid Habib...

"...Our demand [of the British government] is patently clear: Release our three prisoners - Sajda [Al-Rishawi], Abu Qatada Al-Falastini, and Abu Muhammad Al-Muqadassi - and we will release the prisoners held by us. This is not up for discussion or negotiations. He will remain in captivity for 1,000 years, or will be slaughtered like a lamb...

"Hamas members and [members of' 'Izz Al-Din] Al-Qassam, be mindful of Allah [when] human lives [are at stake.] How [will you explain] to Allah [in the world to come] and in your newspapers that you were killed for the sake of an infidel? [And what] if you release the prisoner, and Sajda is then executed? Her blood will be on your hands...

"We have not started a war against anyone, but... [if we have no alternative,] we will act upon the Islamic law of self-defense... To the jurisprudents who stray from the straight path, we say: 'If you dare [to sanction] the killing of people whose lives are protected by Islamic law, or [harm] their property, or their honor... we will respond in kind... and destroy you immediately...'"

Kataib Thawrat Al-'Ishrin Threatens to Punish Anyone Who Has a Role in Ratifying the New Oil Law

On June 26, 2007 an Islamist website posted a press release signed by the Iraqi organization Kata'ib Thawrat Al-Ishrin, a Sunni military organization which did not join the ISI. In the statement, the organization warns that it will punish any person who is involved in ratifying the new Oil Law, recently submitted to the parliament, a law that the organization describes as "designed to steal the wealth of our land."

Islamist Websites Monitor No. 117

Fath Al-Islam: Al-Qaeda's Silence Has Killed Us

On June 26, 2007, Islamist websites posted a written message by Abu Dajana Al-Shami - supposedly a member of Fath Al-Islam - to ISI War Minister Abu Hamza Al-Muhajir. In the message, Al-Shami complains that Al-Qaeda has not expressed support for Fath Al-Islam in its battle against the Lebanese army in Nahr Al-Bared, despite the fact that Fath Al-Islam has pledged allegiance to Al-Qaeda. Al-Shami adds that Al-Qaeda's silence has been frustrating for the mujahideen, especially since the events in Gaza, unlike the fighting in Nahr Al-Bared, have been repeatedly mentioned by Al-Zawahiri in his recent messages. A word from Al-Qaeda, Al-Shami stresses, would have had real impact on the youth of Al-Sham (i.e., Greater Syria - a region encompassing Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel and the Palestine), but its silence "has killed Fath Al-Islam without a knife."

ISI Video: Message to the American People

On June 28, 2007, Islamist websites posted a video titled "Message from the Islamic State [of Iraq] to the American People," issued by the Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF). The video, which is part of the ISI's "Battar Media Raid to Defend the Islamic State [of Iraq]," [2] combines excerpts from two previously posted films - an Al-Furqan clip showing an attack on an American Hummer in Iraq, and an Al-Sahab video featuring an address by Adam Yahya to the American people. The video also incorporates excerpts from an audio recording by bin Laden in which he says to the U.S.: "[Just] as you threaten our security, we threaten yours."

The link for the video is available from MEMRI upon request.

Below are images from the video:

[1] Abu Hurairah Al-San'ani is one of 23 Al-Qaeda members who escaped in February 2006 from the Political Security prison in Yemen.

[2] See MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 1621, "Global Islamic Media Front Instructs Islamists to Infiltrate Popular Non-Islamic Forums to Spread Pro-Islamic State Propaganda," June 14, 2007, Global Islamic Media Front Instructs Islamists to Infiltrate Popular Non-Islamic Forums to Spread Pro-Islamic State Propaganda.

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