June 14, 2007 Special Dispatch No. 1610

Islamist Websites Monitor No. 108

June 14, 2007
Special Dispatch No. 1610

Video Shows Alleged Attack on Afghan Military Post in Dabgay

A 10-minute video titled "Attack on an Apostate Base in Dabgay," released June 2, 2007 by Al-Qaeda's production company Al-Sahab, shows a mortar and gunfire attack on a base of the Afghan military in Khost province, allegedly carried out on May 24, 2007.

The film, which is subtitled in English, begins with reconnaissance footage of the base, and then shows the mujahideen marching towards it and attacking it by night.

Several features of the film raise doubts as to the authenticity of the attack. For example, there are no signs of answering fire, and no calls of "Allah Akbar" as typically accompany the launching of mortars in other jihad videos. A previous Al-Sahab video of an attack on a military compound in Afghanistan, posted on February 2007, was likewise of doubtful authenticity.[1]

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The following are images from the video:

Abu Omar Al-Baghdadi: The Blood of All Jihad Fighters Is Sacred, And Must Not be Spilled Except in War Against the Crusaders

In the recent days, there has been heavy fighting in the Al-Amariyya neighborhood in Baghdad between Al-Qaeda and Sunni jihad groups that have not joined the Islamic State in Iraq (ISI). In response to the fighting, the office of ISI commander Abu Omar Al Baghdadi posted an announcement on June 1, 2007 on Islamist websites in which he stressed that the blood of all jihad fighters is sacred and ordering the ISI fighters not to take part in the clashes.

The following are excerpts from the message:

"The Commander of the Believers [Abu Omar Al-Baghdadi] has expressed deep sorrow over the fighting that took place in Al-Amariyya and its environs, hastened to order all ISI soldiers to stay in their homes and in their bases, and issued a fatwa prohibiting civil strife... He emphasized that there is no distinction between the blood of ISI fighters and that of other jihad fighters... and called to form an investigation committee consisting of Islamic judges from the ISI and from any other jihad group that wishes to uncover the truth...

"[Al-Baghdadi] has sent a missive to the commanders and soldiers of Al-Jaysh Al-Islami, in which he wrote:... 'We treat the honorable [fighters] with the honor [they deserve], and regard our brothers [with respect], as warranted by their honorable history in jihad... especially since many of us once fought under the [banner of] Al-Jaysh [Al-Islami]... We will maintain these ties of friendship, whatever happens...'

"[Al-Baghdadi] emphasized that the ISI soldiers have sworn a pledge of allegiance to death, but that the soldiers of the [other] jihad groups are citizens [of the Islamic State of Iraq]. Therefore, [he said], we have a responsibility to protect their lives and this takes priority over [protecting the lives] of the ISI soldiers, since the blood of the jihad fighters must not be spilled except in the war against the Crusaders and their helpers..."

Taliban Leader Demands Establishment of Team to Investigate Killing of Civilians in Afghanistan War

Islamist websites recently posted a communiqué dated May 29, 2007, by the Taliban spiritual leader, in which he demands that an investigative team be formed, to comprise Red Cross representatives, independent journalists, Afghan ulema, and Afghan sheikhs to investigate the killing of civilians during the Afghanistan war.

The following are excerpts:

"Since the beginning of the armed Afghan resistance against the foreign forces and the forces of the Afghan government, there have been – and still are – casualties among civilians... The two sides blame each other, and the international human rights association... ignores the facts and constantly publishes reports that are not based on reality. We are distressed and angered by the [killing] of our innocent fellow [Afghans]...

"We demand the establishment of a joint team [consisting of] of Red Cross [representatives], independent journalists, Afghan ulema and [Afghan] sheikhs... The Islamic Afghan Emirate and NATO will provide guarantees that the investigation of these incidents will always be [carried out in a] reliable and accurate [manner].

"[Signed:] The Servant of Islam, Commander of the Believers Mullah Muhammad Omar (mujahid)."

[1] See MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 1472, "Islamists Stage Jihad Attack for the Purpose of Psychological Warfare," February 22, 2007, Islamists Stage Jihad Attack for the Purpose of Psychological Warfare.

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