April 9, 2008 Special Dispatch No. 1853

Islamist Forum Member Suggests Stirring Up Racial Tension in U.S.

April 9, 2008
Special Dispatch No. 1853

A message posted January 20, 2008 on the Islamist forum Al-Hesbah (hosted by NOC4Hosts Inc. in Florida, USA), by a member calling himself Al-Jawfi, suggests stirring up racial tension between African-Americans and whites in the U.S. by spreading inflammatory materials on the Internet. In the discussion thread, other members proposed posting racist materials against African-Americans (such as insulting jokes and pictures) on sites frequented by African-Americans, in order to arouse anger and bitterness in their community. Another suggestion was to post, on white supremacist sites, materials that present African-Americans as a threat to American society.

The following are excerpts from Al-Jawfi's posting and from some of the responses: [1]

Al-Jawfi wrote: "I suggest that brothers who are fluent in English write messages, phrasing them skillfully in such a way [that they will seem to be] written by a black person slandering [the whites] or by a white person [slandering the blacks]… "

Forum member "Abu Hamed" wrote in response: "… I'd like to suggest a very simple idea: to quote [inflammatory] stories and sayings from [American] movies in order to spread civil strife among [blacks and whites]. For example, there is a movie called I Am Legend. According to its plot... the only person left in the sane world is black, while all the others have been infected by a virus and have turned into human monsters. We should visit forums of black Americans and present whites as monsters of this kind [that] should be exterminated…"

A regular forum participant, "'Abd Al-Rahman Al-Faqir," recommended to "collect racist images of blacks, or else materials that incite against whites, and call to take revenge upon them... translating [those materials] that need to be translated - providing that they are translated into colloquial American, preferably using expressions [characteristic of] black or white [English]..."

A member calling himself Al-Andalusi wrote: "I am currently living in the West… I'll write racist expressions on fences in order to generate antagonism between [blacks and whites], especially with the elections coming up. I speak fluent English…"

Forum member "Abu Suleiman Al-Sa'di" added: "One way to spread hatred is [to post] racist jokes. Here are some [examples], collected by one of the brothers. All of them are against blacks, but the brother has promised to collect some jokes against whites [as well]…"

Another forum member provided the following list of websites as targets for posting racist materials:

Endnote (all links were live at time of writing):


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