April 1, 2007 Special Dispatch No. 1506

Islamic Republic of Iran News Network (IRINN TV) on "300": "Zionist Warner Company" Propaganda Against Iran

April 1, 2007
Special Dispatch No. 1506

The recently released Hollywood film "300" has stirred a great deal of negative reaction from the Iranian government and media, which is accusing it of "intentional insults to the country's ancient culture" and "serving the policy of the U.S. leadership."[1]

Further, Iranian government spokesman Gholam Hossein Elham called it a "cultural intrusion against Iran" and reiterated that "the Iranian nation and those involved in cultural activities will respond to such a cultural aggression." [2]

On March 13, 2007, IRINN TV included commentary which called the film part of a Zionist conspiracy. The following is the transcript.


Reporter: "Tonight, IRINN commentary also sheds more light on the conspiracy behind the screening of this anti-culture Hollywood film."

Voiceover: "The screening of the movie '300,' which has depicted war between the Persians and the Greeks, using an unreal and fabricated story, is facing a wave of protests and criticism by Iranians both inside and outside the country. Warner Bros., which belongs to the famous and rich American Jew, is the company that has made the movie.

"This movie, which is totally against Persian culture and civilization, could be considered a production by Zionists and a group of American extremists.

"The film '300' shows the historical war between Persians, at the time of King Xerxes, with the Spartans. The director wrongly depicts the Persians as being violent and warmongers. This film is a complete distortion of history. It shows the Spartans, who were warmongers and racists and violent, as peace lovers, and the Persians as uncivilized – which is nothing but a lie.

"In addition to distortion of history, the Zionist Warner Company is also pursuing cultural and political objectives by producing such a film which has a very shallow script. From the cultural point of view, the Zionists and the elements affiliated to the U.S. have tried to launch a propaganda front against ancient and historical roots of Iranians, and the hasty production of this film is an indication of its propaganda aspect. But the political intentions of Warner have been more important than anything else.

"This film tries to paint a violent image of Persians who are against peace in today’s world, in order to increase the international political pressure on Iran. This is while films should be made of crimes committed by the Americans, throughout history, all around the world, and it should be shown what the so-called civilized Zionists and Americans are doing today with human rights and humanity."

[1] Fars news agency (Iran), March 15, 2007

[2] IRNA and Fars news agencies (Iran), March 13, 2007

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