June 13, 2013 Special Dispatch No. 5333

In Islamic Jihad Summer Camp In Gaza, Boys Practice Kidnapping Soldiers And Firing Guns Using Live Ammunition

June 13, 2013
Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 5333

In June, the Islamic Jihad held the "Generation of Faith" summer camp in Rafah for boys aged 6-16. The camp activities included various military exercises, such as "kidnapping soldiers," firing guns using live ammunition, and crossing obstacle courses. The campers also heard lectures on religion, and were trained in various other fields, such as first aid, scouting, civil defense, martial arts, and behavior during emergencies.[1]

Islamic Jihad spokesman Daoud Shihab explained that "the organization is preparing a 'generation of resistance' that will defend itself and the [Palestinian] people against an invasion by the occupation."[2] The camp director explained that its purpose is "to raise an outstanding generation of believing [Muslims] that are well aware of their goals in the conflict with the Zionist enemy and who adhere to the honorable Koran and to the Prophet's sunna, as [Islamic Jihad founder] Dr. Fathi Al-Shqaqi ordered us to do." A model camper, 12-year-old Baraa, said: "I am overjoyed to belong to Islamic Jihad… My aspiration in the future is to receive official military missions, Allah willing, and I will be an outstanding [fighter] like the honorable martyrs Muhammad Al-Sheikh Khalil, Mahmoud Al-Zatma, and Yasser Abu Al-'Aish.[3] The Zionist enemy will not be able to defeat a people that was raised upon the Koran and upon the [values of] yearning for martyrdom and asceticism in this world in return for Allah's pleasure and the attaining of Paradise. I am sure that the blood of my father was not spilled in vain. As I fire the first shot of my life, my blood boils in my veins, and I will not rest until I am on the battlefield, burning the enemy with the volcano of my vengeance." [4]

The following are photos of drills carried out as part of the camp's graduation ceremony:

The boys practice "kidnapping soldiers":

Live-ammunition firearms training:

Other military drills:


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[3] The three were senior commanders of Saraya Al-Quds, the military wing of Islamic Jihad, and were responsible for many attacks against Israel.

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