June 3, 2019 Special Dispatch No. 8102

IRGC Dep. Cmdr. Fadavi In Interview: If IRGC Had Forces In Yemen, Houthis Would Be In Riyadh; Jews Will Leave Israel For Countries Of Origin – Russia, Europe, Africa, U.S.; Interviewer: 'Jewboys Who Count Every Penny' Find Existence Of Zionist Regime Costs 'Mindblowing'

June 3, 2019
Iran | Special Dispatch No. 8102

IRGC Deputy Commander General Ali Fadavi said in a May 30, 2019 interview on Channel 3 TV (Iran) that the Houthi fighters in Yemen have achieved what they have because Yemenis are intelligent and because they are operating according to the guidelines of the Islamic Revolution. Responding to a question in which the interviewer, Vahid Yaminpour, said that the existence and security of Israel was becoming expensive for the "Jew-boys who count every penny and every cent," Fadavi said that the Jews will return to their countries of origin in Europe, Russia, Africa, and America, and that the Zionist government will be unable to prevent emigration from occupied Palestine because the Jewish citizens – not only the government – are "calculating profit and loss every day." He also said that the idea that America could fight a war against Iran in which the benefits would outweigh the damage does not enter even a "single cell in [the Americans'] brain." Gen. Fadavi, who has previously served as the Commander of the IRGC Navy, was promoted to Deputy Commander of the IRGC shortly after the IRGC was recognized as a terrorist organization by the United States.

To view the clip of General Ali Fadavi on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

"If We Were There, The Houthis Would Already Be In Riyadh"

Ali Fadavi: "The IQ of the Yemeni people is, perhaps, among the highest in the world. In addition, they are very agile.


"Since the [Houthis] are following the guidelines of the Islamic Revolution, they are achieving results that are similar to ours. It's not our [forces] there. If we were there, the Houthis would already be in Riyadh.


"Imagine that we could have gone into Yemen like we went into Syria, and that we could have the [same military] presence there. Would the situation of the war be as it is now? Absolutely not."


"For Jewboys Who Count Every Penny And Every Cent – Such Costs Are Mindblowing "

Interviewer: "This is a unique situation. It appears that the cost of the continued existence and security of the Zionist regime has gone up considerably. For Jewboys who count every penny and every cent – such costs are mindblowing." 


Ali Fadavi: "You will witness the process of the return of the Jews from their 'Promised Land' to their countries of origin: Russia, Europe, Africa, everywhere... Even America. You will certainly witness their government becoming unable to prevent the emigration of Jews from the occupied Palestinian lands to their countries of origin. This will certainly happen, because the [Jewish citizens] are making these daily calculations too. It isn't just the Zionist government that is calculating profit and loss every day. The people are also doing that. The people will obviously do what is best for them, and that is leaving occupied Palestine.


"Not only are the Americans not thinking about war – the idea does not enter a single cell in their brains that they may engage us in a war that would benefit them in any way. They understand that what they would gain from such a war cannot be compared to the damage it would cause them."

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