February 2, 2018 Special Dispatch No. 7314

Iraqi Official: The Resistance Aims To Preserve The Current Regimes; Its Most Important Goal Is To Liberate Palestine; The Palestinian Factions, Led By Iranian Qods Force Commander Soleimani, Await Zero Hour For Liberating Palestine; Israel Will Quickly Disappear

February 2, 2018
Iran, Iraq, Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 7314

Hamid Al-Husseini, Secretary-General of the Union of the Iraqi Radio and TV Networks, said in a TV interview that "the goal of the resistance is to preserve the current governments and regimes," so long as those regimes have "popular legitimacy." He further said that "it's no secret that the factions in Palestine are now under the command of the leader of the resistance, Qasem Soleimani." Al-Hussein said that they are "awaiting the zero hour" for the liberation of Palestine and that "the Israelis will be looking for a way to flee Palestine." "Israel will cease to exist in less than 25 years," he said in the interview, which aired on Afaq TV on December 18.

To view the clip of Hamid Al-Husseini on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

Hamid Al-Husseini: "The resistance consists of several nationalities, not just one. The resistance does not believe in national identity, and does not ask a person where he is from. Would you believe me when I tell you that the resistance consists of multiple nationalities?"

Host: "This holds true for ISIS too, more or less. It consists of multiple nationalities and does not believe in national identity."

Hamid Al-Husseini: "How can you even compare the resistance to ISIS?"


Host: "ISIS had a certain ideology, which was corrupt, and it was confronted by another ideology, but the mechanisms are more or less the same."

Hamid Al-Husseini: "True, ISIS does not consist of one nationality. Therefore, when the resistance in Iran saw fit, several nationalities joined the fighting – Iraqis, Iranians, Afghans... And when the war in Syria began, people of all nationalities joined in. They all agree on certain goals. The resistance has clear goals. From the goals, one may discern whether we are talking about good resistance, or about an evil group of people."

"One Of The Most Important Goals – Is The Liberation Of Palestine"

Host: "What are the goals?"

Hamid Al-Husseini: "When ISIS was established, they brought the terrorists to kill, shed blood, and attack the holy places. These are not the goals of the resistance."

Host: "What are the goals of the resistance?"

Hamid Al-Husseini: "The most important goal – or one of the most important goals – is the liberation of Palestine, the land that was plundered in the region. If we focus on [Palestine] and liberate it, we will be rid of our problems. The mother of all problems is that cancerous growth.


 "The goal of the resistance is to preserve the current governments and regimes."

Host: "Regardless of the nature of that regime?"

Hamid Al-Husseini: "So long as the regime has popular legitimacy. Let me ask you this: Who has protected Bashar Al-Assad? The resistance. Who has protected the political process in Iraq? The resistance."

Host: "Bashar has popular legitimacy?"

Hamid Al-Husseini: "Of course. He won the elections. If they want, they can hold elections and topple Bashar Al-Assad. No problem.


"ISIS is one of the reasons that there is a resistance force in the region now. The resistance will defend any legitimate regime in the region that finds itself under attack, like it did in Iraq, in Syria, in Bahrain, in Yemen, in Iran, and everywhere."

"The Leader Of The Resistance Now Is Qasem Soleimani"

Host: "Does the resistance have one leader or several?"

Hamid Al-Husseini: "It has leaders."

Host: "Who are the leaders of the resistance?"

Hamid Al-Husseini: "How many names do you want? If I give you a name, will you drop it? The leader of the resistance now is Qasem Soleimani."

Host: "You mean one of the leaders..."

Hamid Al-Husseini: "Right."

Host: "Who are the other leaders?"

Hamid Al-Husseini: "Well, the most important leader, is, of course, Hassan Nasrallah."

Host: "They are well known, but who else?"

Hamid Al-Husseini: "Allow me not to mention names. We are not in the midst of elections."


"The Resistance Is Not Bound By Geography Or Nationality"

Host: "Will the resistance intervene in Iran one of these days, as it is intervening today in other countries?"

Hamid Al-Husseini: "If the need arises, yes."

Host: "It will intervene?"

Hamid Al-Husseini: "Of course. The resistance will intervene wherever it is asked to do so. The resistance will enter the fray with force against any threat to the region."

Host: "So the resistance is not bound by geographical borders?"

Hamid Al-Husseini: "Absolutely not. The resistance is not bound by geography or nationality."

Host: "What is the role of the resistance after Trump's [Jerusalem] resolution? So far, we have heard nothing but speeches, and we have seen nothing but conferences and demonstrations."

Hamid Al-Husseini: "It's no secret that the factions in Palestine are now under the command of the leader of the resistance, Qasem Soleimani. They are awaiting the zero hour."

Host: "Zero hour for what?"

Hamid Al-Husseini: "You will hear about it, Allah willing."

Host: "Are you talking about a military operation against the Israeli entity?"

Hamid Al-Husseini: "A military operation? We want to liberate Palestine!"

Host: "So you consider Trump's resolution as an opportunity for the resistance to liberate Palestine?"

Hamid Al-Husseini: "This resolution exposed the true faces of people, blessings to Allah. When Trump rose to power, it became clear he's an idiot, and this was very positive for us. He exposed the true faces of people, and that was important to us. He even exposed who created ISIS. Before this, we had known and said this, but it was always denied by others."


"The Leader [Khamenei] Said That Within 25 Years, There Would Be No Israel... Trust Me, Israel Will Quickly Disappear"

Host: "But Israel is here to stay and now it has Jerusalem."

Hamid Al-Husseini: "No, it's not here to stay."

Host: "It took Jerusalem by force."

Hamid Al-Husseini: "First of all, Israel had wanted to capture the entire region. Right now, Israel is confined to its own area and is afraid of its neighbors, not of countries farther away. Israel controls the Golan Heights, but is afraid of the Golan Heights. It controls Palestine, but is afraid of Palestine. I won't be revealing any secret by telling you that if the [Israeli] war with Palestine begins... This is something I know for a fact. It is not mere analysis. You will see operations launched from within Palestine, not from other countries. The resistance will be launched from there. The Israelis went there in search of security. When they see the fire raging from within Palestine, they will all flee. There will be no need to fight and kill people."

Host: "Are you talking about a popular Intifada?"

Hamid Al-Husseini: "Not an Intifada. If the true war for the removal of Israel and the liberation of Palestine begins, you shall see what will happen there.


"This is 2017. The leader [Khamenei] said that within 25 years, there would be no Israel. As a member of the resistance, I tell you that Israel will cease to exist in less than 25 years. Trust me, Israel will quickly disappear. Following the [defeat] of ISIS, something new will be formed... Armies will be formed in the region. When the resistance fighters in Palestine realize that such a force is supporting them, you shall see the mobilization within Palestine, and the Israelis will be looking for a way to flee Palestine."

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