September 10, 2019 Special Dispatch No. 8269

Iraqi News Bulletin On September 11, 2001: The Heart Of Evil Has Been Struck; Whoever Carried Out The Attack Had Had Enough Of Hostile American Policy (Archival)

September 10, 2019
Iraq | Special Dispatch No. 8269

This clip shows a news bulletin that aired on Iraq TV on September 11, 2001. The anchor announced that two planes crashed into the World Trade Center in Manhattan, that Washington, D.C. was attacked, that thousands of people were killed or injured, that panic and hysteria were spreading among the American public, and that the American government has declared the highest state of emergency. Over footage of the WTC buildings burning, a reporter said that the "heart of evil" has been struck. He said that an unknown aircraft crashed into the first WTC building and that, shortly after, a civilian Boeing 767 crashed into the second building, which he referred to as the "Empire Styre Building." The reporter described the Twin Towers as a symbol of globalism, and he added that the American political decision-making centers had not been "out of reach of those who had had enough of the hostile American policy." The reporter said: "The question now is whether the Americans will learn that violence only begets more violence." The video was uploaded to a YouTube account of Iraq TV's archival footage.

To view the clip from Iraq TV on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

"This Led To Panic And Hysteria Among The American Public, Thousands Were Killed Or Wounded In The Explosions – The Pentagon Declared The Highest State Of Emergency"

Anchor: "Dear viewers, a series of explosions rocked the cities of New York and Washington today. The explosions destroyed the two towers of the World Trade Center in Manhattan after they were hit by an airplane. This led to the collapse of stock markets throughout the world. The White House, the Pentagon, Congress, the State Department, and other vital American institutions were not spared from similar incidents, which followed and escalated. This led to panic and hysteria among the American public. Thousands were killed or wounded in the explosions. The Pentagon declared the highest state of emergency and completely stopped all air traffic in the United States. They evacuated the important buildings and the skyscrapers. More details in the following report."

"The Strikes Hit The Heart Of Evil, An Unknown Airplane Crashed Into The WTC Building, The Symbol Of Globalism, Indicating Things Yet To Come"

Reporter: "Since the Bay of Pigs crisis in 1961, the United States has not witnessed an earthquake that has sent the American political and economic centers into confusion. This time, the strikes hit the heart of evil. An unknown airplane crashed into the WTC building, the symbol of globalism, indicating things yet to come. Less than 18 minutes later, a civilian Boeing 767 passenger plane crashed into the second building, the Empire Styre Building [sic], a few minutes before the opening of Wall Street. The [building] completely collapsed after it was devoured by the flames. The political decision-making centers in the United States were not out of reach of those who had had enough of the hostile American policy.


"The question now is whether the Americans will learn that violence only begets more violence."

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