February 23, 2010 Special Dispatch No. 2820

Iranian Website: Iranian Nuclear Bomb Spells Death to Israel

February 23, 2010
Iran | Special Dispatch No. 2820

On February 18, 2010, the Iranian website Asr-e Iran posted an editorial stating that Iran's possessing nuclear weapons will threaten Israel's existence and lead to its elimination – even if they are never used.

The editorial explained that Israel's raison d'être is the illusion that it can provide absolute security for the Jewish people, and that it has security supremacy. Once Iran possesses nuclear weapons and shifts the balance of power in the Middle East, it states, this will be end of Israeli society.

The following is the translation of the article:

"The Zionist Regime Must Continue to Preserve this Illusion of 'Absolute Security' within the Borders of Israel"

"Since its establishment in 1948, the central pillar on which Israel is founded has been 'creating a secure territory for the Jewish people, in order to protect it from any possible danger.' This issue is so important to the elected officials of the Israeli regime that in the country's 62 years of existence, they have dealt harshly with any element, [even] the most minor, that could possibly strike at or harm 'the famous Paradise.'

"In order to continue to be a safe haven for Jews from all over the world, and to continue to draw human, economic, and other capital from all over the world, the Zionist regime must continue to preserve this illusion of 'absolute security' within the borders of Israel (i.e. occupied Palestine).

"For this reason, and driven by this strategy, in the 1960s Israel produced dozens of nuclear warheads (as the Western countries looked the other way, and some even collaborated, such as France) – so that it would, or so it thought, attain absolute supremacy in the Middle East balance of power.

"The truth is that for Israel, not just insecurity, but even the mere sense of insecurity is deadly poison. That is why this regime focuses all its efforts on preventing what it sees as the nuclearization of Iran.

"Israeli officials are well aware of what nuclear weapons mean and of the scope of their deterrence. They know well that, according to the deterrence doctrine, using nuclear weapons in a first strike capacity means mutual destruction if the other side has them as well. Thus, it cannot be assumed that a country that has nuclear weapons will use them against another country (particularly if that country also has them).

"Nevertheless, Israel's excessive concern vis-à-vis Iran's nuclear activity, and the propaganda against Iran's peaceful activity, is completely unjustified, except for the issue above – namely the damage to the sense of absolute security within the borders of this regime."

"An Iran with Nuclear Weapons Means an End to the Dream of 'Secure Israel'"

"The truth is that Israel knows very well that even if Iran obtains nuclear weapons, it will never use them except in self-defense, in the event of a non-conventional or nuclear attack. Rather, Iran's possession of such weapons will sow in Israel a sense of insecurity – and this sense alone will be enough to shatter the glass palace of this illegitimate regime in the Middle East.

"An Iran with nuclear weapons means an end to the dream of 'secure Israel' – and this means the exodus of most of the residents of this occupied land (who immigrated there for absolute security and for jobs). This exodus will include human, financial, and other capital, and therefore will be a death sentence for this regime.

"Thus, [it can be concluded that] the [worldwide] Iranophobia project is actually a Zionist activity aimed at covering its Achilles heel without acknowledging its main fear – the fear that impacts the glass palace of Israel's absolute security. Tel Aviv is using expressions such as 'the international community's concern' and others to hide its main fear."

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