September 26, 2006 Special Dispatch No. 1300

Iranian TV Report Exposes ‘Zionist Companies’ - Coca Cola, Marlboro, Hugo Boss, McDonalds, Disney, Garnier, Tommy Hilfiger, L'Oreal, & Others; Pepsi = ‘Pay Each Penny Save Israel’

September 26, 2006
Iran | Special Dispatch No. 1300

The following are excerpts from a July 29, 2006 Iranian news channel (IRINN):


Reporter: "While John Stith was busy in the laboratory testing various medications and substances, he discovered an essence that creates a [unique] flavor in the mouth, and this is how the cola drinks came into being. Since then, following fast-growing industrial production, these new drinks went beyond their country of origin. Due to our insatiable appetite, the manufacturers have become commercial giants and have managed to cross all borders worldwide, from the hotels and casinos of Las Vegas to the slums of Darfur in Sudan and of Afghanistan, reaching the winding alleys of all the cities of the world.

"If only it were that simple... The Zionists are the largest shareholders in the world's drink manufacturers. They make hundreds of thousands of billions of dollars from this annually. This way, they export their colonialist schemes with this product, at no additional cost.

"Take, for example, the Pepsi drink. Do you know what Pepsi stands for? 'Pay Each Penny Save Israel.'"


"Well-known companies worldwide have Zionist investors. Coca Cola - besides its clear, continuous support of the Israeli government - had announced its willingness to invest billions of dollars to topple the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

"Sara Lee, the manufacturer of Champion sportswear and L'eggs pantyhose - this company owns 30% of the shares of Delta Galil, the most important textile company in Israel.

"Marks & Spencer - since its establishment, this company had close ties with Zionism. One of Marks & Spencer's main goals was to help Israel's economic development. Marks & Spencer gives Israel a sum of 233 million dollars annually.

"Nestle - this Swiss company that manufactures food products announced in 2000 that it would invest millions of dollars to run a new center in Israel.

"Intel... Intel, the manufacturer of computer and electronics components, is one of Israel's greatest supporters. The company's first branch outside the U.S. began operating in Haifa in 1974. Intel has made enormous investments in Israel. In 2000, this company recruited over 4,000 Israelis. The director of this corporation declared that Intel would invest $6.1 billion in Israel.

"Many streets in countries around the world, and, unfortunately, in Arab countries too, are full of colorful billboards advertising Zionist companies. The money earned this way has turned into lead, which rips apart the chests of children in Palestine and Lebanon.

"McDonald's, Marlboro, Disney, Timberland, Revlon, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, L'Oreal, and Garnier - these are among the capitalist companies that belong to the Zionist regime. All these companies have received the Jubilee Award, a special award granted by the Zionist regime in appreciation of people and investors who strengthen the Zionist regime.

"Ali-Reza Maghsoud, IRINN, Tehran."

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