November 15, 2019 Special Dispatch No. 8368

Iranian TV Overviews Iran's Missile Capabilities: We Have Provided A Large Quantity Of Our Most Precise Missiles To Hizbullah In Lebanon; They Can Strike Israel's Southernmost Regions; We Have Missiles Meant To Strike U.S. Bases

November 15, 2019
Iran | Special Dispatch No. 8368

On November 12, 2019, IRINN TV (Iran) aired an animation called "The Rise of the Missiles," overviewing Iran's missile capabilities. The overview included the Fateh-110 missile, which the narrator said is Iran's most accurate missile. He said that large quantities of Fateh-110 missiles have been given to Hizbullah forces in Lebanon, from which Israel's southernmost regions can be targeted. The overview also included Ghiam, a long-range missile meant to destroy America's military bases in the Middle East, and the Fajr-3 and Fajr-5 rockets, which have been used by Palestinian organizations to target Israeli cities.

To view the clip of the Iranian TV program on Iranian missile capability on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

The Sejjil Missile "Will Destroy Its Targets In The Occupied Lands [Israel] In Less Than Seven Minutes"

Narrator: "In 2006, Sejjil, the 23-ton Iranian giant – with its 650kg warhead and 2,000-kilometer range – began to roar. Since this missile uses solid fuel, it can be ready for launch within minutes. After launching [the missile], the launcher [can] leave the place quickly. This capability minimizes the possibility of pre-launch destruction.

"In addition, the Sejjil's very high velocity – about 4,300 meters per second – makes it effectively impossible for the enemy to intercept it. It will destroy its targets in the occupied lands in less than seven minutes.

"This is the Fateh-110 short-range missile. Range: 300 kilometers. Fuel: Solid. Warhead: 500 kilograms. Fateh-110 was tested in 2007, and since it is the most accurate Iranian missile, large quantities of it have been provided to the resistance forces of Hizbullah. From Lebanon, even the southernmost parts of the occupied land are within its range. In addition, with the supply of the Khalij Fars missile – the naval version of the Fateh-Class missile – all the warships of the Zionist regime will face this crushing and dangerous threat. The Zionist regime's Sa'ar ship was decimated by weaker cruise missiles in the Mediterranean Sea during the 33-Day War [Second Lebanon War]."

The Ghiam Missile's "Purpose Is To Destroy America's Military Bases... [It Can] Be Launched From Special Silos, Launchers, And Submarines"

"On August 20, 2010, the Ghiam missile was unveiled. It has a range of 800 kilometers, it uses liquid fuel, and its warhead weighs 645kg. Its purpose is to destroy America's military bases. The most prominent feature of the Ghiam missile, which drew much attention, is the lack of fins. This feature enables the missile to be launched from special silos, launchers, and submarines.

"Fall 2015. Emad is another one of Iran's long-range ballistic missiles. It has a range of 1,700 kilometers. Unlike other missiles, it can be controlled in four aerodynamic levels. The fact that it is equipped with a guidance system makes it possible to guide the missile until it hits the target."

The Fajr-3 And Fajr-5 Rockets Make "It Possible For The Palestinian Mujahideen To Turn The Zionist Regime's Various Cities Into Targets"

"Meanwhile, the Fajr-3 and Fajr-5 rockets, which have an estimated range of 80 kilometers, made it possible for the Palestinian mujahideen to turn the Zionist regime's various cities into targets for their attacks."

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