September 26, 2007 Special Dispatch No. 1715

Iranian TV Drama "Zero Degree Orbit" (Episode 1) - Zionist Agents Assassinate Rabbi of Tehran, Attempt to Intimidate Iranian Jews into Emigrating to Palestine

September 26, 2007
Iran | Special Dispatch No. 1715

"Zero Degree Orbit," a drama series produced by Iranian state TV and directed by Hassan Fathi, is an Iranian, Hungarian, Lebanese, Polish, and French collaborative effort.

The series is set in the 1930s, Iran under Shah Reza Pahlavi[1] and in Paris on the eve of the Nazi invasion. (The Paris scenes were shot in Hungary.)

With this series, Iran is hoping to dispel allegations that it denies that Jews were persecuted during World War II, and to shed its image as a Holocaust denier. The series is presented as an historical drama aimed at showing the suffering of the Jews during World War II, and even at educating Jews about their own history. Several Iranian newspapers stated that the series sheds light on how the Jews fled from several countries and thus became refugees.

At the same time, the series presents the "Zionist lie", i.e. that the Jewish state is a Zionist invention – the result of collaboration between the Zionists and the Nazis to coerce Jews to emigrate to Palestine.

The main character is Habib Parsa, an Iranian student whose father is Iranian and whose mother is a Palestinian from Haifa. Habib's father is a former diplomat who was removed from his post at the Iranian Consulate in Palestine for disobeying orders not to participate in a conference held by the Mufti of Jerusalem Hajj Amin Al-Husseini. Habib's girlfriend is Sarah Struck, a Jewish student whom he meets and falls in love with in France as they collaborate in research on elements common to Spinoza and an Arab philosopher.

Several other noteworthy characters in the series are Professor Weiss, Sarah's maternal uncle, who is an anti-Zionist historian who possesses documents pointing to Nazi-Zionist collaboration. Juxtaposed with him is Theodor, Sarah's paternal uncle, a Zionist who tries to exploit the plight of the Jews to get them to emigrate to Palestine, and who uses all possible means to try to get his hands on Weiss's documents. Meanwhile, Shafur, Habib's brother-in-law and an Iranian government functionary, is collaborating with the Nazis to prepare the ground for their arrival in Iran.

Several incidents were linked to the series' production. According to the Iranian Students' News Agency (ISNA), during a shoot at Persepolis, in the Fars province in southwestern Iran, a photographer stole a 2,500-year-old bas-relief, and was subsequently jailed.

On another occasion, the floor and walls of an ancient palace at Persepolis were stained by stage blood, and a team of British experts had to be called in to remove the stains. This incident was condemned by UNESCO.

The following are excerpts from Episode 1 of the series, which aired on June 7, 2007. In it, Zionist agents assassinate the Rabbi of Tehran and try to intimidate Iranian Jews into emigrating to Palestine.

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Who Murdered Rabbi Yizhak?

Zionist agent: "Rabbi Yizhak."

Rabbi Yizhak, Rabbi of Tehran: "Yes?"

Zionist agent shoots Rabbi Yizhak.


Dr. Parsa, father of Habib: "I'm very sorry. Poor Rabbi Yizhak. That poor man never harmed a fly. Whose handiwork do you think this was?"

Anti-Zionist rabbi: "Well, under the current circumstances, we don't lack for malevolent enemies. On the one hand, there are antisemitic groups, such as the Ancient Iran Association, which is known for its support of the Germans. On the other hand, there are extremist Jews, who, based on a simplistic interpretation of Jewish tradition, try to encourage the Jews living in Iran to leave and go to Palestine."

Dr. Parsa: "As far as the Ancient Iran Association is concerned, I doubt they will dare to do anything without government approval, and the government, despite its support for the Germans, has no choice but to take a cautious stand, because of the delicate international situation. Therefore, in my opinion, it is unlikely that the assassination was carried out by Germanophiles."

Anti-Zionist rabbi: "As a matter of fact, this crossed my mind too, and that's why I suspect that the [order] came from within."

Dr. Parsa: "Please explain what you mean."

Anti-Zionist rabbi: "Rabbi Yizhak objected to the views of the extremist Jews, and on several occasions, he voiced his objections clearly. That is why, for several days now, I have suspected that it was the handiwork [of the Zionist Jews]. Of course, this is just a speculation."


Iranian police major: "What are these?"

Iranian police captain Asgari: "These are files on students who have passed the exam in order to study overseas."


"There are two problematic files. One is on a young man called Taghi Navadeh, whose brother is in jail, charged with having ties with a Communist group called 'The 53 People.'"

Major: "And the other file?"

Captain Asgari: "It is on a young man called Habib Parsa, the son of a doctor called Ali Parsa. According to the information in the file, the father of this student served as a top Foreign Ministry official in the Iranian Consulate in Egypt and Syria. Towards the end of 1931, he helped to organize and participated in an Islamic conference in Jerusalem, held at the initiative of Hajj Amin Al-Husseini, the Mufti of the Muslims in Palestine. The conference was intended to denounce the Zionist movement and British policy in Palestine. Because he did not receive the Iranian government's permission to participate in the conference, he was demoted to the position of consul-general in Palestine. A few years later, after Mahmoud Jam was appointed prime minister, and at the recommendation of former Foreign Minister Enayatollah Samii, he was designated to head a special office in the Shah's court, in charge of the policy supporting the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine. He resigned in protest, and he has been working for some time now as a doctor."[...]

Zionist Agents Interrogate Daoud, Eyewitness to the Murder

Zionist agents kidnap and interrogate Daoud, an eyewitness to the murder of Rabbi Yizhak. They are tailed by Iranian detectives.

Daud Youdein, eyewitness: "Why did you bring me here?"

Zionist agent: "Shut up, don't talk."

Masked Zionist agents, to guards in mansion: "You two can return to your posts. We'll call you if necessary."

Daud Youdein, whimpering: "Why did you bring me here? Who are you? What do you want from me?"

Masked Zionist agent: "Mr. Daud Youdein?"

Daoud Youdein: "That's me. Who are you? "

Zionist agents beat Daoud Youdein.

Masked Zionist agent: "These 'caresses' are so you'll remember that we are the ones who ask the questions here, not you. Is that clear?"

Daoud Youdein: "Yes, whatever you say."

Masked Zionist agent: "A few days ago, a letter was sent to you, right?"

Daoud Youdein: "Yes."

Masked Zionist agent: "And you probably read it carefully."

Daoud Youdein: "Right."

Masked Zionist agent: "But it seems that you didn't quite understand it."

Daoud Youdein: "No sir, I understood it perfectly."

Masked Zionist agent: "Then why did you arrange a meeting with that police detective?"

Daoud Youdein: "I think there's been a misunderstanding. It was him who came to me."

Masked Zionist agent: "And what did you say to him?"

Daoud Youdein: "The same thing I told him beforehand – that I didn't see the shooter, and that I don't know who he is."

Masked Zionist agent: "And what else?"

Daoud Youdein: "That I'm just a simple Jew who never harms a fly, and I just want to mind my own business."

Zionist Agent Attempts To Intimidate Daoud Into Leaving Iran

Masked Zionist agent: "That's exactly what your crime is, Daoud – you are a Jew. You have dirty blood, whereas we Iranians are Aryans, of the same race as the Germans. Do you know what that means?"

Daoud Youdein: "No sir, please tell me."

Masked Zionist agent: "It means that sooner or later, we in Iran will do to you Jews what our German brothers did to members of your religion in Berlin and other cities in Germany. We killed Rabbi Yizhak, just like we will kill the rest of the Jews, unless you all get out of this country as quickly as possible."

Door bursts open; Iranian detectives enter the room.

Major: "Hands up. Don't move. The smallest move, and my colleague and I won't hesitate to shoot you. Youdein, come here."

Daoud Youdein: "Yes, sir."

Iranian detective 1: "Move back, with your hands in the air. Hurry up!"

Captain Asgari: "Yes, sir."

Major: "Take off their masks, so we can see their faces."

Captain Asgari: "At your command."

Removes mask from Zionist agent to reveal Jacob Kasas.

Daoud Youdein: "Jacob!"

Jacob Kasas: "Shut up, you filthy thing."

Major: "Behave yourself."

Captain Asgari removes mask from second agent.

Captain Asgari: "What about this one, do you recognize him?"

Daoud Youdein: "No sir, I don't."

Captain Asgari removes mask from third agent.

Captain Asgari: "What about this one?"

Flashback: Daoud remembers seeing him kill Rabbi Yizhak.

Daoud Youdein: "That's him. that's the man who killed Rabbi Yizhak."

Rabbi Yizhak's murderer: "You filthy lowlife. He's lying like a dog."

Major: "Let's talk quietly. Please keep calm, sir. Everything will be clarified at the police station."

Zionist lookout crouches outside door, bursts into the room.

Captain Asgari: "Be careful, Major."

Zionist lookout grabs the major; the rabbi's killer shoots Captain Asgari.

Jacob Kasas: "That one, shoot him!"

He shoots the lookout holding the major, who then shoots the killer.

Major: "Stand still. Youdein."

Daoud Youdein: "Yes, Major."

Major: "Call the police, and tell the officers to send an ambulance."

Daoud Youdein: "Yes, sir."

Jacob Kasas: "But the most important one has gotten away, Major."

Major: "Don't worry, we'll get him too."

[1] Shah Reza Pahlavi was the founder of the Pahlavi Dynasty (World War II).

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