December 7, 2006 Special Dispatch No. 1381

Iranian Sci-Fi TV Series Stars Mega-Evil Jewish Queen

December 7, 2006
Iran | Special Dispatch No. 1381

The following are excerpts from an Iranian sci-fi film titled "The Land of Wishes," part of a series, which aired on Iranian Channel 1 on October 20, 2006. In it, an evil queen, adorned with a large Star of David and sitting on a throne in the "Black House" (which is also marked with a Star of David) engages in a battle of "virtual warriors" with a young girl who seeks to free the masses the queen has enslaved. When the queen is defeated, her technicians die struggling to rescue a "medal" - also a Star of David.


Evil Jewish Queen: "Raise the degree of self-awareness of the agent. It's not enough."

Technician: "Yes, Ma'am."

Queen: "He responded. Order him to remove his helmet."

Kashki: "Oh, where did that come from? I hope he doesn't respond."

Fahimeh: "Father!"

Kashki: "Oh dear. That girl got us into trouble in the end. Couldn't you control your tongue, girl?"

Queen: "It's her, she probably heard the word 'father.' Identify her code."

Technician: "Yes, Ma'am."

Queen: "Faster! Faster!"

Technician: "It's very strange. This code does not appear among the codes in the system. S-U-N 0057."

Second technician: "That's right, it is totally unknown."

Computer: "Warning! Warning! Temperature in the fuel reactor of time is unauthorized."

Queen: "The fuel reactor of time?"

Technician: "It looks like there is an overload."

Second technician: "Five seconds left until transfer begins."

Technician: "Four, three, two, one..."

Crowd: "Greetings to our Great Lady!"

Queen: "Welcome to the Free City, my dear."

Kashki: "Don't despair. I'm here."

Queen: "I've waited for this glorious encounter for a long time."

Kashki: "My hat is gone. I'm going to look for it. I will be right back."

Queen: "Why are you afraid, my dear? I am your friend. As long as you don't do anything against me, you too will be my friend. Together we can build a new world, a world full of tranquility. People like you and me can rule this wonderful world."

Fahimeh: "No!"

Queen: "There's your childish stubbornness again. Look around you. Don't you think they are happy? True, they do a little work for me, but they spend most of their time playing games or resting, without worrying or thinking anything too complicated, because they are sure that I take care of their tranquility, day and night. I even do their thinking for them. Isn't that so?"

Crowd: "Yes, Great Lady."

Queen: "You see? They all agree with me."

Fahimeh: "But I don't agree with you. You have taken away their ability to think. If you want to know what they really think, restore them to their natural state for a few seconds, so they can say what they have to say. Then you will understand how much life here makes them suffer."

Queen: "Do you object to what I say? If so, I am very sorry for you, because even though I don't want to, I have no choice but to teach you a good lesson - a lesson that may cost you somewhat dearly."

Kashki: "I'm here. Sorry it took so long. I looked everywhere, until I found it. Don't be afraid, remember what I said. You will have no difficulty fighting him. Isn't that right, hat? Sure."

"Don't be afraid of her. She has created a virtual fighter. It's not difficult at all. Create your own fighter."

Kashki: "Here is our fighter. What will you do now, you ugly, clumsy, old demon?"


Queen: "I need more energy."

Technician: "Yes, Ma'am."

Kashki: "Resist in every possible way. Assume a defensive position. There is not much time left until the reactor explodes."

Computer: "Temperature rising! Temperature rising!"

Technician: "Nothing can be done anymore."

Second technician: "Let's put the cooling liquids into the other layer."

Technician: "That way the temperature will drop, and the energy will decrease."

Second technician: "There is no other way."

Technician: "Alright."

Computer: "Five minutes to the onset of the reaction."

Kashki: "Fight it."

Fahimeh: "I can't, I can't."

Kashki: "You have to. Otherwise..."

Fahimeh: "No, I can't. She's much stronger than me."


Mother: "My daughter!"

Fahimeh: "Mother."

Kashki: "Well done! This was the obstacle. Now you will have to make the final move. You're at your peak. Now finish her off.

"Well done, well done."


Kashki: "Thank you very much, you're welcome. No need for applause! Thank you very much."

Technician: It's all over. We lost."

Second technician: "Shut up, idiot. We never lose. If it's not too late, we must remove the medal from orbit."

Technician: "That's impossible. The ZW radiation will not allow it. We will both be killed that way. The medal must not be destroyed!"

Second technician: "Stand back, you will get us killed!"

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