September 16, 2022 Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 1651

Iranian Regime Uses Palestinians To Accomplish The Goals Of The Islamic Revolution – Destroying Israel By The Sword Via A Multi-Arena Struggle – Part II

September 16, 2022 | By A. Savyon and M. Manzour*
Iran, Palestine | Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 1651


Around Qods (Jerusalem) Day, which the Iranian regime marked this year on April 29, 2022, the regime mouthpiece Kayhan daily discussed at length Iran's policy of encouraging the Palestinian military struggle against Israel, including within Israel itself. In several editorials, some with an antisemitic tone, it called on the resistance forces – among them Hizbullah in Lebanon and the Iraqi Al-Nujaba movement, and particularly on the Palestinians and their organizations – to take military action against Israel.

On its front page, Kayhan highlighted a video in Hebrew by the Iraqi pro-Iran Shi'ite militia Al-Nujaba depicting a missile attack on Israel launched simultaneously from Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and Gaza (see below). Furthermore, in an antisemitic editorial titled "[Israel] May Be [Destroyed] Without A War," the newspaper described Zionism and Zionist ideology in antisemitic terminology taken from Nazi propaganda: as "ratlike," as bacteria that spread evil, corruption, and plunder, and as strife- and discord-mongers who aim only to rob and loot the Muslims and who work together with Satan and even teach him. Kayhan attributed other traits to the Zionists that antisemites have historically attributed to Jews, such as controlling global media, in addition to linking today's Zionists "who love to kill innocent people" with the Jews of the past whom it claims killed a prophet. It also praised Hitler for expelling the Jews from Germany and for the Nazis' racial laws.

Other regime representatives, including Mohammad Hassan Akhtari, a senior official in the Office of the President, Hajji Sadeqi, Khamenei's representative in the IRGC, and Mohammad Eslami, director of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), as well as Iran Police commander Hossein Ashtari, all called for the destruction of Israel and boasted of Iran's activity to accomplish this goal.

This report, the second in a series, will present the calls by mouthpieces of the Iranian regime for the destruction of Israel through military struggle.[i]

Qods Day Articles In Regime Mouthpiece Kayhan On Israel's Destruction: "A Different Qods Day Is On The Way – Coordinating The Resistance Forces To End The Occupation In Palestine" 

On April 28, 2022, the front page of the regime mouthpiece Kayhan focused on a short animated film released by the Iraqi Al-Nujaba resistance movement depicting a joint missile attack on Israel carried out by all arms of the Iranian resistance. The film, in Hebrew, titled "The Collapse of the Walls," mocking Israel's May 2021 Operation Guardian of the Walls against Hamas in Gaza, begins with footage from missile and terror attacks against Israel, and then goes on to describe the missile arsenal of the IRGC in Iran, the Al-Nujaba Movement in Iraq, Hizbullah in Lebanon, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza, the Syrian military, and the Houthis in Yemen, including the missiles' ranges and their distance to several landmarks in Israel as targets. These targets include the Port of Eilat, Tel Aviv, Haifa, the Golan Heights, and western Jerusalem. The film concludes with a warning that in a future war, Israel would face not only the Palestinians, but "non-Palestinians" and other "fighters who believe in divine borders."

To view the clip of the Al-Nujaba film on MEMRI TV, click here or below:

The Kayhan article stated:

"On the eve of World Qods Day, the [Al-]Nujaba movement published a video showing all members of the resistance, from Iran and Hizbullah to Yemen and Palestine, carrying out a large-scale attack with their powerful capabilities, in order to end the occupation in Palestine. This move is unprecedented alongside the celebrations on the 'Jerusalem dais' in which the heads of the resistance took a united stand against the Zionists. If up until several years ago there would have been news that Tel Aviv was completely besieged by thousands of ballistic missiles, perhaps few would have been able to imagine besieging the Zionist center. But now, with the release of the video by the Nujaba resistance movement in Iraq, the dreamed-of path and the full military clash of all the resistance movements against the Zionist regime is fully explained, so that even the most doubtful will be able to understand it.

"This short video, titled 'The Collapse of the Walls,' released by the Nujaba movement, describes, in Hebrew, a scenario of a massive simultaneous missile attack on the occupied territories [Israel, that emanates] from Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Gaza. In fact, [this video] sent a warning to Tel Aviv that in the event of military conflict, it would be facing not just one country, but a large regional coalition called the 'resistance movement.'

Kayhan front page, April 28, 2022. Headline reads: "A Different Qods Day Is On The Way – Coordinating The Resistance Forces To End The Occupation In Palestine" 

"The wall that is ready to fall: The clip begins with images of the simultaneous launch of hundreds of ballistic missiles into the occupied territories [Israel], and afterwards it examines the distances between 'Israel' and each of the missile bases in the various countries of the region, and the missile capability of the resistance movements, one by one. First of all, it asks, addressing the Zionists: 'Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas forces fought you in the [May 2021] Sword of Jerusalem battle. How will you defend yourselves against the missile arsenal of the resistance forces in the region?'...

"What drew most of the attention in the release of the 'Collapse of the Walls' film is its screening [i.e. release] on the eve of World Qods Day. The day before it was released, the prominent leaders of the resistance movements in the region also sent a joint message to the occupiers of Palestine, during their participation in the 'Jerusalem Dais' media celebration; [on this occasion,] the speeches of all the leaders of the resistance stressed the need for the [people on the] ground to respond to end the occupation of Palestine.

"Hizbullah secretary-general Hassan Nasrallah said at this ceremony, in verbal attacks on Western propaganda efforts to make everyone forget the issue of Palestine: 'The growing resistance axis must be called the 'Jerusalem Axis,' of which Qods [Jerusalem] is the focal point of unity... Jerusalem is the point that unites the countries, the factions, and the peoples [who are part of] the resistance axis. For Jerusalem's sake, today real armies have been established, and the ones who need to leave this country are the occupiers..."[1]

Kayhan: "The Only Way To Deal With These Bacteria Is With The Strategy Of 'Every Muslim [Takes] A Single Bucket Of Water' – And If Everyone Pours [Them Out] Together, It Will Sweep Away" All The Zionists; "This Is The [Zionist] Thinking That Signed A Pact With Satan And Sometimes Even Teaches Him, Aimed At 'Spreading Corruption Across The Earth With All Its Might And Plundering The Property And Lives Of Other [Peoples]"

Kayhan also wrote in its April 28 editorial, titled "[Israel] May Be [Destroyed] Without A War," that the "cancerous growth" Israel must be eliminated, as ordered by the founder of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. It described Zionism and its ideology using Nazi Germany terms for the Jews: bacteria that spread evil, corruption, and plunder, who are strife- and discord-mongers who aim only to rob and loot the Muslims and whose arrows are aimed against the regime of the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

The Zionist ideology, it went on to state, is nourished by Satan, and even teaches him. It engages in sorcery, is as rich as Korah, and seeks only to take control of the lands of the Islamic countries, with the cooperation of the Western regimes that pay the Zionists a tax to keep them out of the West.

Like other Iranian regime spokesmen, Kayhan uses "Zionists" and "Jews" interchangeably, for example, attributing to the Zionists characteristics attributed to the Jews: global control through media with the aim of imposing their "false and distorted world view." The editorial directly linked today's Zionists "who love to kill innocent people" with the Jews of the past whom it claim killed a prophet. The motif of killing prophets – that is, the accusation that the Jews killed the prophets sent to them – is common in Islamic antisemitism.

Furthermore, Kayhan states that the Jewish Holocaust in Europe is a Zionist myth aimed at robbing the citizens of Europe via a tax paid to Israel. It praises Hitler for expelling the Jews from Germany and for the Nazi racial laws with regard to the Jews, stating that had the Jews been a genuine part of the peoples of Europe, as they consider the blue-eyed Ukrainians to be, the Europeans would not have agreed to expel them.

The following is the translation of the Kayhan editorial:

"The stamp of humiliation and wretchedness is imprinted on the forehead of the thought [of the people of Israel], which saw more than 10 of the Prophet Moses' miracles and the crossing of the [Red] Sea – [it should be noted that] when he saw idol-worshippers, he longed to be one [as well], and by the time 40 nights had passed he had moved from monotheism to calf-worshipper.[2] These verses, and dozens more, deal with the people [of Israel] that is known for its stubbornness, its opposition [to God's word], and its invention of excuses, that sees others as its servants and that considers itself superior to all others, as the people permanently chosen by God. They [the people of Israel] are the most corrupt on Earth. Their clerics are known as distorters [of reality], usurers, corrupt, and prophet-murderers, and laid the foundations for the murder of the Shi'ite imams.

"These [characteristics] belong to the Zionist ideology, that our world today is realizing on its own flesh and bone. They are unique in the creation of history and narrative, since they are experts in counterfeiting divine books and history. As writers of novels or imaginary stories, they [the Zionists] weave and thread [i.e. create] history in accordance with their future needs, and 'market' this to humanity.

"They persist in their lies, to the point where they themselves believe them, and they even fear an old woman who denies the Holocaust, sentencing her to prison.[3] They [the Zionists] are cowards – but in addition to [their] fear, it is also possible to see the sensitivity of this lie, such as certain parts of Darwin's theory or the history of creation or the history of the prophets and their writings, or the hadiths that they made up, and so on, or such as all the historical and media exaggeration that should be doubted and in which their 'ratlike' footprints must be sought.

"The pact between this [Zionist] thought and the Quraysh [tribe, the idol-worshipping relatives of the Prophet Muhammad who did not heed his words about monotheism] and others harmed the Prophet [Muhammad] more than any other people did. This thought always eradicated its traces in the history of Islam, due to the stupidity and ignorance of the primitive and hypocritical Arabs,  and conveyed its evil to them and multiplied the crime against Islam.

"The cultivating of disputes among the Muslims is their work, in which they rule and are experts. They create disputes from nothing at all. Among the Sunnis, [they create disputes by means of] the Wahhabis; among the Shi'ites, they create [disputes by means of] the Bahais, and in Christianity [they create disputes by means of] the neo-Christians – and of course among the Buddhists, their activity [involves] a barbaric cult from Myanmar that burns Muslims alive.

"Their evil thought in bringing together [all] the evil [in the world] is astonishing. They are capable of bringing together the bloodthirsty hypocrites [a reference to Mojahedin-e Khalq] with the [pro-Shah] monarchies, the exiles, the bullies, the Bahais, the hangmen, the people of the SAVAK [Iran's secret police, intelligence, and domestic security apparatus under the Shah], the deceivers, the spies, the wrongdoers, and so on, and all the human pollution, at the front called the anti-revolutionary [front, that is, against Iran's Islamic Revolution], to feed them and give them water.

"Imam [Khomeini]'s calling them [merely] a cancerous growth was due to his modesty and courtesy, since their fate is not compatible [with what happens to] a cancerous growth. The only way to deal with these bacteria is with the strategy of 'every Muslim [takes] a single bucket of water' – and if everyone pours [them out] together, it will sweep away' all the Zionists. This is the [Zionist] thought that signed a pact with Satan and sometimes even teaches him, and that is aimed at spreading corruption with all its might across the earth, and plundering the property and lives of other [peoples]. They are the people most hostile to the believers [i.e. the Muslims] and they are the slyest and most harmful of living creatures in the human race, because of their rotten thought, and they [the Zionists] even mock world Jewry...

"There is no doubt that the affairs of the Jews, and particularly of the Jews of our country, differ from this extremist and totalitarian [Zionist] thought – just as the Wahhabis and Bahais need not be considered Sunnis or Shi'ites. Even though the source of all these forms of extremism must be searched for in the court of the Queen of England, we must not forget the exceptional Zionist ability cultivated ceaselessly by Satan, since the days of Cain, and mixed with sorcery and Egyptian magic and combined with the wealth of Korah and belief in the Samaritans. At every point in history, some Satanic thinking emerges – but it can be said that we are now at a time in history in which [the creators of] this dangerous thought have found each other and collaborated and identified their common enemy and the center of divine freedom that is the [regime of] the Islamic Republic of Iran."

"The Logic Shown By Hitler With The [Jews'] Expulsion From Germany Demonstrates That He Was Wiser And Bolder Than All The Current European Leaders"

"The plundering Zionist regime, that looted the Arab Muslims', Christians', and Jews' land of Palestine and gathered together its population from the streets of the USSR and Europe, and aims to impose itself on the region by force, has shown, since the days of Moshe Dayan and the Six Day War, that [it sought to impose itself] on Iraq, Iran, Africa, and South America, after [it did so] on Jordan, Egypt, Palestine, and Lebanon.

"The coercion funds that America and some large European countries have been taking by force from their citizens and paying to this [Zionist] regime every year since Hitler is actually a ransom they pay to keep this evil far away  from them and in the bosom of the Islamic region. The logic shown by Hitler with the [Jews'] expulsion from Germany demonstrates that he was wiser and bolder than all the current European leaders.

"Hitler expelled [the Jews], and [since then] the European countries... have been looking for excuses for their own cowardice and humiliation. Had they [the European countries] considered the Jews part of them, and not only in the words and slogans, such as they consider the blue-eyed Ukrainian immigrants part of them, they would have kept [the Jews] amongst them and freed themselves from this shame...

"One of the biggest problems of our time is 'the arrogance of the global media.' When the giant media [outlets] of the world are in the hands of the Zionist [Rupert] Murdoch and his ilk, you can expect to see the same spirit we have been talking about since the beginning of this era of the media identified with them. [How] can someone who kills a prophet not love to kill innocent and helpless people?...

"The days of the Pahlavi [dynasty's] treason in the Arab struggle are past, and today the Islamic Republic supports anyone who opposes the exaggerated demands of Zionism. The Saudis are mired like a milk cow in the Yemen swamp. If the humiliation [brought by] Biden does not destroy the remaining fragments of American's reputation, doubtless [his] inability [to tackle] the omicron [COVID variant] and the [U.S. national] debt will. The hands of the Shi'ites, the Sunnis, and the Christians are intertwined, and the giant front against the arrogance [i.e. the U.S.] is coalescing.

"The time of throwing stones has passed, and Palestine has precision rockets. Syria has an established government that has studied how Iran operates, as has Lebanon, that mocked [Israel's anti-missile] Iron Dome, and so on. This same Iran awaits to soon, God willing, cut the ribbon of the celebration of liberation and entry into Jerusalem, perhaps without war – by means of the brave young people of the resistance."[4]

Song At Tehran IRGC And Basij Event: We Will Raze Tel Aviv And Haifa To The Ground

An IRGC and Basij event for forces from the Tehran metropolitan area featured a song with lyrics stating: "We are ready for war, tell Zion... No trace will be left of the demon... Not a single house will be left standing in Tel Aviv... The Saud clan is a mirror reflecting the scheming of the Jews [and will be] eliminated." Also at the event, IRGC Commander  Hossein Salami promised the audience that they would soon pray in the courtyard of Al-Aqsa, a speaker said that Haifa and Tel Aviv would be razed to the ground, and a woman in the crowd said she would give up her life for Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Video of the event was aired on May 20, 2022 by Iran's Channel 3.

To view this clip on MEMRI TV, click here or below:

Mohammad Hassan Akhtari, Chairman Of Islamic Revolution Committee For The Support of Palestine In The Office Of The President: "I Hope That This Year The Promise Of Israel's Destruction... Will Come True"

At an iftar (Ramadan break-fast) ceremony held by the Islamic Revolution Committee for the Support of Palestine in the Office of the President, on April 27, 2022, committee chairman Mohammad Hassan Akhtari said: "I hope that this year the promise of Israel's destruction, of the victory of the oppressed, according to the word of God, will come true, [along with] the victory of the Palestinians, the fighting men of the resistance. We hope that Qods Day will be marked gloriously, that there will be good plans and good messages for the Palestinians, the fighting men of the resistance, so that they will know how many people support them and love them, and how many are willing to support them.

"The regime occupying Jerusalem, the supporters of imperialism and their aides in the region, must know that they cannot save the Zionist regime with the plan that they are preparing. This regime is going downhill and is in the process of being destroyed. God's promise is about to come true.

"The efforts of Aal-Saud [the Saudi royal house], Aal-Nahyan [the UAE royal house], and Aal-Khalifa [the Bahraini royal house], and the mercenaries identified with America do not benefit their [the Zionists'] plans. The citizens of the UAE, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia oppose these agreements. The Islamic uprising [and] resistance movement are expanding and advancing; the regime that occupies [i.e. Israel] as a base for global imperialism in the region will be destroyed, the roots of Zionism will be ripped from the region... We must raise our cries against them [on Qods Day].

"Imperialism's media are trying to change the events in the world and to make the resistance of the Palestinian people [appear] unjust, by presenting the serial crimes of the occupying regime [Israel] as self defense. All the Muslims, particularly the organizations supporting the Palestinians in various countries, must cry out and unite on Qods Day. The media that support the oppressed, the downtrodden, and the Palestinians must unite so as to show the oppression and the legitimization of Palestine to the UN and the human rights organizations.

"The unity and solidarity of all the Muslims in support of Palestine on World Qods Day is a memento of the Imam Khomeini. One of the recommendations of the Leader [Khamenei] is that we must convey the cry of World Qods Day to the world as powerfully and as cohesively as possible."

Akhtari also expressed his hope for "holding Friday prayers led by the Leader [Khamenei] this year at Al-Aqsa, that is currently being attacked by the regime occupying Jerusalem."[5]|

Hajji Sadeqi, Khamenei's Representative In The IRGC: "The Islamic Revolution's Qods Force Is Keeping The Israelis From Sleeping Peacefully"; We Are Not Afraid To Say That We Support The Oppressed, And That We Are The Enemies Of The Oppressors"

Hajji Sadeqi, Khamenei's representative in the IRGC, said in an April 29, 2022 Qods Day speech in the city of Qom: "You have shown that you [truly] support [Imam] Hossein, and are not just saying 'Ya Hossein.' God's blessing be upon you, who have humiliated your enemies more and more with each passing day and have shown that alongside love for the [Imam] Ali and his sons, there is also a need to show hatred for the enemies of Ali. What enemy is more dangerous and evil and [deserving] of hatred than the plundering Zionist regime that occupies and that slaughters children?

"Qods Day, the great gift of Imam Khomeini, has yielded great fruit for the Islamic world. The racist Zionists clearly murdered and looted the Palestinian people, from 1948 to the victory of Iran's Islamic Revolution. Among the steps taken by [the Zionists] prior to the victory of the Islamic Revolution was defeating the Arab armies, the Camp David accords, taking over the rulers of the Arab countries, and even blocking the spirit of some of the Muslims' steadfast resistance to the aggressive and child-murdering Zionist regime. With the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the enemy, who once would shout 'From the Nile to the Euphrates,' is now building walls around its territories, up to 200 meters deep in the ground, out of fear of the young people of the revolution. 

"Dear audience, I say to you that one of the main problems of America and the Zionists is the resistance front. They thought that with the death of [IRGC Qods Force commander killed by the Americans in January 2020] Hajj Qassem Soleimani, the resistance axis would collapse. But they did not know that the Hosseini culture is not so easily destroyed. Today, the Islamic Revolution's Qods Force is keeping the Israelis from sleeping peacefully, and the Qods Forces is part of the resistance front. The blood of Hajj Qassem and of Abu Mahdi [Al-Muhandis, pro-Iran Iraqi Hizbullah Brigades commander killed together with Soleimani] have made the resistance front global, and the enemies today fear Hizbullah in Lebanon, the resistance in Yemen [Houthis], the resistance in Gaza, and the other links in the chain of [Iran's Islamic] resistance.

"Today, Palestine is not merely oppressed, but oppressed and mighty, because the stones in the hands of the Palestinian children have become missiles. We are not afraid to say that we support the oppressed, and that we are the enemies of the oppressors.

"Throughout history, they [the Zionists] have made many efforts to create division among the Muslims. But by virtue of the Islamic Revolution, these efforts have failed. The occupiers of Palestine [the Israelis] must know that they need to return to their lands, and to transfer this land [of Palestine] to its people. Qods Day is the opening salvo of the message of the Islamic Revolution's to the enemies of Islam. They must be told that the days of oppression are over and that now is the time when the enemies must expect 300 missiles to be launched at them in a single day. Today, if they cravenly kill two of our fighting young men in Syria, their espionage base in Erbil [Iraq] is destroyed."

Referring to the principle of al-walaa wal-baraa – loyalty to fellow Muslims and renunciation of non-Muslims – he said: "We know that in order for the ummah [Islamic nation] to awaken, we must cling to these two central traits.

"Today we see, even in cyberspace, that movements are being created, [and that] they are defeating the enemies of Islam. God be thanked, with the victory of the Islamic Revolution and the efforts of all the forces of the resistance front under the banner of the Supreme Leader [Khamenei], additional enemies have lost their courage to make mistakes and attack the Islamic land.

"In accordance with the orders of the Leader [Khamenei], the only way to deal with the enemies of Islam is resistance and zealous reaction..."[6]

Hajji Sadeqi, Khamenei's representative in the IRGC (Source: ISNA, Iran, April 29, 2022)

Mohammad Eslami, Director Of Atomic Energy Organization Of Iran: "Qods Day Is The Day Zionism Is Dismantled"

Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) director Mohammad Eslami said at the World Qods Day march on April 29, 2022: "We thank God that our people have such awareness of and loyalty to the orders of the Imam [Khomeini] and that they spare no effort in defeating the enemy. This presence, that breaks the enemy, is what makes the enemies despair. This belief is rooted in ideology. Loyalty to [Khamenei], who is in line with the Imam [Khomeini], is honor, pride, and a good end [for the Iranian people]. The glory of the nation is in obeying the Quran, and the Imam Khomeini set this day [the last Friday of Ramadan as Qods Day] to follow the Quran. 

"The issue of Qods Day is not only the land of Palestine. Zionism [has a problem with] the culture and thought of Islam and the Quran. With their destructive conspiracies and operations, and the media, they are trying to prevent this society from being created based on the values of Islam and the Quran. Based on a deviant perception, they seek to present themselves as [heirs to] the promised land, and the supreme people, and they have not backed down from this mistaken approach, from the beginning to this day...

AEOI director Mohammad Eslami (Source: ISNA, Iran, May 4, 2022.

"Our Quran-based culture and faith are under attack, and this great enthusiasm of the people stems from dealing with this thought, which is becoming stronger day by day. They [the Israelis] have no tranquility or security in their land, and they are weakening day by day. This is the divine guidance that has come here.

"Today, the Islamic awakening is happening in the occupied territories and in the regions under the Zionists' control, and the people are much more aware than ever before. They [the Palestinians] are shaking the Zionists with their empty hands, with their presence, and with their unity.

"The banner of the martyrs and the banner of Islamic Iran's honor and pride is waving, and from day to day the leaders of this movement are working with more and more strength, creativity, and might than ever before. The progress of this nation has shown and will show the influence of the national honor, from day to day [despite the enemies' schemes].

"The more alert and aware you are in this arena, the closer you will certainly come to victory. The Iranian people [and] the free Muslim nations of the world are with you. Do not let the behavior of the governments cause you to despair. Those who are linked to Zionism are not true Muslims. Be strong; victory is nigh."[7]

Iran Police Commander Hossein Ashtari: "Israel Will Be Destroyed – This Is The Divine Promise"

Iran Police commander Hossein Ashtari said at the Qods Day march on April 29: "Israel is coming apart... Israel is deteriorating, and will be destroyed. This is the divine promise, and thus it will be that the Palestinian people will triumph in this battle, and with God's help, we will see this victory soon."[8]

Iran Police commander Hossein Ashtari (Source: ISNA, Iran, April 29, 2022)

Former IRGC Intelligence Chief Hossein Taeb: "We Have Created A Force For An Intelligence Attack Against The Network Of The Zionists And Those Who Wish Evil Upon The Islamic Revolution"

In his April 29, 2022 speech, former IRGC intelligence chief Hossein Taeb, who was removed from his position in June 2022, said that Iran would respond to any enemy operation on the enemy's soil. The following are the main points of his statements:

"Today, the ideal of liberating Jerusalem from the talons of the evil Zionist is more [significant] than ever, by virtue of the pure blood of the martyrs of the resistance and the lovers of the global confrontation with the arrogance [the U.S.]. With God's help, it will be possible to accomplish this soon.

"The weak Zionist regime is approaching the edge of the chasm of its extinction, and is no longer able to defend itself. The voices of the opposition [against it] are rising in the occupied territories, and we know that the Zionist political and security elements are not sleeping well – not only for fear of the drawn swords of the resistance, but also for fear of internal collapse. Of course, the work has only just begun.    

"The constant supporter of the regime occupying Jerusalem – that is, America – is also not in great shape. America's arrogant and global power is running out. Its senior officials are confused by the many domestic and foreign problems. They cannot rid themselves of the miserable situation they found in the Middle East, and, with God's help, they [the Americans] will drown in the quagmire they created. Of course, the foreign countries that want to take America's [place] in the region must learn a lesson. We are not taking our eyes off the enemy, and we are monitoring it. We have created an intelligence attack force against the Zionist network and those who seek evil for the Islamic Revolution. They must know that no operation against the security of the Islamic Republic [of Iran] and the Iranian nation will remain unanswered, and that they will be dealt a return blow on their own soil."[9]

Former IRGC intelligence chief Hossein Taeb (Source: Tehran News, Iran, April 29, 202


* A. Savyon is Director of the MEMRI Iran Media Project; M. Manzour is a Research Fellow at MEMRI.


[1] See MEMRI Inquiry and Analysis No. 1643, Iranian Regime Incites To Israel's Destruction On World Qods (Jerusalem) Day, Using The Palestinians To Accomplish The Goals Of The Islamic Revolution – Destroying Israel And Establishing Iranian-Shi'ite Control In The Region – Part I, July 12, 2022.

[2] Kayhan (Iran), April 28, 2022.

[3] A reference to the story of Moses's ascent of Mount Sinai to bring back the Ten Commandments and his return to find the Children of Israel worshipping the golden calf.

[4] Likely a reference to Ursula Haverbeck, sent to prison for 10 months in Germany in 2015 at age 87 for Holocaust denial. In 2016 she was again convicted of Holocaust denial, lost her appeal, and in 2018 began serving a two-year prison sentence.

[5] Kayhan (Iran), April 28, 2022.

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