October 11, 2006 Special Dispatch No. 1316

Iranian President Ahmadinejad: ‘The Iranian People... [Can] Quickly Become an Invincible Global Power... As Soon as It Achieves Advanced Technologies’

October 11, 2006
Iran | Special Dispatch No. 1316

Today's Islamist Websites Monitor is about messages alerting Muslims to a new insult to Islam - a cube-shaped building being constructed in New York aimed at provoking Muslims.

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The following are excerpts from an address delivered by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, which aired on the Iranian news channel (IRINN) on September 28, 2006.


Because of "The Aggressors of the World," "The Shadow of Threat Prevails Everywhere"

Ahmadinejad: "Today, words like morality, spirituality, human nobility, courage, greatness, and affection are meaningless to the great powers.

"Today, the aggressors of the world are embroiled in many contradictions. On the one hand, they generate wars in many places around the world, yet on the other hand, they raise the banner of the desire and demand for peace. On the one hand, they kill the peoples in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Lebanon, and turn them into refugees, yet on the other hand, they raise the banner of human rights. On the one hand, they operate all the terrorist groups in Iraq and Palestine, and set them upon the peoples, yet on the other hand, they raise the banner of the war on terror.

"They fill all their warehouses with atomic, biological, and chemical weapons. However, when facing the technological and scientific progress of the peoples, and the peaceful use of nuclear energy, they chant the slogan of concern for global security. On the one hand, they cause the greatest damage to natural resources, such as water, air, forests, pastures, and the human environment, yet on the other hand, they raise the banner of protecting the environment, hygiene, and welfare. This is the situation in the world today. The shadow of threat prevails everywhere.

"The powers are willing to destroy the planet several times over, in order to line the pockets of the world's capitalists, parties, and great powers."


"They Have Failed in the Proper Management of the World... Today, the Iranian People is Recognized as a Model for All the Peoples of the World"

"They should accept the fact that they have failed in the proper management of the world. They should accept that they are unable to manage the world in a just and progressive manner. My dears, we face a very heavy duty today. Today, the Iranian people is recognized as a model for all the peoples of the world. From the Far East to the West, and including the southernmost regions of the globe, the peoples' attention, eyes, and hearts are drawn towards the Iranian people - so that the Iranian people will be able to overcome the difficulties, and present the peoples of the world with a perfect model of splendid, humane, and divine life."


"Every day, youth, politicians, religious scholars, and scientists make requests in various manners, in order to benefit from help, guidance, and support of the Iranian people. The Eastern and Western groups have failed in managing the world, and the world is left with only one light, one banner, and one people, which has preserved the hope in the hearts of all the peoples. This is the great and courageous people of Iran."


"They are not opposed to the [nuclear] bomb. They are not opposed to nuclear weapons. After all, they have equipped some false regimes in our region with a variety of nuclear weapons, and they are not worried at all. Every day, they make, chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons, yet they are not worried. But if our people obtains nuclear energy for peaceful purposes - that would make them worry. Why? The answer is clear. They fear the progress of the Iranian people. They know that the Iranian people - because of its past culture, its past civilization, its intelligent youth, its human and material potential - has the capacity to quickly become an invincible global power. This will happen as soon as it achieves advanced technologies."


"A few months ago, they said to us: 'Suspend [the enrichment] for only three months, and then we will hold joint discussions.' We responded: Why should we stop for three months? Stopping for three months means tremendous damage. It means lagging by three month behind global technology. Who will compensate our people? And for what reason? Show us some law, some document, some logic, and we will submit totally to reason. They have no logic. They have finally reached the point at which they say to us: 'Stop just for one day.' We said: 'We won't.' They said to us...

"They said: 'Stop, using some technical pretext. Say that a screw came loose, or that there was a power outage. Come up with a pretext to stop it.' We said: Why should we lie to stop it, if there's no technical malfunction?'"


"Why do they insist that we stop, even if just for one day? Why do they insist that we pretend to stop our nuclear activities? The answer is very clear. I ask the intelligent people of Karaj to listen carefully: They have the global propaganda network at their disposal. Through widespread propaganda, they want to say to the peoples of the world: 'You see, we were right. The Iranians finally accepted our logic.' As soon as we stop, even if for just one day, they will use global propaganda to prevent us from resuming our activities."

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