November 23, 2022 Special Dispatch No. 10335

Iranian Official Abbas Haji Najjari: The Arrogant Western Powers Are Behind The Riots In Iran; We Can Target Israel's Sensitive Facilities, Including The Dimona Reactor; U.S. Withdrew From Afghanistan, Iraq In Fear Of Iran

November 23, 2022
Iran | Special Dispatch No. 10335

Abbas Haji Najjari, who serves as an advisor to the cultural deputy of the Iranian Chief-of-Staff, said in a November 14, 2022 interview on Mayadeen TV (Lebanon) that the Western "powers of arrogance" are behind the riots in Iran. He said that "the enemy" wants to cause an internal war in Iran by using "terrorist groups" based in Iraqi Kurdistan, and he explained that this is why Iran recently carried out strikes against targets in Iraqi Kurdistan (see MEMRI TV Clip No. 9936). Najjari also said that Israel extremely afraid of Iran and that because in recent military exercises, Iran's armed forces effectively targeted a model of the Dimona nuclear reactor. He added that all of Israel's "sensitive facilities" are within Iran's reach. In addition, he said that all the American bases in the region are within Iran's range and that this is one of the reasons that the U.S. withdrew from Afghanistan and Iraq.

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"The Enemy Wants To Cause An Internal War In Iran By Using The Capabilities Of These Terrorist Groups [In Iraqi Kurdistan]"

Abbas Haji Najjari: "The enemy wants to cause an internal war in Iran by using the capabilities of these terrorist groups, which they claim are capable of doing this. Naturally, the honorable people of Kurdistan opposed them, and did not cooperate with them. Their dens are in northern Iraq — in Erbil and in Iraqi Kurdistan. They train there and send their men from there in order to undermine the security of the border towns.


"Therefore, the harsh and crushing response of the Islamic Republic of Iran which targeted the headquarters of these terrorist groups in Iraqi Kurdistan, was clear and public. We had warned them in advance that if they continued with their crimes, we would definitely respond. This does not mean in anyway that we ignore Iraqi sovereignty.


"We hope the Kurdistan Regional Government manages this crisis, and expels these groups, so that we do not need to target them again.


"The Exact Goals For The Recent Riots In Iran Were Set By The [Western] Powers Of Arrogance; They Seek To Crush Iranian Power... And To Destabilize Its National Unity"

"The exact goals for the recent riots in Iran were set by the [Western] powers of arrogance. They seek to crush the Iranian power in the region to target Iran's capabilities, and to destabilize its national unity.


"All The Sensitive Facilities Of The Zionist Entity Are Within Our Direct Reach"

"The Zionist entity is extremely afraid. In the last maneuvers we held, the Dimona nuclear reactor was one of the main targets. We made a model of it and hit it. The Zionist entity is a simple target for us. All the sensitive facilities of the Zionist entity are within our direct reach.

"When we announced that the range of our missiles is 2,000 kilometers — at the time of the previous government, when the Americans threatened us — we also threatened them directly by saying that all these American bases are within our reach. One of the reasons America fled the region — fled Afghanistan and Iraq — was that those bases were within range of our missiles."

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