June 29, 2004 Special Dispatch No. 735

Iranian Government Media Reports: 'Iranian Woman Gives Birth to Frog;' 'Americans Are Behind Beheadings;' and Jewish Involvement in 9/11'

June 29, 2004
Iran | Special Dispatch No. 735

Over the past year, stories in the Iranian media have included articles about e xtremist Jews plotting to assassinate French President Jacques Chirac, Mossad agents being behind the bombings in Najaf, and the U.S. and Zionists bribing the IAEA to fabricate lies about Iranian nuclear progress. [1] The following are some recent examples from this month that appeared in the official news agency of the Iranian government, Iranian Republic News Agency (IRNA), Jaam-E-Jam 1 (the official Iranian TV channel directed at Europe), and the Iranian conservative daily Kayhan:

I) Iranian Woman Gives Birth to Frog

The Iranian Republic News Agency published a news article titled "Iranian Woman Gives Birth to Frog." The following is the article that appeared on June 27: [2]

"An Iranian woman gave birth to a frog in a bizarre labor in the southeastern city of Iranshahr Saturday. Gynecologist Varasteh, who confirmed the report said the woman, whose period had stopped for six months, underwent a sonography in May which showed she had a cyst in her abdomen, wrote the Farsi-language daily E'temad in its Sunday's edition. Following severe bleeding, the woman, who has not been named, gave birth to a live gray frog accompanied with mud. Varasteh believes the frog larva has most likely entered and grown in the woman's body.

"Other physicians argue that the larva has found its way into her body while she was swimming in a dirty pool, turning to a frog after the fetus has grown. And some specialists blame genetic disorders, saying the so-called frog has similarities with the human's fetus. The woman has two healthy children."

II) U.S. Beheaded Them Hostages in the Middle East

The editor of the Iranian conservative daily Kayhan, Hossein Shari'atmadari, who is close to Iranian Leader Ali Khamenei, wrote in an editorial that the true perpetrators of the decapitations of foreign hostages are none other than the Americans themselves. The following are excerpts from his article on June 24: [3]

"Some armed men whose faces are completely covered stand beneath a length of fabric hung behind them, on which is written in bold letters, 'There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His Prophet.' This picture implies the masked men's allegiance to the motto written behind them. If the observer does not conduct a careful examination, there is no doubt that the masked men are extremist Muslims! At their feet, on the chair, sits Nicholas Berg, a 26-year-old American trader, bound hand and foot. The masked men threaten that if America does not meet their demands by the time the ultimatum expires, they will behead the trader. The ultimatum expires; America does not comply with the masked men's demand, and Nicholas Berg is beheaded.

"A few days later, Nicholas's body is found, but except for a single video clip there is no document about how he was murdered, or about the murderers' identity and motive. This video clip was aired by some television networks subject to or close to the American and British occupation forces.

"Who slaughtered Nicholas? According to what is implied by the video clip, the murderers … were Muslims from among the opponents of the American and English occupation of Iraq. But where did the video clip come from? So far, no reasonable explanation has been given, and no answer showing even in the most basic sense that this document is authentic. There is no answer about the identity of the masked men and their citizenship, nor about dozens of other logical questions connected to this affair."

'Following Extensive Publicity of the Slaughter … Senior American Officials' Feel Relief

"The item on the slaughter of this 26-year-old American trader and this video clip are being aired and published in the wake of the exposure of the barbaric and terrible torture of the Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghureib prison. Thus America and its allies face the greatest disgrace and the most shameful crime that they ever committed in their despicable lives. Likewise, world public opinion is very disturbed and angered by the terrible and repulsive crimes.

"Following the extensive publicity of the slaughter of Nicholas Berg, senior American officials feel they have been extricated from the feeling of strangulation. Based on the murder of the American trader, they are accusing the Islamic world of barbarism! And of the loathsome murder of innocents!

"White House spokesman Scott McClellan attributes the murder of Nicholas to the Muslims and threatens that the perpetrators of this crime will be hunted down and punished…"

'Who Believes Muslims Were the Ones Who Beheaded the Three Hostages?'

"On Friday, June 18, a month and eight days after the murder of Nicholas Berg, another video clip with the same characteristics is aired. This time, the armed masked men about whom it is said that they are Al-Qa'ida members threaten the Riyadh government so it will release the Al-Qa'ida detainees held in Saudi Arabia. And here they slaughter Paul Johnson, an Apache helicopter pilot who was previously captured by them.

"On Tuesday, June 22, that is, four days after the slaughter of Paul Johnson in Saudi Arabia, another video clip is aired, with the same characteristics, and this time it is said that people from an Al-Qa'ida group slaughtered a South Korean citizen captured by them, Kim Sun-Il, and threw his body into the street…

"Indeed, who believes, or permits himself to believe, that Muslims were the ones who beheaded the three hostages? Based upon what reasons, documents, or testimony can their murder be attributed to Muslims? Can a video clip, made by an unknown person, and the pictures of some armed masked men of unknown identity constitute reasonable [grounds] for attributing these murders to Muslims?"

'Nicholas Berg was Slaughtered at Abu Ghureib Prison by the Americans'

"A few days after the publication [of the news] of the murder of the American trader, a U.S. security official, Joseph Robinson, presented a shocking and documented report showing that Nicholas Berg was slaughtered by American military hangmen and that the place where the video clip was filmed was Abu-Ghureib prison.( [4] ) In a section of Robinson's report published in the Kayhan newspaper on May 23, 2004, it is seen that Nicholas is wearing exactly the same orange garment worn by the Abu Ghureib detainees. The yellow wall shown in Nicholas's video clip is the same yellow wall of the Abu Ghureib prison, clearly seen in the published pictures about the tortures at Abu-Ghureib. The tiles shown in the pictures of the tortures of the Abu Ghureib detainees are the same tiles shown in the pictures of the slaughter of Nicholas Berg. The white chair on which Berg sat and which is shown in the video clip is of the same kind as the chairs shown in the pictures of the tortures from Abu Ghureib prison. The armed masked men standing behind the American merchant are husky and white, and wearing bulletproof vests designed for American soldiers.

"Further on in his report, Robinson refers to Nicholas Berg's previous arrest by American soldiers and an interview with his parents. He stresses that these corroborations were sufficient for us to know that Nicholas Berg was slaughtered at Abu Ghureib prison by the Americans. And that those who killed him constructed the arena for the incident so we would think that terrorists slaughtered Nicholas Berg."

'Why Did Americans Slaughter Their Citizens and the Citizens of America's Allies?'

"Why did the Americans slaughter their citizens and the citizens of America's allies [so] horrifyingly and terribly…? [Why] do they construct ridiculous scenery and attribute the slaughter of the hostages to Muslims when their ugly and repulsive faces are exposed as a result of the crimes they committed and the massacre of innocent civilians and the barbaric tortures of the detainees and captives?

"The answer to this question is too clear for us to explain and analyze in depth… With these terrible crimes, the Americans aspire to attain the following goals:

1. "To present a hate-inspiring image of Islam and of the Muslims and to justify barbaric military attacks on them – that is, exactly the same goals as when they established the Taliban and the Al-Qa'ida group…

2. "To respond to public opinion, particularly that of the U.S. and England, which sees the invasion of Iraq as unjustified, aggressive, and entangling and demands that the occupiers leave Iraq. In this way, America seeks to justify the continuation of the occupation of Iraq and the attack on the rest of the Muslim peoples. America is doing it under the cover of a struggle against peoples – which, it claims, know no humanity and commit various types of crimes.

3. "Some of the countries that sent forces to Iraq, such as South Korea, are facing harsh protests by their peoples. By slaughtering hostages and attributing it to Muslims, America sows the seed of hatred and loathing of Muslims in the hearts of these peoples, and encourages their governments to continue cooperating with it.

4. "Among the Americans' main goals in organizing the ridiculous and certainly terrible performance of the slaughters is the distracting of public opinion from America's and England's barbaric crimes against the Abu Ghureib detainees."

III) Official Iranian TV Channel Claims Jews Were Involved in September 11th

MEMRI's TV Monitor Project ( includes monitoring Iranian television stations such as Jaam-E-Jam 1, the Iranian government TV channel directed at Europe. On June 1, 2004, the station broadcasted a series about the September 11 terror attacks. The show included video clips of the O.J. Simpson murder case. The following an excerpt of the broadcast: [5]

"Ever since the establishment of the Zionist regime, the American strategy has been under the Zionist lobby's influence. Zionism, as expressed in the Jewish Protocols, nurtures in its mind the dream of taking over the world. With Bush's rise to power, it controls the White House with greater force.

"A short while before the blasts of September 11, Mercury, a local Pennsylvanian newspaper, reported that two Jews were arrested while filming the Twin Towers. At that time, Ha'aretz reported the arrest of five Israelis who had photographed the World Trade Center, a few hours before the blasts. Also, an editor in chief of an American newspaper who brought up Israel's involvement in the Twin Towers' affair was fired. Some hours after the Twin Towers were blasted, the FBI had arrested five Israelis who had planned to blow up the New York Bridge in the Manhattan and New Jersey area. Also, the absence of 4,000 Jews [working] in the Twin Towers strengthened the claim that they took a vacation on that day.

"A while afterwards, a source in American military intelligence raised details pertaining to an intelligence memo regarding Israel's espionage organization, the Mossad, and its role in the events of September 11. In fact, the claim that Israel was involved in the blasts of September 11 and used it as a basis of America's new strategy for fighting the world of Islam, disappeared in the media coverage, but world public opinion still believes this possibility."


[1] To view these articles, see Iranian Government Daily: The U.S. & 'Zionists' have Bribed the IAEA to Fabricate Lies About Iran's Nuclear Progress, February 25, 2004, ' Iranian Government Daily: The U.S. & 'Zionists' have Bribed the IAEA to Fabricate Lies About Iran's Nuclear Progress,' and Iranian Daily: 'Extremist Jews Plotting to Assassinate Chirac,' Mossad Agents Behind Najaf Blast, September 1, 2003, 'Iranian Daily: 'Extremist Jews Plotting to Assassinate Chirac,' Mossad Agents Behind Najaf Blast.'

[2] IRNA (Iran), June 27, 2004.

[3] Kayhan (Iran), June 24, 2004.

[4] MEMRI found no mention of "Joseph Robinson" in this connection.

[5] Jaam-e-Jam 1 (Iran), June 1, 2004. To view the clip, visit:

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