April 20, 2021 Special Dispatch No. 9294

Iranian Dissident: The Holocaust-Denying Iranian Regime Is Worse Than The Nazis

April 20, 2021
Iran | Special Dispatch No. 9294

On the occasion of Israel's Holocaust Remembrance Day on April 8, 2021, Iranian dissident Hamid Mutashar, founder of the Ahwazi Liberal Party, expressed sympathy towards the Jews, calling them "our brothers" and their Holocaust "the worst crime in history." He wrote that, despite the persecution, massacres and expulsions they suffered at the hands of various dictators, most recently at the hands of the Nazis, the Jewish people arose from the ashes and returned to their homeland, thanks to their courage, innovation and creativity. Mutashar called on the world to learn a lesson from the Holocaust in order to prevent it from recurring, this time at the hands of the "terrorist Iranian regime," which he said is threatening the peoples of the region and especially the Jews. Whoever wants to join the ranks of the lovers of peace and of those who benefit "humanity in general and our Jewish brethren in particular," he wrote, must recognize the Jews' right to the Holy Land promised them in the scriptures and help them build it. 

Hamid Mutashar  (source:

The following are excerpts from his article.[1]

"The fraternal Jewish people, that throughout history suffered under barbaric regimes and became dispersed across the world after its land was occupied again and again, was attacked by the barbaric Nazis... But Allah's will, and this people's faith in its right to exist, defeated all the tyrants and evil ones, from Haman to the Nazis. The Jews will defeat anyone who tries to expel and humiliate them, because Allah wants them and because they are a courageous, ambitious, and dignified people – innovative, creative, chosen, and precious...

"[This is a people] that strives to serve the world in science and knowledge. Behold, they are now returning to their historic land, after the tyrants expelled them from it [and kept them out of it] for over 3,000 years... What the barbaric Nazis did to the Jewish people was the most loathsome of crimes history has ever known... and I, as a man expelled from his land, feel in these sad and painful moments [solidarity] with [the Jewish people] because I and my people have been subjected to the same tragedy and suffering that our brothers the Jews suffered at the hands of the Nazis in the past and [are suffering today] at the hands of the new fascists, whether Islamic or nationalist... Today, the Nazis have gone [from the world] together with their barbaric and immoral legacy... and the Jewish people remains, proud, strong, and dignified, and is a partner in the building of the human civilization and in [establishing] the State of Israel as a national, legitimate state worthy of this people...

"Anyone who denies this tragic catastrophe [the Holocaust] that took the lives of six million innocent people is a supporter of barbarity and lacking in all human values. Such people must be absolutely opposed... We must learn from this experience, so that we can take the correct concrete steps to preserve the peace of humanity today from more such disastrous occurrences.

"Unfortunately, over 90 years later, we are today witness to the existence of regimes that are more violent and barbaric than the Nazis – such as the terrorist Iranian regime that has melded the theory of racial superiority and religion into an ideology in order to slaughter peoples and deny, in the height of arrogance, the Nazi Holocaust and the extermination of the Jews while at the same time calling for this people's [i.e. the Jews'] expulsion from their land yet again. [This regime also] supports terrorist organizations such as Hamas, [Palestinian Islamic] Jihad, Hizbullah, the Houthis, and the [Iraqi Shi'ite Islamist] Badr terror organization, and creates an armed political bloc with an antisemitic ideology, as if it is planning a massacre that surpasses that of the Nazis.

"I am warning the world about this terrorist regime and about its plans for any people in the region, particularly the Jewish people, and call on it to take serious steps to expel this threat that lies heavy on the breast of the peoples of the region and threatens the human race. We must unite and stand as a single human bloc against this evil coming from Iran and its rule of the jurisprudent [regime], to prevent the occurrence of additional massacres of the people of this region. The Holocaust will remain the symbol and expression of the height of repression of man and especially of the Jews, and as a mark of shame on the foreheads of the tyrants and the arrogant.

"In order to be included among the peoples who seek peace and the welfare of man, and for our Jewish brothers in particular, I propose recognizing the historic lands of the Jews, in order to guarantee... the consolidation of their promised state as outlined in the holy scriptures whose source was divinely revealed [i.e. the Torah, the New Testament, and the Quran]...

"We must firmly support [the rights of the Jews] so that the Jewish people can secure its continued existence and its historic borders, as noted in the Quran, and can reunite. We support the word of Allah and rely on it as divine law. This is a right that all humanity must recognize as one that has not been actualized – and the time has come to restore [this right] to its original owners.

"May Allah have mercy on the martyrs of the Jewish people.


"The founder of the Ahwaz Liberal Party."


[1], April 8, 2021.


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