April 29, 2011 Special Dispatch No. 3795

Iranian Cultural Foundation Mocks Holocaust

April 29, 2011
Iran | Special Dispatch No. 3795, an antisemitic Iranian website launched in August 2010, aims to mock and denigrate the Holocaust, on the premise that these events were completely fabricated by the Jews for their own nefarious purposes.

A visitor to the website, which has pages in English, Spanish, Arabic, and Farsi, is greeted by the Pink Panther theme music, and informed that it is dedicated to those killed "under the pretext of the Holocaust." It features an e-book, "HoloCartoons," the preface to which reads, in part: "This book tends to denounce the conspicuous lie of the 'plan[n]ed murder of 6 million Jews during the Second World War' allegedly called 'Holocaust.' The lie that is so obvious that there is no need for any further explanation."

Visitors to can also click on icons to view a series of antisemitic videos on Holocaust themes on the HoloCartoons YouTube channel.[1]

According to the Iranian semiofficial news agency Fars, Iranian cartoonist Maziar Bijani, a founder of, said that its funding comes from an Iranian non-governmental cultural foundation.[2]

In the past year, MEMRI has released a number of reports and video clips dealing with displays of antisemitism in Iran. Most of these displays appeared on websites either sponsored or authorized by the Iranian regime – including foreign language websites of the Iranian state broadcasting authority – that focus on Holocaust denial .

Below are images from one of the HoloCartoons videos, published in August 2010. To view the video on MEMRI TV, visit

Following that are the images and text from the HoloCartoons e-book, published in August 2010, in full, in the original English.

HoloCartoons: Images From a Video

"HoloCartoons": The E-Book

Dedicated to all those who were killed under the
pretext of the Holocaust…


This book tends to denounce the conspicuous lie of the "planed murder of 6 million Jews during the Second World War" allegedly called "Holocaust". The lie that is so obvious that there is no need for any further explanation. The lie by which the Palestine occupier Zionists have justified their occupying of Palestine and lots of their crimes for years.

However, the faithful Moses followers are our brothers as prophet Moses is our prophet's brother and a great prophet. With us, the Zionists are different from the true followers of Moses and in this book they have been dealt with differently and the book refers to the Zionists, lies whose shameful performances have ruined the real appearance of the true Moses followers.

We respect to all those who have been slaughtered in The Second World War, whether Jews, Christians or Muslims. As we respect all people who are killed in an oppressed condition and consider their defense as a part of their responsibility. Thus, the Palestinian victims killed by criminal Zionists in defense of their state and existence will not be forgotten. The Zionists ruined Palestine under The Great Lie of "Holocaust".

Holocaust allegedly refers to an enormous disaster in which 6 million Jews out of 5 million and 4 hundred Jewish populations inhabiting Europe passed away tragically. God bless their souls and their remembrances are always of a good consequence in history.

Please note that from now on the short form "Holo" is used for "Holocaust".

From the Zionist viewpoint the history is divided into three main eras:

The first era: before Holo
The second era: during Holo
The third era: after Holo

Before "Holo":
It is noteworthy that Zionist existed even before "Holo", a long time before it. Even from the beginning. But then their names were some other things.
They were cultured and refined people who were not in need of prophets' teachings. They would separate people who were not well-bred and cultured like them and followed Moses and the instructions of the other prophets in order to prevent the culture and the refinement of society from falling off.
They would offer the verses of their holy book to people and take a little amount of money from them so that people could appreciate the value of those verses. They would hide some of the verses from them, of course to preserve the proper faith of the people and in return, they would produce some more suitable ones and presented them to the society.

They were nice and kind people. Their kindness was to that extent that they would allow their prophets to choose the style of their murders.

They were interested in visual arts very much. Therefore one of their famous artists named "Steven Samery" by making an artistic calf flourished the art and made people respect it.

They lent money to the needy, and at the time of repayment, they charged them a little amount of money which was spent for the development and construction of the people.

They would cause some social, political and cultural transitions in the world by disuniting nations and societies in order to enhance their status. And during these transitions which were for God's sake, they would derive interesting benefits.

However, It is not clear why in the history, the non Jews always fought with the Jews, who were extremely good, kind, art lovers and attractive people, and killed them.

All went well for years and for centuries.

Until there "Adolf Hitler" came on the scene. Hitler was a good-looking, irritable German and anxious to suffocate Jews.

During "Holo":

One day when Hitler woke up he decided to suffocate 6 million Jews. But unfortunately there were just 5 million and 4 hundred thousand Jews all over Europe. Therefore, Hitler summoned the other 6 hundred thousand Jews, in an invitation, to Europe. The Jews being optimistic and credulous people immigrated to Europe in a few days. Thus, the rest of the 6 million Jews became available.

Hitler and his other partners gathered the 6,000,000 Jews and placed and pressed them on the proper religious bases in "Ashoits" and other camps.

Then, Hitler had his partners build rooms to welcome his guests the Jews. Hitler thought a lot about how to put his guests to death in these rooms:

He thought for sometimes about "hanging chambers".

Then his thought turned to "shooting chambers".

He sometimes also thought about wild animals' like "loin or crocodile chamber", like those of the ancient kings. But all of a sudden, he had an idea which was both interesting and economical, a "gas chamber".

Hitler studied different kinds of gases for the case:

He ordered them to strike the Jews by gas cylinders on the heads.

Later, he ordered the Jews to carry gas cylinders in the room till they get exhausted and die.

But by using these ways, he could just kill a small number of Jews, till the idea of killing by suffocating gas came to his mind.

Hitler's criminal partners would rapidly and bravely do what they had been entrusted and suffocate 3 thousand Jews each session in 210 square meters chambers. Then, "Zyklone-B" an extra powerful pediculicide was ordered by the German to be used to suffocate the Jews.

Since the Jews were always oppressed and at the same time nice people, allowed the Germans to suffocate them.

The bravery of German soldiers and their sacrifice was so much that though they never used gas masks to go into the gas chamber to carry the Jews' corpses away, they returned safely from there.

Later on it was discovered that the Germans had cultivated the "Zyklone-B" gas in a way that it would not harm their soldiers.

The German made some trucks which used gas for fuel and used them for carrying the suffocated corpses. And sometimes they used the trucks' exhaust pipes for suffocating the Jews.

The German soldiers, then, moved the Jews' suffocated corpses to the "suffocated Jews' burning furnace" and burned them there again.

During the war, there was not enough fuel for the burning of the suffocated Jews. And Nazis, therefore, made the Jews who had not been yet suffocated blow on corpses all day long in order to burn well. This made the rest of the Jews so depressed that the memory of this mass slaughter is never erased from the Jews' minds.

This depression tore the Jews mentality apart. Because when the Allies occupied Germany, they did not find any traces of the Jews' corpses either suffocated or burnt.

The German made soap and agricultural compost from the remaining of the Jews suffocated and burnt corpses. Later (eyewitnesses) found some pieces of small bones, broken teeth, women's hair (ringlet), pipes of fire places and feminine and masculine gall-bladder in perfumed soaps made in Germany.

The German also used the Jews' skin for making lamp shades and short riding breeches; their hair for filling mattress, their nails for picks to play the guitar, their eyes for making marble and they also used their other body parts for other things.

Thus, the good effects of the Jews suffocated corpses existed in the life of every German for several years.

Extracts from "How My Father was Burnt" by "Menakhim Hishimbala", the memories of one of the survivors of Holocaust Event.

Question: What is the gas chamber?

Answer: The gas chamber is a room in which some discharge gases to suffocate some others.

Question: How is the gas chamber?

Answer: The gas chamber is a closed space in two hundred and ten square meters where the German gathered the oppressed and defenseless Jews in groups of three thousand persons in these rooms and discharged gas from above on them.

Question: How did the German break the gas into the rooms?

Answer: After gathering the Jews in the rooms, they took the gas cylinders to the roof and broke the gas from the top on to the Jews' heads. Sometimes they opened the gas tap and sometimes when they were not in the mood to do so they dropped the gas cylinders themselves down.

Question: How did the German discharge the gas from the ceiling while there was not any hole to do so?

Answer: Shut up! You criminal and anti-Jews! How did you dare to ask such a question? You the beast, wicked, criminal, foul, murderer!

Question: Is it true that some well-known Jews like "Isaac Shamir" and "Avraham Stern" were the supporters and collaborators of Hitler? And is it true that there were also about one thousand and two hundred Jews in SS or in the German army in the rank of Marshal or even Field Marshal?

Answer: Refer to the previous answer.

Question: How would the German send corpses of the suffocated Jews out?

Answer: They would blow their nose with two fingers and keep corpses' collar and send them out.

Question: Why has there been no document proving the proclamation of the mass slaughter of the Jews by Nazis?

Answer: Because these documents were top secret and rude, immoral and unfair the Jews did not touch and refer to them.

Question: Did the Holocaust happen just during The Second World War?

Answer: No, at first six million Jews died because of hunger and poverty in The First World War, but since no one noticed these six million Jews, they decided to keep themselves to be suffocated by Nazis during the Second World War. This is what happened and their suffocation is the subject of our talking.

After "Holo"

Until the last months of The Second World War no one knew about the "gas chamber and crematories".

it was not because of the divine aids that revealed the case, no one would ever know about them, because the German soldiers had destroyed the gas chambers and crematories during the last days of the war.

No one except the murdered and the suffocated people knew about how the gas chambers functioned so, they themselves were forced to attend the Nuremburg Court to disclose the secrets.

The Nuremburg Court in high level of generosity tried to set limitations to the customary bureaucracy and accepted the witnesses of the dead.

However, Adolf Hitler never admitted the crime even after death due to the extensiveness of his malefaction.

After the end of the war, through some divine aids, it was discovered that Hitler and his accomplices killed six million out of five million and four hundred thousand Jews inhabited in Europe! And made three more million Jews homeless.

Later on, nine million other Jews claimed to be part of the six million Jews who were suffocated in gas chambers and had grievances against Germans in this regard.

Another twelve million Jews also declared that they had been burned in the crematories of Nazi German while being alive.

By the end of The Second World War, the German soldiers destroyed all gas chambers and the crematories.

Later on, the devoted Jew artists rebuilt a number of gas chambers and crematories in other parts of the world by using their mental and imagination power as a warning mirror for those who may visit them.

Then researchers proved that all the suffocated Jews in the world are the survivors of Holocaust. They also proved that all people of the world are Nazi German or non –German offspring.

Based on this proclamation all people of the world undertook to indemnify Jews till two thousand and thirty, and if needed till the end of the history.

The German government asked Jews insistently to receive all they had as apology, but the Jews took just one hundred billion dollars and donated the rest to them for the sake of God.

Also, fifty years later, some impartial Zionist researchers realized that the criminal Germans made the Jews, while in the camps, do forced labor. The countries of the region voluntarily expressed their willing to calculate the sum of the wages of those mentioned Jews and credit it to the Jews Monetary asset fund.

These researchers also proved that the Jerusalem' Great Mufti has looked at the picture of Hitler three times during wartime. Consequently, Palestine belongs to the Jews.

The Palestine territory was empty of residents. Just a limited numbers of native Muslims were there who loved to be sacrificed to welcome the Zionist Jews!

Mollifying those suffocated Jews, these natives expressed that they are ready to leave their uninhabited land to them for the sake of God.

At first the Zionist Jews rejected their offer but when they faced with their insistence, they accepted Palestine out of a sense of obligation rather than being pitied. So that not to feel that they have been pitied, they took the Palestine by force and turned it to a residential area.

After their settlement in Palestine, the Zionist Jews commended the residents of the land greatly.

After their settlement in Palestine, the Zionist Jews commended the residents of the land greatly.

They personally went to the cities of Palestine one after another and treated people kindly. But since they were not aware of expressing their affection very well, their kindness ended into a different outcome.

Since in history as well as in geography! The Jews had been always under oppression, cruelty and suffocation, the world associations which were namely American and European associations decided to let the Jews be at ease and have nothing to do with them as long as they learn the right way to express the correct way of affection.

The Zionist Jews then, made preparation to defend themselves against "others" thus avoiding the situation of being under oppression later on

And since "others" include the entire world, they stored atomic weapons enough to destroy the entire world.

Later on, some wet blanket and irrelevant people such as Robert Forison, Mark Weber, Yurgen Graf, Fredrik Toben, David Eroing, Germar Rudolf, Poll Racinie and Maziar Bijani! raised questions about this fact.

After sometimes these people became annoyed because of challenging the truth.

Some of them were made to commit suicide because of guilty conscience.

Some others faced burning with acid or being punched in the face and kicked due to the agony on their conscience.

And some others were put on trial and were jailed because of guilty conscience so that the kind and humanist Jews decided that no one put the truth under question, so as these casualties and damages could be prevented.

Because it was probable that the remainder of the Jews in the world could get involved again in Holocaust and the resulting suffocation, the inhabitants of the world decided to allow the Jews to eliminate those who have eyebrows over their eyes, that is almost all human beings.

The Jews realized that the Palestinians, the Lebanese, the Syrian, the Iranian and almost all people of the world have a pair of eyebrows over their eyes just under their forehead.

Therefore, they decided to defend themselves by atomic and non-atomic weapons.

The Zionists started to defend themselves against all eyebrow-holders in the region that belongs to them, namely from the Nile to Euphrates areas starting from Palestine.

As a result, we could say that Holocaust is a certain and unquestionable event in the history in which six million oppressed Jews or more have joined the heaven.

… And whoever doubts it, is wicked, criminal and stupid and should die or be killed. Amen!


[2]"Iran Holocaust-denying website angers Israel," Associated Press, August 5, 2010,

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