March 25, 2010 Special Dispatch No. 2874

Iranian-American Advisor to Ahmadinejad and Professor at American University in Washington, DC: Iran Must Improve 'Soft Warfare' Capabilities Against U.S., West

March 25, 2010
Iran | Special Dispatch No. 2874

This month, Iran's Press TV website published an article about Professor Hamid Mowlana, of American University in Washington, DC,[1] who is also advisor to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Ahmadinejad chose Mowlana, who holds dual Iranian and American citizenship, as advisor in August 2008; at that time, Iranian conservatives were critical of the choice.[2]

In December 2008, Mowlana was photographed stepping on a U.S. flag during a visit to Tehran. Previously, in 2007, Mowlana said in a speech at Tehran University: "We must resist against hegemony, and Iran's current power is due to its resistance." He also said that American history and foreign policy were driven by the desire to build an empire.[3]

The following are excerpts from the Press TV article in the original English; the article was published March 11, 2010:[4]

"The U.S. Has Been Trying to 'Infiltrate' Into Iran by Influencing Clerics, Professors, Students, Journalists, Businessmen"

"A senior professor of international relations has called on the Iranian government to prepare a strategy to counter the 'soft warfare' launched by the U.S. The Iranian officials should carry out studies on the tactics used by the West and the United States to influence Iran, said [Iranian] President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's adviser Professor Hamid Mowlana during a conference on 'soft warfare' in Tehran…

"Mowlana noted that since World War II, the U.S. has employed executive organizations, universities and media outlets to use soft warfare tactics to put into practice its policies in the world. 'I can say even that the professors of big American social sciences universities took part in U.S. soft warfare and psycho war during World War II,' the professor added.

"Mowlana noted that the West, however, was not successful 'in recognizing our soft power infrastructure.' The U.S. has been trying to 'infiltrate' into Iran by influencing clerics, professors, students, journalists, businessmen, managers of big companies and others, he said.

"He added that the West has spent years on finding ways to attract our youth to itself and has tried to change the attitude of the international community's elite toward Iran.

"Mowlana, who is a professor of International Relations at the School of International Service (SIS) of American University in Washington, advised Iranian officials to take 'clear' measures to counter Western tactics against Iran."

Mowlana Steps on U.S. Flag During 2008 Visit to Iran

In several photos posted December 24, 2008 on the Iranian Fars news agency's website, Professor Mowlana is shown stepping on an American flag during a visit to Iran.[5]


[4] Press TV, Iran, March 11, 2010. The English has been lightly edited for clarity.

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