January 9, 2024 Special Dispatch No. 11068

In Interview By Urdu-Language Pakistani TV Channel, Senior Hamas Leader Dr. Khaled Qaddoumi: Israelis 'Have Come Walking Into Gaza, They Will Return In Coffins'; Pakistani Senator: 'We Were The First Muslim Country To Give A $1 Million Donation To The Hamas Government'

January 9, 2024
Iran, Lebanon, Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 11068

After a special invitation from Pakistan, senior Hamas leader Dr. Khaled Qaddoumi visited the Senate of Pakistan on January 5, 2024, Pakistani senators welcomed him. Senator Mushahid Hussain delivered a speech to stress the importance of the day.

Before the visit, Dr. Qaddoumi was also interviewed by Pakistani television channel GNN and discussed, speaking in Urdu, recent issues involving the killings of senior Hamas leader Saleh Arouri in Beirut and the twin bombings in Kerman, Iran on January 3, which was the anniversary of the death of IRGC Qods Force Commander Qasem Soleimani.

Dr. Khaled Qaddoumi spoke in Urdu on GNN

Senator Mushahid Hussain To Khaled Qaddoumi: "We Have A Track Record And I Want To Assure The Palestinian Brothers That Palestine Is Part Of Our DNA"

At the Pakistani Senate, welcoming Dr. Khaled Qaddoumi, Senator Mushahid Hussain said: "We are proud of the Palestinian brothers, especially Hamas, which is the democratically elected organization of the people of Palestine and a great mujahid from which is here to represent the aspirations of the people of Palestine."[1]

The Pakistani senator noted that 18 years ago, when he was chairman of the foreign relations committee, former Palestinian Foreign Minister Mahmoud Al-Zahar was invited by the parliament of Pakistan. "We were the first Muslim country to give a $1 million donation to the Hamas government... So, we have a track record and I want to assure the Palestinian brothers that Palestine is part of our DNA...," Mushahid Hussain added.[2]

According to a report in a Pakistani daily, Senator Mushahid Hussain praised the "Palestinian mujahideen of Hamas" for their resistance against Israeli aggression and questioned elements in Pakistan who advocate normalization of relations with Israel, adding: "The myth of Israeli invincibility, the myth of Israeli impregnability has been shattered and they have shown that might is not right, but right is might."[3]

"The people, the armed forces and the Parliament of Pakistan will stand firmly with Palestine till an independent Palestinian state is established with Al-Quds Al-Sharif [Jerusalem] as its capital," Senator Mushahid Hussain said, reminding the Senate that Pakistan was "the only non-Arab state that participated in two Arab-Israeli wars in 1967 and 1973."[4] He also pointed out that attempts by India and Israel to counter the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects are "now buried under the rubble of Gaza."[5]

Dr. Khaled Qaddoumi: "Saleh Al-Arouri Was In Israeli Prison For Years; When He Came Out, He Made Efforts Along With His Friends To Search For A Path For The Peace Of Our People; But The Israeli Criminals Martyred Him Because He Was A Mujahid"

Following is the transcript of Dr. Khaled Qaddoumi's interview on GNN television channel where he spoke in Urdu:[6]

TV Anchor Fe'reeha Idrees: "Thank you so much Dr. Khaled Qaddoumi for joining us. Can we say that the war has now reached Lebanon and is likely to spread further?"

Dr. Khaled Qaddoumi: "In the name of Allah, the most beneficial and merciful. There are two or three things in it. Number one: The world has understood how much Israel lies no matter how many agreements you reach with it. Our Egyptian friend has started mediation and we have answered whatever questions they have and it appeared that we were heading for a deal, then this incident [in Lebanon] occurred.

"One point is that there is no benefit in talking with Israel. Israel is a wrong state, it is such a government that does not want peace... Number two, the world should see that the Lebanon is a sovereign state. To cross the border of a sovereign state, to violate it, to go there and [kill] a civilian [senior Hamas leader Saleh Arouri], whether he was your enemy or whoever, you trespassed across the border of sovereign Lebanon, and it does such things again and again in Syria, it did it in Iran, it is assassinating scholars in Tunisia, [and] assassinating in Malaysia.

"And Israel always gets impunity; there is nobody to hold it accountable. Third point: From the beginning we said the main cause of Al-Aqsa Storm is the hypocrisy in the world, the world is proving Israel's crimes over a century, Al-Aqsa Storm was a response to it. And you all should know this how much [Israeli crimes] will be without Al-Aqsa Storm...

"Whether this ceasefire happens or not, we are representing [Palestinians] at the level of the public and we are telling the world, the genocide that is happening in Palestine, the 'Holocaust' that is happening in Palestine at the hands of Israelis is not tolerable... The point about coexistence will be destroyed and no political solution has been seen in it until the Israeli crimes and Israeli aggression end."

Dr. Khaled Qaddoumi: "Israelis Are Committing Crimes Everywhere; Israel Wants To Destroy [Efforts For] Their Peace; Israel Is Not Threatening The Peace Of Palestinians Only, Is Threatening The Peace Of All Capitals; And Mossad Agents Are Everywhere"

TV Anchor Fe'reeha Idrees: "Right, so senior Hamas leader Saleh Al-Arouri was killed in a drone attack in Beirut. There were reports about him that before martyrdom he had held important meetings with Hassan Nasrallah, chief of Hizbullah. What points were discussed in this meeting? Was there any talk about an alliance?"

Dr. Khaled Qaddoumi: "Our relations with Hizbullah are... very old. [Hassan Nasrallah's] statements are very good statements; he had also said that this crime, the assassination of Saleh Al-Arouri is martyrdom; it will not go without punishment. Look, the Ummah should have a role, it is not just for Hizbullah. At this time, we are demanding from the world, the Muslim Ummah, the humanity to play some role in ending this genocide. What answer you have to give to humanity, to yourself, this is the real matter.

"Saleh Al-Arouri, May Allah's blessing be upon him, his wish was to get martyrdom. His friends who were martyred with him used to say that we are fighting this just war for justice, truth, and humanity, we are not killers, we are freedom fighters. Sheikh Saleh Al-Arouri had been in Israeli prison for years. When he came out, he made efforts along with his friends to search for a path for the peace of our people. But the Israeli criminals martyred him because he was a mujahid, a fighter, he was engaged in the implementation of humanity and peace. And Israel neither considers us human nor wants to give the facts of peace... [a chance]."

Senator Mushahid Hussain welcomed Khaled Qaddoumi to the Senate

TV Anchor Fe'reeha Idrees: "And yesterday [January 3, 2024] on the death anniversary General Qasem Soleimani, more than 100 people were killed in bombings [in Kerman, Iran]. How do you comment on that?"

Dr. Khaled Qaddoumi: "The investigation is still going on. Israel always commits this perfidy, Israel always tries to commit this fitna [strife]. Whenever it senses issues of instability anywhere not just in Iran, the Iranians say this after investigation: Unfortunately, Israel has the habit of [committing] such crimes. And this is something that should be known to the world... Israelis committing crimes everywhere; Israel wants to destroy [efforts for] their peace. Israel is not threatening the peace of Palestinians only, is threatening the peace of all capitals; and Mossad agents are everywhere. And recently even Iran has announced, it has arrested around 100 Mossad agents; [Israel] has reached there by infiltrating its borders. Israel is not removed from this crimes."

TV Anchor Fe'reeha Idrees: "The New York Times says that Israel is pulling out two military brigades from Gaza. The U.S. Secretary of State has paid a visit. What is happening?"

Dr. Khaled Qaddoumi: "This is a new tactic but there is no new path in front of Israel except for ending this war. Because the two brigades you are talking about, one of the brigades has been killed at the hands of our fighters, the Gaza brigade. The chief of Al-Joulani brigade, Nimrod, is in the custody of the mujahideen. Therefore, they have no achievements to show their societies. Today, the Israeli public, in hundreds of thousands, is in the streets opposed to [Benjamin] Netanyahu, against the defence ministry... against the policies of their cabinet.

"So, they have a single chance in front of them: They have come walking into Gaza, they will return in coffins if they insist on continuing this war. All praise be to Allah, our mujahideen have taught Israel a lesson, have destroyed the hegemony of Israel... According to Israel's statistics, from October 27 till today, every day Israeli soldiers are killed at the hands of the mujahideen.

"Fine, we have a humanitarian crisis but in the struggle for freedom, in the path of independence, one has to give such sacrifice, especially when the international community is committing hypocrisy."


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