March 8, 2019 No.

International Women's Day 2019: Please Support The MEMRI Women's Studies Initiative

WASHINGTON, D.C., March 8, 2019 – Today, International Women's Day 2019, the Middle East Media Research Institute is highlighting its focus on women's issues in the Arab and Muslim world. The MEMRI Women's Studies Initiative researches, examines, translates, and analyzes Arab and Muslim primary media sources in order to report on women's status, struggles, and triumphs across region, and aims to help advance women's rights in the region.

All research of the Women's Studies Initiative is available at its dedicated Tumblr page.


The Women's Studies Initiative is a major component of the MEMRI Reform Project. Established in 2002, the Reform Project identifies and supports advocates of reform and human rights in the Arab and Muslim world who speak out against violent extremism and antisemitism.

MEMRI research and translation efforts highlighting voices of reform in the Arab and Muslim world are crucial resources for informing policymakers, media organizations, and the public at large. The aim of the MEMRI Reform Project is to provide Arab and Muslim reformists with platforms from which they can reach out to their societies and to religious, political, and educational leaders, and to provide Western policymakers with a solid basis for long-term strategic plans for supporting their efforts. The project includes MEMRI translations of articles by reformists and videos featuring them discussing reform, as well as analysis pieces on relevant topics.

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