March 19, 2020 Special Dispatch No. 8645

Intense On-Air Clash Over Coronavirus Precautions Between Russian Liberal Democratic Party Leader Zhirinovsky And Komsomolskaya Pravda's Star Correspondent Aslamova Goes Viral

March 19, 2020
Russia | Special Dispatch No. 8645

A tragicomic incident occurred during a live broadcast of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" radio, when an animated conversation with the firebrand extreme nationalist "Liberal-Democratic" Party (LDPR) leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky on the coronavirus turned into a viral video:

Vladimir Zhirinovsky (Source:

From the broadcast's very outset, the LDPR leader fulminated and threatened quarantine violators with all kinds of punishments. He related how he proposed to permanently remove his fellow LDPR deputy Sergei Kasatonov from the State Duma, because he did not self-quarantine after a trip to France. (Zhirinovsky urged that panic mongers be summarily shot). Suddenly, Zhirinovsky remembered that his host Komsomolskaya Pravada's special correspondent Daria ("Dasha") Aslamova was currently on a mission to Turkey, and he demanded that she be severely punished.

Then things developed unexpectedly, when the very same Aslamova called in to the studio from Turkey to reply to her accuser. The exchange went as follows:

Daria Aslamova (Source:

Aslamova: "Let’s forbid the birds from flying, let’s forbid cats and mice from moving... You can’t forbid nature. – said the surprised correspondent

Zhirinovsky: You Daria, are guilty of gallivanting around the planet and waiting to catch the coronavirus! We forbade officials from leaving the country, no business trips! I will demand of Sungorkin (KP's editor-in-chief) to fire you!"

Dasha cackled with laughter.

Zhirinovsky: We will not let you back onto the territory of Russia! Enough roaming around the world.

The laughter was getting louder.

"It is fatal disease. – Zhirinovsky shouted, “And meanwhile you are burning to get there where there are sick, where there is plague, where people are shooting.” We already know everything. There is no need for extra information."

And where do you know everything from? How will you get information? Aslamova asked, - I came from China and recounted how the Chinese fought the virus...

And then Aslamova, apparently, discerned the main thing about Zhirinovsky.

Aslamova: But, you yourself do not know how to do anything! - she exclaimed, - you don’t even wear a mask! Where is the mask?!

Zhirinovsky was confused for a second.

Zhirinovsky: I have masks, - he recalled, and began to search for something under the table.

- But are you wearing it? - Aslamova screamed triumphantly.

Zhirinovsky: I'll put a mask on in front of you! I bought them three years ago. I prepared in advance! (Zhirinovsky put a mask on his face and immediately removed it, then he tried to pull on a glove.)

Presenter: One can’t buy masks in stores, Vladimir Volfovich [Zhirinovsky]. It would be better if you dealt with that.

Zhirinovsky: That's why I suggested tough measures. To expel that deputy (the same Katasonov) from the Duma and not let Aslamova back into the country![1]



[1], March 17, 2020.


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