March 31, 2011 Special Dispatch No. 3718

Inspire V, Part II: American Jihadist Samir Khan Calls for an Islamic State in Egypt

March 31, 2011
Special Dispatch No. 3718

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In the fifth issue of the Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula's (AQAP) English-language magazine Inspire, published on March 29, 2011, Samir Khan, a jihadist raised in the U.S., called for the establishment of an Islamic state in post-revolution Egypt - a state in which the primary source of authority is the Koran and the Sunnah. Khan said that if the government decides against this, the Egyptians should demonstrate their loyalty to Allah, rather than to the government. He claimed that the U.S. demand that Egypt maintain its peace treaty with Israel runs counter to Islamic law. According to Khan, Egyptians must choose the path that is right according to Islam - which contradicts the one which is acceptable according to democratic principles.

Following are excerpts from the article:

"You, the Egyptian, are standing amidst one of the prime moments your country has ever gone through... How do you run your life? Is it by what the constitution says or by what the [Lord of the Universe] says?... Your loyalty should be to Allah and His Messenger.

"This means that all matters of disagreement or [matters that are] in question should be referred back to the Koran and Sunnah. Turning to this law or that leader only leads to a great loss in the afterlife... and those in position of leadership who don't judge by the shari'a are at the greatest loss here...


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