October 19, 2011 Special Dispatch No. 4221

Indian Urdu Daily: 'The Whole Drama of 9/11 is a Part of Zionist Conspiracy Against the Islamic World'

October 19, 2011
India | Special Dispatch No. 4221

In a series of articles, marking the 10th anniversary of 9/11, the Urdu-language Indian newspaper Roznama Rashtriya Sahara argued that the 9/11 attacks were a Zionist conspiracy against the Islamic world.

On September 20, the leading Urdu daily published an article titled "The drama of 9/11 is a Zionist Conspiracy against Islam." The article was sourced from the Urdu-language newspaper Roznama Jasarat of Pakistan.

Following are excerpts from the article:[1]

General Wesley Clark Said: "We Attacked Afghanistan And Iraq to Redefine Islam And Those Who Think That the War would Be Over in a Few Days are Mistaken Because This War can Continue for Centuries"

"In 1095, the Christian rulers of Europe had called upon the Europeans to come under one banner to end the supremacy of Islam. Four years later, i.e. in 1099, all the Christian generals, rulers and intellectuals got together and undertook a military action against Islam. These wars continued for about 200 years. Theses wars are known as Crusade wars in which Christians conquered Jerusalem.

"George W. Bush, in his first speech after the 9/11 attacks, had also used the word 'Crusade' four times in the context of an extension of these wars. However, he later clarified that it came out due to slip of tongue. But linguistics and psychologists have said that a word uttered four times cannot be termed as a slip of tongue. After the defeat of communism, the Christian ambition aimed at the civilizational defeat of Islam has been revealed. General [Wesley] Clark, who was the Secretary General of NATO, had said that 'we attacked Afghanistan and Iraq to redefine Islam and those who think that the war would be over in a few days are mistaken because this war can continue for centuries.'

"The economic problem, along with other issues, has taken a serious turn after the 9/11 attacks. The concept of globalization has been destroyed and poverty, penury and diseases are all pervading. Targeting institutions of public interest in the garb of fighting terrorism is being carried out under a strategy chalked out by General David Petraeus, who used this weapon in Iraq. The locals are being won and used here [in Pakistan] also to achieve their goals."

Prophet Mohammad Said: "Ghazwa-e-Hind [Battle of India] would Begin from Khurasan And This is the Region Where the U.S. is at War with Pakistan, Afghanistan And Iran"

"Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him, has said that the Ghazwa-e-Hind [battle of India] would begin from Khurasan [before reaching Israel] and this is the region where the U.S. is at war with Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran. The U.S. has to date spent over 50 trillion dollars on this war and it has not yet indentified its enemy and is continuously being entrapped into the quagmire in which Soviet Russia had met with a great defeat. It was said about Russia that it does not go back from the place it once entered, but today there is no country on the world map by the name of USSR.

"The U.S. thought that the war would be over within 40 days but after the passage of 10 years the U.S. is facing defeat as is the writing on the wall. The Pakistani ambassador to Afghanistan during the times of Taliban [1996-2001] and former Chief Secretary of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Rustam Shah Mohmand, had recently said that notwithstanding [the effectiveness of] 16 intelligence agencies, CIA, MI6 and Mossad, the incident of 9/11 seems to be a drama. It is impossible for 19 people, trained for piloting small aircraft, to take control of big planes at one time.

"Famous writer Robert Fisk has recently said that these planes were being remotely controlled from land. Famous journalist and writer Noam Chomsky has also confirmed that all the activities of 9/11 were done from land; explosives were laid in the base to bring down the Twin Towers. Some of the eye witnesses have also said that they had seen the building being ripped apart by the explosives in its base. In some other reports, engineers and experts in explosives and chemical scientists have also expressed this view that these buildings came down due the pre-laid explosives in the base."

"Since Iraq was a Constant Threat to Israel, Its Wealth And Power were Destroyed By Taking Military Action Against It"

"The fact is that the whole drama of 9/11 is a part of Zionist conspiracy against the Islamic world. Its objective is to take initiative against the Islamic world to end its growing influence. Iraq was a very powerful country in the Islamic world. It is the second largest oil-producing country in the world. Since Iraq was a constant threat to Israel, its wealth and power were destroyed by taking military action against it.

"Similarly, the Taliban government in Afghanistan could become a good role model for the Islamic and especially for the Arab world; that is why the U.S. decided to bring down their government to check its impact spreading in other Muslim and Arab countries. The second big reason to occupy Afghanistan is to take control of the natural resources of the Middle East and to encircle China. The head of the 9/11 Commission said that at times he was not given the required information during the investigation and at times he was bluntly refused. In fact, the commission was formed in such a way that it should not reach any final conclusion; and that is why the report of this commission is considered incomplete and unauthentic.

"In this so-called war against terrorism in Afghanistan, 125,000 people have been killed while one million people have been killed in Iraq. Muslims are being made to fight against each other by creating the Shia and Sunni conflict in Iraq, and conflicts among the Tajik, Uzbek and Pakhtun people in Afghanistan. The situation in Pakistan was quite right during the Afghan war against Soviet Russia for the whole [Pakistani] nation, including the government and the army, had a shared view. But since the present war is being fought against the public opinion, the people of the country and the national institutions are seen standing against each other."

"Now Fate has Brought Dragging the Lone Super Power of the 21st Century, the U.S., into the Mountains of Afghanistan to Meet Its Fateful End"

"The former permanent representative of Pakistan in the UN, Niaz A. Naek, has said on record that the Americans had told him [before 9/11] that they would attack Afghanistan in 2001, whose purpose was to take control of its natural resources. Presently, the position for leading the world is vacant and the U.S. has occupied this post forcefully. To lead the world, it is needed to have both the material and ethical power.

"In 19th century, there were three Anglo-Afghan wars and in the end Britain had to leave not only Afghanistan but also India disgraced. Similarly, when the greatest military power of the 20th century, Soviet Russia, tried to occupy Afghanistan, then on the one hand it faced an exemplary defeat and on the other, its name was omitted from the world map.

"Now fate has brought dragging the lone super power of the 21st century, the U.S., into the mountains of Afghanistan to meet its fateful end. The U.S. is in debt worth 14 trillion dollars as a result of this war. The day is not far when the U.S. would also disintegrate like the USSR. In the Afghan-U.S. war the Afghans have no regrets on the loss of their lives and they are not in debt, even of a single penny. It is not the Afghans but the U.S. which has to take the decision to get out of the war because this war has become the bone in the neck for the U.S. It can neither devour it nor vomit it out."


[1] Roznama Rashtriya Sahara (India), September 20, 2011.

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