August 1, 2008 Special Dispatch No. 1994

Indian Urdu Daily on Israel's 60th Anniversary: A"Celebration of Satanism"

August 1, 2008
India | Special Dispatch No. 1994

In its May 16, 2008 editorial, titled "Sixtieth Anniversary – Celebration of Satanism," the Urdu-language newspaper Roznama Inquilab (Revolution Daily), which is based in the Indian city of Mumbai, wrote about Israel's 60th anniversary celebrations.[1]

The following are excerpts from the editorial:

"Standing on the heap of dead bodies, only those who have no humanity or are not troubled by cries of children and sobs of women can celebrate their anniversary. Who were those who, on May 14, celebrated the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Israel? These people, devoid of conscience and untouched by humanity, have clung to Palestine like a leech and drink the blood of its inhabitants. [As] if the celebration lacked one more person without a conscience, there came U.S. President George Bush to complete the picture. He ignored his duties in Washington and arrived there to participate in the celebrations; thus, the 60th anniversary celebrations became a memorable occasion.

"There is no doubt that Israel’s impious existence could not have continued with such vigor had it not enjoyed the backing of the United States. The U.S. has given it economic and military aid, vetoed resolutions passed against it [in the U.N.], treated its interests as a priority, and upheld its security as its primary duty. This U.S. policy of showering [benefits] on Israel continues to this day.

"George Bush is not alone; all U.S. presidents before him have considered the security of Israel more important than their own defense. The same goes for Britain, which was the biggest supporter of the establishment of Israel...

"The expressions of sympathy for the Zionists by then-British secretary Arthur Balfour, famous for the Balfour Declaration, have [gone down] in the annals of history. If British aid and support had not been forthcoming, the impious existence of Israel would not have come about. ...[Thus,] Balfour played a small part in a big conspiracy to create Israel, hatched by the Zionists and supported by the West. The European countries, especially France and Italy, completely supported the Balfour Declaration, which ambushed the Arab countries, especially the inhabitants of Palestine.

"The U.S. too was among them; and now it is in the forefront of the defense of the Israeli interests.

"It is noteworthy that the way the U.S. has been supporting Israel on all fronts, just like Britain – which played the lead role in ensuring the existence of Israel – makes it Israel's devoted servant. In 1949, when 700,000 Palestinians were uprooted from their homeland, Britain made promises [to the Arabs]; however, during the past 60 years, none of these promises have been fulfilled, nor is there a chance that they ever will be.

"By congratulating Israel on the occasion of its 60th anniversary celebrations, Britain rubbed salt into the Palestinians' wounds. It is as if the one who was supposed to help heal these wounds with a soothing balm poked them instead. Gordon Brown put in not a word for the Palestinians. So much injustice, so much oppression, such massacre – and silence on the part of Britain!

"In the Palestinian areas, Israeli soldiers, the enemies of humanity, still turn the lives of the Palestinians into a nightmare. Nevertheless, the international powers are silent.

"What can we do in such a situation? Although this question is important, it is difficult to answer. Still, in our opinion, there are two possible [avenues]. First, we appeal to our [i.e. the Indian] government to make diplomatic efforts to remedy the injustices against the inhabitants of Palestine. Second, we pray to the God of [the Universe] for the defeat of the aggressors..."

[1] Roznama Inquilab (India), May 16, 2008.

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