October 16, 2020 Special Dispatch No. 8966

Indian Muslim Actress Sana Khan Quits Bollywood For Islam And To 'Serve Humanity,' Says: 'Shouldn't Humans Think That They Can Die Any Time?'

October 16, 2020
Special Dispatch No. 8966

On October 8, 2020, Indian Muslim actress, model and entrepreneur Sana Khan announced that she has quit the film industry in search of the real purpose of life and to serve humanity.[1] To her 3.4 million followers on Instagram, Sana Khan wrote a statement in Urdu and a note saying: "My happiest moment. May Allah help me n guide me in this journey. Aap sab mujhe dua Mai Shamil rakhe [All of you keep me in your prayers]."[2]

Actress Sana Khan quits showbiz (

Sana Khan has acted in 14 films in five languages and has appeared in over 50 advertisements. According to her website, Khan "began her career in modelling and went on to appear in advertisements and feature films" and has acted "in South Indian films, TV commercials, dance performances in films in special appearance, and for a reality television show."[3]

Sana Khan is the second high-profile Muslim actress to have recently quit Bollywood, India's film industry. In June 2019, celebrated Kashmiri Muslim actress Zaira Wasim, who shot to fame with her role playing a real-life teenage wrestler in the acclaimed 2016 movie "Dangal," left Bollywood, saying her five-year film career damaged her faith in Islam.[4]

In a Facebook post, Zara Wasim had given religious reasons for quitting the entertainment industry, observing: "[The] Koran and the guidance of Allah's messenger PBUH [Peace be upon him] became the weighing factor in my decision making and reasoning and it has changed my approach to life and its meaning. Our desires are a reflection of our morals; our values are an externalization of our internal integrity. Similarly, our relationship with the Koran and Sunnah [traditions of Prophet Muhammad] defines and sets the tone of our relationship with Allah and our religion, our ambitions, purpose and the meaning of life."[5]

Kashmiri actress Zaira Wasim quit entertainment industry in 2019 for Islam

Like Zaira Wasim, Sana Khan is also motivated by Islam in her decision to quit the entertainment industry. Although Khan has been around in the entertainment industry for years, it was her appearance in Big Boss 6 of 2012, the Indian version of the reality show Big Brother, which made her a household name. She has also been part of other reality shows such as the dance competition Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 7, Comedy Nights Bachao, Kitchen Champion, and others.[6]

On October 9, a Friday, one day after announcing her decision to quit the entertainment industry, Sana Khan posted a message on Instagram, stressing the importance of reciting Surah Jumma (The chapter of the Quran titled "Friday"), which says: "Whoever recites this Surah on Friday will get Jannat [Paradise]."[7] A translation of Khan's statement, which appears to be written in Urdu words typically used by Islamic clerics, is given below:[8]

"In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

"Brothers and sisters!

"Today I am talking to you at a critical juncture of my life. For years I have been living the life of showbiz (film industry). And during this period, I received all kinds of popularity, respect and wealth from my followers for which I am grateful to them. But for some days now, the realization that has been occupying me [my mind] is: what is the purpose of humans arriving in this world, is that they earn money and popularity only?

"Is it not an obligation upon them that they spend their life in the service of those who are helpless and destitute? Shouldn't humans think that they can die any time? And what is going to happen of them after death? I have been searching for an answer to these two questions for a long time, especially an answer for the second question as to what will happen of me after death.

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"I searched for an answer to this question in my religion. Then I discovered that this life in this world is in reality meant for making better the life after death. And it can be bettered only in a situation when humans spend life as per the orders of their Creator, and not make only wealth and popularity their purpose.

"Rather, avoiding the life of sin, [they should] serve humanity and tread the path taught by their Creator. Therefore, I announced it today that from today I, leaving this life of showbiz (film industry), intend to serve humanity and to follow the orders of my Creator.

"It is an appeal to all brothers and sisters that you pray for me that Allah listen to my prayer, and further, [Allah] bless me to spend life serving the humanity and in accordance with the orders of my Creator and keep me steadfast on it.

"In the end, it is an appeal to all brothers and sisters that in future they do not invite me for any work in showbiz. Thank you very much.

"Sana Khan."


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