March 1, 2016 Special Dispatch No. 6333

Indian Islamic Cleric: ISIS 'Was Brought Into Being By Jews, Christians, Western Powers, And Islam's Enemies'

March 1, 2016
India | Special Dispatch No. 6333

In recent articles, Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani, an internationally renowned Islamic cleric from India, has argued that the Islamic State (ISIS) was created by Jews, Christians, Western powers, and Islam's enemies.

A lengthy piece titled "ISIS: You Are such [A Friend] Who Even Leaves Behind The Foe" was published in two parts on two successive Fridays, January 1 and January 8, 2016, in the prominent Urdu-language daily Roznama Inquilab. In it, he argued that ISIS is an offshoot of Al-Qaeda, and adds: "It is clear as day that the U.S. is the power that strengthened Osama bin Laden and created Al-Qaeda."

The following are excerpts from the article:

"Israel And The Western Powers Are Conspiracy Experts... [But] After A While They Expose Their Own Conspiracies"

"...It is difficult to establish the date of [ISIS's] formation because no movement comes into being and reaches a position where it can be noticed by all with the stroke of a pen. This is true for ISIS, but it is also well-accepted that it is rooted in Al-Qaeda, which was founded by Osama bin Laden in 1990 [sic; Al-Qaeda was founded in 1988 in Peshawar]. With the help of the U.S and the Western powers, Osama launched jihad in Afghanistan, taking it to the point where a superpower like Russia had no option but to leave..."

"Three things are important and noteworthy about ISIS. Firstly, who brought this blood-shedding movement into being? Secondly, what are its ideologies and activities? Thirdly, what is the position of its views and deeds in light of the Koran and Hadith [traditions of the Prophet Muhammad]?

"The answer to the first question is evident - this movement was brought into being by Jews, Christians, Western powers, and Islam's enemies... It is clear as day that the U.S. is the power which strengthened Osama bin Laden and created Al-Qaeda, and it also did not keep its help a secret. Instead, it helped [Al-Qaeda] openly because it wanted to disgrace its opponent power, Russia. Therefore, after a secret Pentagon report was published, it was established that the U.S., Britain, France, Israel and other Western governments not only endorsed Al-Qaeda's type of methodology but also oversaw it. From the belly of that organization, ISIS was gradually born...

"Only a few days ago, a U.S. commander's statement that they trained ISIS [was reported] in newspapers. IN 2013, Edward Snowden, leaking NSA reports, said that the U.S., Israel, and Britain created ISIS... Snowden further said that Israel trained [ISIS leader] Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi... [It was also reported] in newspapers that some of ISIS's wounded were treated in Israel. Besides, only the U.S and Israel could provide the modern technology that ISIS is using. The Muslims are so backward in such resources that it cannot be expected from them that they would create such things. Israel and the Western powers are conspiracy experts... but after a while they expose their own conspiracies, and it is not too much to attribute to such cunning people...

"The real work of creating, strengthening, and promoting this fitna [mischief of ISIS] is being carried out by the Western powers, especially Israel. Also, it is Israel and Syria that are benefiting the most from the rise of ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Apparently, its end result would be this: that Iraq and Syria will be divided into small pieces so that there could be no Arab neighbor to even raise its eyes towards Israel."

"Khwarij [Like ISIS] Will Spring Up In Every Era - Therefore, Therefore, Allah's Messenger [Muhammad] Said That These Faithless [Apostates, i.e. ISIS] Will Be Born In Every Age"

"The second question is: What is the source of ISIS's actions and ideology? In one sentence, we can say that they are the Khawarij [Kharijites] of this age. Kharuj means to split off [from the Islamic regime] and rebel. A group from Iraq, were living in Harua and Nahrawan areas, rebelled against Hazrat Ali [the fourth caliph of Islam], and were called Khawarij... Gradually, Khwarij became a sect, and many sects emerged from it, the most violent of which were the followers of Nafe bin Arzaq, called Azareqas...

"Azeraqas held the view that those who are not with them are all infidels and polytheists. In their view, it is obligatory to rebel against the tyrant Muslim rulers even though they say Kalima [expressing belief in the oneness of Allah and in the Prophet as His messenger], because in their view they are polytheists and infidels and killing them, or even killing and imprisoning their children, is allowed - to the point where indiscriminate genocide of their opponents is right and their women are Halal [allowed by Islam] as slaves. The property taken from them, and their Amanat [items in safe keeping] are also Halal; neither Nikah [marriage] with them nor Zabiha [animals slaughtered by them] are allowed; and if someone cannot come out against the tyrant ruler because of some [valid] excuse, even he is criminal and it is obligatory to leave a place where such people rule...

"Looking at it, ISIS ideology and practice are the same of the Azeraqas, and the whole ummah [Muslim nation] is unanimous and united in [the view that] it has astray and become perverted. It is very important [to note] that Khawarij will spring up in every era - therefore, Allah's Messenger said that these faithless [apostates, i.e. ISIS] will be born in every age. He [Prophet Muhammad]... said, three times, that they are the worst people in creation (Musnad Ahmad 4/621)... The Khawarij would be slain at Jabal al-Lebanon [Hills of Lebanon] or some other hilly areas (Fatahul Bari: 4/334)

"Therefore, the rise of the Khawarij in the Middle East, and their fight with the Muslims, and their gaining strength in a hilly area like the hills near Lebanon - all of this is included in the prediction of Allah's Prophet... It is in the narration of Sahal Bin Haneef; asked whether Allah's Prophet... had said anything about Khawarij... he [Muhammad] pointed towards Iraq with one hand and towards Syria with another and said that there would emerge from there those who would shave their heads, who would have the Koran on their tongues but that it would not go down their throats, and that they will be out of Islam like arrows from bows... There is a clear sign in this Hadith that Iraq and Syria will become the special center of Khawarij and that this fitna would rise from Iraq.

"The third question is about the Islamic teachings regarding ISIS's activities. This needs to be clearly explained. The first and basic ideology of ISIS, according to them, is: Anyone who abandons any practice of Islam or commits a sin is no longer a Muslim and becomes an infidel. This is totally wrong...

"ISIS's second basic concept is that the killing of those who are deprived of faith and are infidel is allowed, and that their property is Halal, and that even enslaving their women is allowed. This is a very wrong concept; it is a conspiracy to defame and disgrace Muslims. The Koran calls for jihad only against those who are fighting with Muslims; there too there are limits that should not be crossed.

"Therefore, Allah says: Fight in the path of Allah with them who fight against you, and do not transgress, because Allah does not like the transgressors (Chapter Al-Baqrah, Verse 190)..."

Source: Roznama Inquilab (India), January 1 and 8, 2016.

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