August 11, 2016 Special Dispatch No. 6572

Indian Daily: Zionist Mossad, Hindu RSS Are Both 'Bent On Defaming Islam, Muslims, And Muslim Figures

August 11, 2016
Special Dispatch No. 6572

A number of terror suspects have recently been arrested in India, especially in Maharashtra, of which Mumbai is the state capital. These arrests, especially of Muslim youths radicalized to support the Islamic State (ISIS), were made by India's Anti-Terror Squad (ATS). For example, on July 24, in Maharashtra, the ATS arrested Shahid Khan, a 24-year-old from Parbhani district, and Naser bin Yafai Chaus, from Aurangabad.[1] Similar arrests were also made earlier.

Additionally, Indian media has recently launched a major debate on televangelist Dr. Zakir Naik's role in radicalizing young Muslims. Naik's lengthy lectures, disseminated widely via YouTube, came under scrutiny following the July 1 terror attack in Dhaka in which nearly two dozen were killed. According to the Bangladeshi government, Naik had radicalized two of the seven terrorists involved in the Dhaka attack; as a result, his satellite network Peace TV, which broadcasts religious programs, was banned.[2]

In this context, Roznama Urdu Times, an Indian daily published from Mumbai, featured a report titled "The One Weapon of Mossad, CIA: The Media Trial Of Muslims," arguing that the Mossad, the CIA, and the Hindu social service organization RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) are orchestrating a media campaign to discredit Muslim figures. Although the report did not mention Zakir Naik, it followed the media debate over Naik's sermons.

From the way it is written, it is unclear whether this report is an editorial or a news item, based on the statement by Indian Muslim politician Ashfaqur Rahman, the National Convener of the Rashtriya Janata Dal party. Most probably, it is a heavily editorialized news item.

Following is the translation of the full report:[3]

"Dateline Patna [the capital of the northern Indian state of Bihar]: The propaganda against Muslims has entered an extremely dangerous situation. Today, the Zionist secret agency Mossad and self-proclaimed domestic nationalist [Hindu social service organization] RSS are bent on defaming Islam, Muslims and Muslim personalities.

"Conspiracies are so strong that Islam is being explained according to them, so that even a follower of Islam gets entangled and is greatly distanced from his religion. Ashfaqur Rahman, the National Convener of Rashtriya Janata Dal [party], says: Whenever an attempt is made to present Islam in the form of Islam, or whenever good people come forward to popularize the message of Allah or to unite the nation of the millat [i.e. the global Muslim nation], then first of all a media trial is carried out against them.

"This conspiracy is hatched so that the figures [engaged in] uniting the millat or making the nation understand become fearful, and backtrack. How strange is this matter, that people appearing on [television] channels deliver lectures on the Koran and Islam, while they themselves are unaware of the correct understanding of the Koran. It says in the Koran: Do not speak ill of others' gods, lest they begin abusing and speaking ill of your gods.' The Koran, which has taught not to speak ill of others, never taught beating or killing others.

"The other point is that the Koran never teaches that you are the only one with a stake in punishing another. The Koran speaks of establishing a system of courts with a qazi [Islamic judge]; [the defendant must] be brought before the qazi, and the milk and water must be separated [i.e. justice must be done].

"So they are right, the people who teach this, who are not entangled in any [doctrinal] sect, who present Islam in the form of Islam. When their fans increase, this is a bad thing for the [Israeli intelligence apparatus] Mossad. [Anti-Islam forces cannot see Muslim figures progressing and they despise] how a good person is progressing; a good person should not progress, [they think], a good person shouldn't be able to do something, [and there is] shaping of [the public] mind against him [by anti-Islam forces] to achieve this - there is dangerous shaping of [the public] mind.

"You [i.e. Indian Muslims] should not think that the NIA [National Investigating Agency of India, which has arrested many Muslim youths over terror cases] will bother someone [in an outright manner]. Before this, a media trial is carried out, and his image is criminalized [as in the case of Zakir Naik]. The RSS and Mossad have sent this message: The meaning of Muslims is that they are terrorists. This is the new training given [in conducting a media trial].

"When Atal Bihari Vajpayee [from the party of current Prime Minister Narendra Modi] was the prime minister, then India itself struck up a relationship with Israel. After that, under a planned strategy, the Mossad [began working on these goals]: shape the public mind against Muslims first; whenever a good Muslim progresses, defame him; buy the Urdu-language media [to use it against Muslims]; and ditch Muslims at the right moment.

"The boundaries for the media trial of Muslims are drawn in such a way that the [global Muslim] nation doubts itself. Today, all of this is before us. The national and international media have joined hands together to defame Muslims and Islam. The shaping of the mind is so dangerous that even the millat [Islamic nation] has become divided into houses.

"Ashfaqur Rahman says that this is not the time to remain fearful, but [to come] together to confront the situation. Today, it is necessary for the [Islamic] nation to be alert; it should identify the true leader and, under his leadership, formulate the strategy for future. Only this will open the path for the liberation of the 25 crores [250 million] Muslims of India."


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[3] Roznama Urdu Times (India), July 24, 2016.


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