November 23, 1998 Special Dispatch No. 14

Incitement Continues in the Palestinian Press

November 23, 1998
Palestine | Special Dispatch No. 14

On November 19, 1998, the Palestinian Authority published an injunction to prevent incitement, as instructed in the 'Wye Agreement.’

On November 20, 1998, the Palestinian weekly, Al-Bayadier Al-Siyasi, published an article entitled "The Jehovah Witness Movement is Zionist," a creation of the pen of Father Dr. Peter Madrus.

"Zionism is a racist Jewish movement, whose aim is to take control of the world. One can divide it into two parts.

1) Political-Zionism, whose aim it is to control over Palestine, and the Middle East, and the world in general, from an economic and political aspect.

2) World Zionism strives towards the same goal, meaning, Jewish domination by means of destroying those powers fighting against Zionist control. These powers being, religions, and primarily Christianity, and within Christianity, Catholicism; the states; and the morality.

'The Jehovah Witnesses’ are agents of political-Zionism, whose aim is to take control over Palestine…" [At this point the article’s author critiques the book of the 'Jehovah Witnesses,’ 'Burj Al-Muraqaba (The Watch Tower).

The Sheik Hayan Al-Idrisi, in a Friday sermon at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, broadcast live on November 20, 1998, by "The Voice of Palestine."

"…The Jews entered into Palestine, through a conspiracy, while the Muslims were struck by weakness… The epoch in which we live now, is the period of the Jews, who expanded their ability…. They succeeded not only to take total control, over the political leadership of the United States and the western world, but also over all states, including the political leaderships of Arab and Muslim nations. The Jewish money and media was transformed into [an element] that ran the nations and continents. This, however, should not frighten the nation of Islam or make it submit to this destruction and reality, as this situation will not last forever. Will the nation of Islam submit into losing its belief, and its ability, and its confidence in Allah and his book? The Islamic nations believe in the path of Allah and are confident in his victory, and the rulers will not be able to convince their people that Israel represents a permanent, and everlasting reality. The nation of Islam will not sit with its arms crossed, in view of the restrictions imposed by its rulers, within the framework of the international legitimate system, and in view of the UN World Zionism…."

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