April 16, 2018 Special Dispatch No. 7429

Ibrahim Karagül, Editor-In-Chief Of AKP Mouthpiece 'Yeni Safak': Russia-Turkey-Iran Coalition Does Not Exist; Turkey Should Build A 'Shield From The Mediterranean To The Iranian Border' To Prepare For Upcoming New World Order War

April 16, 2018
Iran, Russia, Turkey | Special Dispatch No. 7429

Yeni Safak, the mouthpiece for Turkey's ruling Adalet ve Kalkimna Partisi (Justice and Development Party) criticized AKP's own leader, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, for his policies in Syria and his government's support for the U.S.-Great Britain- France airstrike in Syria. On April 14, the Turkish Foreign Ministry stated that the operation carried out by Washington, London and Paris was "an appropriate response to the chemical attack which caused the deaths of many civilians in Douma on 7 April." The Ministry then added: "We welcome this operation which has eased humanity’s conscience in the face of the attack in Douma, largely suspected to have been carried out by the regime."[1]

Commenting on the statement, Yeni Safak Editor-in-Chief İbrahim Karagül attacked Ankara's position in his Twitter account, stating that the government's decision will lead to severed relations with Russia, and leave Ankara "helpless."[2] In his tweets, Karagül stressed that continued Turkish collaboration with Moscow, formed a prerequisite for Turkey's military operation against the Kurdish PKK movement.[3]

In a lengthy editorial, titled "This Is No Longer A Syria War! Preparation Is For 'Doomsday War.' The World’s Equilibrium May Change," Karagül elaborated further that if Turkey will become a weak player, there will be no one stopping Iran from its hegemonic plans. Karagül wrote: "[Iran] is only concerned about map efforts, moves to expand to the Mediterranean coasts, and clearing the path to greater massacres to form a bigger area of action for itself. It is only concerned about reaching the Mediterranean coasts just as it reached Yemen; it cares only about its imperial ambitions."

In his article, Karagül strongly insinuated that Erdogan's foreign policies are contradictory and erroneous. He opined that the Turkish government erred in backing the U.S. on the strike, but Karagül also considers Ankara's formation of an alliance with Iran– a country which he described as a foe – via the Astana process, a blunder. It is worth noting that on April 4, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani met in Ankara, in the framework of the Astana process. On that occasion, Erdogan frequently referred to Rouhani as "my brother."[4]

In his editorial, Karagül also described the geopolitical challenges facing Turkey, as Syria is doomed to become a battlefield in "the real war" between East and West, a war that will sound the death knell for the West's centuries-long global dominance. Accordingly, Karagül advocates quick action by Turkey in Afrin to form a 'Turkey shield' stretching from the Mediterranean to the Iranian border. He warned that If Turkey failed to act in this direction, it could risk seeing the Syria war turn into "an Anatolia war" over Turkey's heartland.

Attacks on Erdogan's policies also appeared in the Russian media. Russian Sputnik Armenia journalist Arman Vanaeskegian opined that Erdogan is the biggest loser of the strikes in Syria. Vanaeskegian stated: "The biggest loser may be Turkey that for the umpteenth time defected to the rival side. It is unknown what they personally promised Erdogan in the West, however in the most crucial moment he betrayed and sold out, hoping for major war in the region in which he would have the chance not only to get stronger in Afrin but to progress further in Syrian Manbij and Iraqi Sinjar. Erdogan hoped greatly that Russia and America would clash head-on in Syria."[5]

Russian anti-liberal philosopher Aleksander Dugin criticized Ankara's position. "Now Erdogan has hesitated once again. Turkey has once again called for Assad's overthrow. However, Moscow believes that not everything is lost, and Putin is likely to try to establish closer contact with Erdogan to restore the Eurasian axis. In any case, Erdogan's backwards step towards Atlanticism increases the threat of a new coup in Turkey. If he wavers, they will take him down, since the Atlanticists will never forgive his recent flirting with Russia. Erdogan has lost the trust of all sides. Since Russia allowed the Turks to take Afrin, Erdogan's behavior can be considered a gross ingratitude akin to the downed plane," Dugin wrote, referring to the AKP's internal divisions on the Syrian crisis. [6]

It is worth noting that following the strike, Putin and Erdogan held a phone conversation. Russia’s president underlined that the bombing was a gross breach of the UN Charter and fundamental norms and principles of international law. The Kremlin also pointed out that Russia and Turkey should intensify bilateral cooperation, aimed at the meaningful promotion of a political solution in Syria.[7]

Below are excerpts from Karagül's editorial:[8]

Yeni Safak Editor-in-Chief İbrahim Karagül (Source:

Russian President Vladimir Putin, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.


'[Iran] Is Only Concerned About… Moves To Expand To The Mediterranean Coasts Just As It Reached Yemen'

"There is no longer a Syria war. There is no longer a fight in which the Syrians are a side, which can be outlined with the future of the Syrian people and nation. There is nobody other than Turkey who cares about Syrians, Syria's integrity or existence anyway. There is nobody making sacrifices or showing loyalty to assist the Syrian people, to support them, to share their pain, or to help them return to normalcy either. No country other than Turkey cares in a 'humanitarian' manner, nobody comprehends the notion of the oppressed, and nobody is mourning those massacres.

"There is no such issue for Iran. It is only concerned about map efforts, moves to expand to the Mediterranean coasts, and clearing the path to greater massacres to form a bigger area of action for itself. It is only concerned about reaching the Mediterranean coasts just as it reached Yemen; it cares only about its imperial ambitions. The massacres it is responsible for in Aleppo, its attacks based on its sectarian identity and opportunistic outbursts are like a ruthless history book.

Saudi Arabia And The UAE Have Been Acting As 'The Western Occupation's Leading Forces'

"As for Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and some Arab countries, they couldn't care less if all of Syria is destroyed. They have been acting as the Western occupation's leading forces for the last three decades. Through this role, they destroyed Iraq, Syria and Libya. They are the leaders of regional occupation, and the forces and countries who call the foreign troops to these lands.

"They act in the name of the U.S., U.K. and Israeli intelligence. They use the region's resources as a bribe to protect their power, and take on 'characterless' roles for the Western occupation to settle in Muslim lands. Look at Mohammed bin Salman's last one month; this region has never before seen such lack of foresight, such a characterless mission.

"The role assumed by Saudi Arabia and the UAE is the same as the role assumed by Daesh in terms of its nature. Both those countries and Daesh were constructed to pave the way for invasion.

"Now they are working with all their might to move the U.S., Europe and Israel to Syrian lands, and to have the entire country invaded. They are the Lawrence [of Arabias] of the 21st century. Those who moved the British a century ago are, a century later, moving the U.S. and all of the West to these lands."

'Those Who Are Conducting A Global Power War Are Gauging Each Other Through Syria'

"From now on, every step, every move and every attempt is of a regional nature and part of a global showdown. Through Syria, the worlds are settling their scores, going up against each other, gauging each other. They are preparing for a big war, building fronts and positions.

"All of the earth's showdowns and countries' fights are done through Syria. Great allocation plans are done through their lives. Resources are plundered through their blood. Our countries are being divided, our cities are turned into ruins, our people are being slaughtered and whatever is Muslim is trying to be pushed outside history.

"Pay attention to the new front that formed through Syria in the last week. Those who are conducting a global power war are gauging each other through Syria, determining fronts and positions and making preparations for a major clash.

"Yes, the U.S., France, Israel, the UAE and Saudi Arabia may restart the Syria war. They may open a great front from the West and the south. They may wipe off the rest of the country from the map with heavy air bombardments. Of course, meanwhile, they may clamp down on Turkey from the north again.

There Is A Preparation For 'Doomsday War'; 'The Real War Is The Fierce Showdown Between The East And The West'

"But this is not going to be the Syria war. It is going to be starting a sort of doomsday storm. The storm is going to hit Eastern Europe, inside Europe, the Baltics, the Caucasus, stretch out to South Asia and emerge as a second big front in the Asia Pacific.

"This is the critical picture. The real war is the fierce showdown between the East and the West. It is in some way a world war. From now on, we will see new Syrias of the sub-elements and fronts of this great showdown. New countries will fall victim and be dragged into the clash and thrown into the fire. You can find which countries will be the earth's new victims by tracing the East-West fault lines. Wherever this fault line is broken, that is the place that will become Syria.

The U.K.-Russia Fight And Calls Of War Made On Twitter Are The Signs Of An Upcoming Great Storm

"What we see as the U.K.-Russia fight, the spy and diplomat crisis, and the calls of war made on Twitter by leaders who have assumed the 'troll' mission are actually the signs of a great storm that is approaching step by step, which no country or international institution can stop.

"The U.K. and Russia, Europe and Russia, and the U.S. and Russia are going to clash in the Baltics, but they are gauging each other on the 'Syria front.' You best believe that soon, Russia will not only be Russia, almost all Asian forces will take action against the West, that China will be positioned in the back, and that a doomsday front spanning Europe and Asia be formed.

"The world has never seen such great danger. The stress that accumulated in the last 30 years has taken such a dangerous state that one morning it can take dozens of countries to the front. There are no more powers or a will that call to common sense or reverse this course. The world that has turned into a toy in the hands of crazy people like U.S. President Donald Trump is being dragged toward a doomsday war that is shaped by the U.K.'s new world war mind and that is provoked by some brainless people in our region and inflamed by booty plans through the world's sources.

The West's Centuries-Long Global Dominance Will End

"The first step of a world war is being taken in Syria. We will see where and how it will continue. But we very well know that it will never be limited to Syria or to the Middle East. A storm like this is going to completely change the world's equilibrium. It is going to entirely change the course of history, and the power map.

"After a storm like that, some of the countries that are currently steering the world may be pushed outside of history, and the West's centuries-long global dominance may end. This storm will look nothing like World War I and II, and as much as it can signify a clash for the West, it can also mean the end of history for the West.

Turkey Must Engage In An Extraordinary Defensive Preparation

"Turkey is obliged to prepare for such a disaster. It is obligatory to engage in an extraordinary defense preparation, power investment, public state of alert, strengthening of the state's central power domain, giving no chance to 'native operators,' and quickly closing all room for outside invasion.

"I personally believe that this disaster is going to make our country pay a heavy price too, but it will allow Turkey to make a historic leap as well. [This will prove true] as long as this preparation is made, and the steps to be taken when all hell breaks loose in the region are determined from now.

'We Need To Act Fast In Afrin And Definitely Form A Turkey Shield Stretching From The Mediterranean To The Iranian Border'

"Hence, we need to act fast in Afrin and definitely form a 'Turkey shield' stretching from the Mediterranean to the Iranian border. Otherwise, the Syria war will turn into an Anatolia war – this is what they want and have been planning for anyway.

"In this period, we call the things we have to do, our stance and discourse, 'Relentless Resistance.' We are going to act with our political gene that reaches today all the way back from the Seljuk Empire, and we are going to defend with offensives. We are going to overcome this just like we negated all the multinational interventions that followed one after the other in the last five years.

"We are going to come out of this stronger, as long as we can read the approaching storm well."


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